Shen Xin Ren, after interacting with you these days, I’ve realized something. Even though the food you make doesn’t taste good, even though sometimes you are unreasonable, even though you’re very “cheap”, but troughout this entire company only you are qualified to be my superior. Can you not go?

So we are going to be moving this summer. It kind of sucks but is also really exciting (it’s going to be our 4th move in 5 years) But it’s necessary to keep the business growing. Since my mom and sisters moved in with us and the shop has grown so much, we are desperately in need of more space. (Seriously, I need like at least two rooms just for the shop LOL) This is going to be an amazing and probably stressful move hahah! 

Today we’re visiting a small mountain town that I’ve been looking at and hopefully talking to some brokers/realtors (we’re renting, not buying so I’m not sure what to call the people..) that can help us find the perfect place for us! 

It would be awesome if you guys could send a little luck our way! :)