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Benewah County woman swears Bigfoot caused her to crash on US95 near Potlatch

“A Benewah County woman swears Bigfoot caused her to crash on US Highway 95 in North Latah County late Wednesday night.  The Latah County Sheriff’s Office reports that a 50 year old Tensed woman walked into their office early Thursday morning around 12:30 to report the incident.  She told a deputy she was driving on US95 North of the Potlatch “Y “near mile post 367 earlier that evening around 11:00 Wednesday night when the incident occurred.  The woman believes she saw a Sasquatch chasing some deer along the highway and when she looked into her mirror to see the “hairy beast” she hit a deer which was running from the Bigfoot.  She says the Sasquatch was about 7 to 8 feet tall.   The woman kept driving her damaged vehicle and picked up her husband from work and went straight to the sheriff’s office in Moscow.  She sustained a minor neck injury in the crash.  A Latah County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to the scene of the crash and located evidence of a collision but the report didn’t indicate if he found any evidence of the elusive Bigfoot.  The collision and Bigfoot sighting occurred at mile post 366.9 which is near Brincken Road North of Potlatch.”

The internet doesn’t lie people.

no shading because f— that

I like to imagine that all the bird brains of the RT office that are capable of sustained flight will go out every once in awhile and fly around Austin for the fun of it. They make a small mixed flock and just go hit up bars or whatever.

don’t look too closely, it looks much better far away

100 days of productivity 1/100

I am officially a bullet journal convert! PLEASE excuse my sad attempt at typography on the bottom right lol, I think I need some practice :P

Of course after I put in my schedule, I got an email from the advising office that my sustainable agriculture and food systems class got cancelled due to low enrollment which I’m super bummed about. Worse yet is that I can’t really find a class that’s required for either of my majors that’s open or available this semester to replace it… however I did see there was a Spanish class open and I think I’m going to give it a shot. I haven’t taken a language course since I took German in high school so it could be fun! 

Aside from the bullet journal, I also was able to clean off and organize my desk in preparation for the semester, I went to the town hall and dealt with some drama about my car registration, and I did a full grocery shop in a super crowded store without bugging out! I got lots of snacks and food that will be easy to bring with me. All around a good day. See you tomorrow <3