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Floating City - AT Design Office

Commissioned by Chinese construction company CCCC who are currently working on a bridge to connect Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai, this concept for a floating metropolis by AT Design Office is surprisingly plausible compared to similar projects. It has been designed utilising the same technologies being used in CCCC’s bridge design; itself having a large submerged section that must be constructed on land and moved into position. 

Comprised of prefabricated hexagonal modules tessellated together to form an island, the concept would be connected via transportation networks of submarines and yachts, and would feature expansive green spaces above and below the waterline that would provide areas for growth and recreation. Underground tunnels would also provide roads and walkways between modules.

Read more about the project at: Dezeen

no shading because f— that

I like to imagine that all the bird brains of the RT office that are capable of sustained flight will go out every once in awhile and fly around Austin for the fun of it. They make a small mixed flock and just go hit up bars or whatever.

don’t look too closely, it looks much better far away


construction starts at european patent office by jean nouvel
all images © ateliers jean nouvel, dam & partners, new main B.V. – J.P. van eesteren, croon, wolter & dros and TBI

look inside the rijswijk, netherlands skyscraper:


The protests in Berkeley tonight(12-6-2014)

These pics are from twitter. I did not take these, just felt they need to be shared. Spread the word. I’m sure Berkeley PD are going to exaggerate the injuries of the two police officers that sustained them; and smear the actions of the protesters even though it was a small group among hundreds that are responsible for instigating the violence. 

Ancient Footprints Discovered in Arizona

The recent discovery of dozens of remarkably well-preserved footprints in the southern Arizona desert provides new insights into how Native people practiced a complex system of irrigation agriculture in the region between 2,500 and 3,000 years ago. The find also offers new evidence in a long-standing debate over possible migration patterns from Mesoamerica and gives a unique snapshot of daily life at a time when people were transitioning from nomadic hunter–gatherers to more sedentary village dwellers.

The footprints, the oldest ever found in the Southwest, were discovered last December during the preconstruction mitigation phase of a bridge project in Tucson, says Ian Milliken, an archaeologist for the Pima County Office of Sustainability and Conservation. The prints show what appears to have been a family—two adults, two children and a dog—opening and closing headgates from a raised irrigation ditch into fields measuring 15 meters by 15 meters. Read more.

Off from classes lots of study to do, reading to catch up and presentation for clients to do. Using nature as my office is not only sustainable but also economic and practical. And visually much more pleasing goes without saying, so as long as the weather allows, that’s what I do. :) ••••• #adamasztalos ••••• LOCATION #tiergarten #berlin ••••• FEATURES #blondhair #bigblueeyes #bighands #hairylegs #feet foot ••••• WEARING shirt and #sweatshorts by #jetlag #jetlagfashion #jetlageurope @JETLAG_EUROPE ••••• POST RELATED HASHTAGS #vegansofinstagram #whatveganslooklike #cleanliving #veganlifestyle - #entrepreneurial #sustainableoptions (at Tiergarten Park)

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