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One Direction Caught Filming Illegally & Stealing Handicapped Parking Spot
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The boys of One Direction, along with their film crew, quickly ran in another direction after they were busted for illegally filming without a permit and parking in a handicapped spot at a Los Angeles branch of the United States Post Office, has learned.

“I was going to mail a Christmas card to an elderly friend,” a witness tattled on the band — who by filming without a permit, broke Los Angeles and California state laws, “[When] a woman confronted the crew, parked in the handicapped spot in front of the post office. She said, ‘Hey you are not supposed to do that, you are filming in [the] handicapped spot I need.’”

One crew member, who seemed to be a supervising producer on the project, allegedly replied: “Please don’t tell on us, please. We’ll move.”

As a result, the woman was forced to park on the other side of the lot and walk a substantial distance to get to the post office, defeating the purpose of her recently issued handicap sign

“When she came out of the post office they were still parked no intention of moving,” the source continued. “She screamed out to them, 'I can’t believe you are still here! It is illegal and you’re denying handicap people the right to this parking space!’”

“She started taking pictures and that’s when the [crew] started to run. The car drove off and everybody ran in [different] directions!”

As Radar previously reported, the One Direction recently shared their plans to take a hiatus next year — could this incident be a contributing factor?

So, STORYTIME!  (Story is true.  Names have been changed to protect my identity and keep me from being fired. 8) )

My company follows the common email naming procedure of using first initial, last name, at company  It is easy to remember, easy to use, great for children of all ages.

Unless you have a super common last name such as I do.

About two years ago, another person was hired who shared my first initial and my last name.  Her email was thus “first two letters of her first name, last name, at company  So I have (for example), and she was given

Some of you can see my pain coming, don’t you?

Yeah, it took about three days for me to start getting her mail.  It got so bad that I had a form letter that I would just copy and paste.  I was getting her manager’s instructions.  Her client portfolios.  Her quarterly reviews.  Her calendar invites.

The breaking point was when I took some time off and returned to a series of ever more enraged emails from a law office about a mortgage closing.  You haven’t sent the papers! they said.  You have ruined everything!  Your client will lose the house!

Now, it wasn’t my fault, and it wasn’t my coworker’s fault.  But still, it had caused problems for the client.  So I went to my manager and said, we can’t continue like this.  He went to his manager, who went to the company management, and I was given a new email:  The original was rendered obsolete and returned a dead address response if anything was sent there.

I had to reroute everything, fix my email with vendors and clients and support departments.  Six months later, my name doppelganger quit.  

Which is my life.

ANYWAY.  That was about a year ago.  A month ago, I took a required online certification, and the email confirmation never arrived.  I went back through my records.  Sign ups for company flu shots: no confirmation.  Company outing: no confirmation.  Meeting RSVPS; no confirmations.

The internal company website still thought I had the old, dead email address and all of its communications were being sent there.

I called IS.  This is the conversation I had:

Me: Hello!  (explains email situation in depth) So the old email appears to be attached to my name somewhere in the website database, because my confirmations are going there.  Sorry, I didn’t realize.

Him: Okay, let me do a test.

Me: Okay? (email pops up in my box)  You… Sent me an email?

Him: It was delivered fine.  There’s no problem.

Me: No, see, there’s nothing wrong with my current email.  The problem is that in the company intranet, my old, defunct email is still attached to my name.

Him: But you got the email.

Me: I got the email that you, personally, sent to my current email, yes, but that’s not the problem.

Him: …But you got the test email.

Me: Yes, because you addressed it to me personally with the email address I just told you was correct.

Him: Well, you got the email, so there’s no problem.  You should check with HR.

Me: Check with…  HR?  About a problem with my email?  On the company website?

Him: Yep.

Me: O…okay.  (He hangs up without saying good bye.  I call HR) Hi! I was told I should call you.  Here’s the situation. (explains)

HR Rep: Wait, IS told you to call us?  We…  Can’t access the internal database for the website.  Tell me this wasn’t (IS rep’s name).

Me: (silent as the proverbial grave)

HR Rep: God, he’s a (unprofessional language redacted) idiot.  (pause)  I…  I didn’t say that.

Me: If I heard anything, it was only something I agree with.

HR Rep: I’ll deal with them.  

Me: I appreciate it.

Fast forward three days.  Where the IS department has apparently solved the problem by redirecting not only MY previous email to the current email, but they’ve thrown in my former coworker’s email as well.  You know.  Just because.

The coworker who apparently signed up for a LOT OF GODDAMN mailing lists before she quit.