One of my bridesmaids just texted me and told me that she booked THE FUCKING BAT MOBILE to drive Rob and I to our wedding venue!!!

For anyone who doesn’t know, my wedding has a Batman theme. My bridesmaids will be dressed in red and black, the groomsmen are in green and purple (Harley Quinn and Joker colors) and the ceremony is being officiated by the Dark Knight himself in full Batman gear.


CHINA, Shanghai : This photo taken on September 3, 2014 shows Leng Yuting, 26, posing underwater for her wedding pictures at a photo studio in Shanghai, ahead of her wedding next year. Her fiance Riyang said they had their wedding photographs taken underwater because ‘its romantic and beautiful’. Mr Wedding studio owner, Tina Lui, started providing underwater pictures four years ago. AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE

woeandisme  asked:

Future Vampire Queen - I know you're happily married and I was curious when you got married did you feel the need to cut back or mute your gothiness for the event, if there was one that is? I am planning a wedding, which if all goes as I want, will be a spectacular goth affair with bats, and coffins and more. So I was just curious what your experiences where.

Let me put it this way:

  • When the RealHusband and I started planning the wedding, he said, “I assume you want it on Halloween or Nov. 1st?" (Halloween!)
  • When we told my parents we were getting married, my mom said, "Are you wearing red or black velvet?” (Wine-red velvet.)
  • Our cake toppers were figures of Lydia and Beetlejuice.
  • Clovis Devilbunny was our ring bearer.
  • Instead of bachelor or bachelorette parties, we had a pumpkin carving party to help with the wedding decor.

It’s you and your beloved’s wedding, so it should reflect your relationship and personalities! Toddle on over to Offbeat Bride, because I feel it’s the best alternative/untraditional wedding info site out there. (Plus the people who are behind it are delightful.)

I don’t know if Blue and Gansey will ever get officially married because “it’s an outdated institution, Gansey, and anyway we did that ceremony you found in that book when we were in Namibia, and everyone was there.” (“Everyone was there, Blue, because we got lost, and Adam had to scry from Harvard to find us, and Ronan had to use the magic door thing when it was still in prototype to get there and tell the Namibian ley line that we weren’t a threat and ask it to please not eat us.“)

possibly they will tie the knot someday in a cursory, practical manner. A court room with just them and Orla as the witness because someone tipped Helen off to an upcoming tabloid headline: Vice President Gansey’s Son Keeps Harem of Powerful Young Men, Consorts with Witches, and this is preemptive damage control. maybe, months later, they would have an official but characteristically offbeat wedding because certain parties (Gansey’s mom, Jimi, Ronan, Henry) were upset with the lack of a ceremony that they could attend in person. unsure about this. i’m sure it’d be cute. Blue would wear blue. Opal could be the flower girl.

i feel with some certainty, though, that they will become parents. I also feel like their child will be 100000% a surprise. The kid was either conceived in Belfast or Akureyri, they’re not sure, and their friends tend to literally cover their ears when they debate it. Please picture them hiking the Himalayas with their baby in a bulletproof, winged carrier that Ronan dreamed for them. That is all.

would it be cute if instead of a big wedding cake i did a bunch of smaller cakes in a variety of flavors? (all vegan of course) and had a different theme for each? because my wedding is going to have a crazy mix of fandoms in it (the theme is ‘something blue’ and chris and i are taking blue things from all of our fandoms and incorporating them into the festivities) and it might be a pretty neat way to bring that into the desserts

plus since chances are i’m going to have to make the cake myself, lots of smaller cakes might be easier?