I don’t know if Blue and Gansey will ever get officially married because “it’s an outdated institution, Gansey, and anyway we did that ceremony you found in that book when we were in Namibia, and everyone was there.” (“Everyone was there, Blue, because we got lost, and Adam had to scry from Harvard to find us, and Ronan had to use the magic door thing when it was still in prototype to get there and tell the Namibian ley line that we weren’t a threat and ask it to please not eat us.“)

possibly they will tie the knot someday in a cursory, practical manner. A court room with just them and Orla as the witness because someone tipped Helen off to an upcoming tabloid headline: Vice President Gansey’s Son Keeps Harem of Powerful Young Men, Consorts with Witches, and this is preemptive damage control. maybe, months later, they would have an official but characteristically offbeat wedding because certain parties (Gansey’s mom, Jimi, Ronan, Henry) were upset with the lack of a ceremony that they could attend in person. unsure about this. i’m sure it’d be cute. Blue would wear blue. Opal could be the flower girl.

i feel with some certainty, though, that they will become parents. I also feel like their child will be 100000% a surprise. The kid was either conceived in Belfast or Akureyri, they’re not sure, and their friends tend to literally cover their ears when they debate it. Please picture them hiking the Himalayas with their baby in a bulletproof, winged carrier that Ronan dreamed for them. That is all.


Finally finished and handed out most of my Bridesmaid proposal boxes last night. It’s a steampunk wedding, and both me and the husband tend more towards villainy. Repainting the goggles and Nerf guns took me a few months to figure out, and the hair clip doubles as a multi-tool–which any henchwoman needs in her arsenal. Please excuse the background detritus and the MSPainting out me and the groom’s real names.

would it be cute if instead of a big wedding cake i did a bunch of smaller cakes in a variety of flavors? (all vegan of course) and had a different theme for each? because my wedding is going to have a crazy mix of fandoms in it (the theme is ‘something blue’ and chris and i are taking blue things from all of our fandoms and incorporating them into the festivities) and it might be a pretty neat way to bring that into the desserts

plus since chances are i’m going to have to make the cake myself, lots of smaller cakes might be easier?


☥☥ A few snapshots of one of my best friends wedding. An incredible evening for an incredible lass. She had a black and blue late Victorian wedding dress, a dragon and castle wedding cake and bridesmaids in black. We arrived to the ceremony on a bullock pulled wagon. Later in the night she jumped on the bands drum kit, as she’s a drummer.