Oi gente! Em comemoração aos mais de 2k de seguidores tanto no tumblr quanto no twitter nós resolvemos fazer esse pack com os pngs que a gente usa para fazer as locks. Nós como sempre mimando vocês.

O pack contem mais de 3k de pngs, incluindo:

  • Pixels (png e gif)
  • Overlays
  • Kawaii png
  • Backgrounds
  • Bubble speech (alguns exclusivos)
  • Computer Stuff
  • E muito, muito mais.

Para conseguir o pack você tem que:

  • Seguir o tumblr
  • Reblogar e favoritar esse post (vou conferir)
  • Mandar “2k png pack” aqui (se a ask estiver fechada peça por mensagem)

The pack contains more than 3k png’s, including:

  • Pixels (png and gif)
  • Overlays
  • Kawaii png
  • Backgrounds
  • Bubble speech (some exclusive)
  • Computer Stuff
  • And much, much more.

To get the pack you have to:

  • Follow the tumblr
  • Like and reblog this post (I’ll check)
  • Send “2k png pack” here (if ask is closed piece by message)

Enjoy, we love you guys!

  • johnny: i wasn't ready to debut w/ exo
  • exo: *awe struck by johnny's beauty while looking at his photo shoot pics* boi, do you mean we weren't ready to debut w/ you?
  • Johnny: that works lol

anonymous asked:

hi just letting you know that s//te//venqua//rtz is emotionally abusive and manipulative and is currently harassing and stalking a minor that's 3 years younger than them. sorry if this is random but i just saw you reblog from them............ you can just delete this ask if you want.


 I don’t follow anyone with this url


texting taeyong and hinting you want to spend the night with him and he catches on ☁️ • requested


Guys I made some kawaii icons of Hermione and Emma. I hope you like it.

Like if you saved it or give me credits on twitter: toxicforzouis