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Hi there! I started medical school a couple weeks ago (ah!). When I initially received my admissions offer I was conflicted, accepting would mean giving up my current lifestyle. I had a stable job, very close friends (and I normally don't have any friends!), and lived in a place I loved. Overall, I was happy. I decided to go for medical school, but now find myself regretting this decision. Not because I am not interested in medicine, but because I miss where I was... being happy. Any advice?

Hi there, anon!

I took a year off before going to med school and I had the same feelings off and on at the start. It’s a big transition coming back to school after working. And it’s okay to miss things! 

A lot of it is about giving yourself permission to miss your old life, but also reminding yourself that there are MANY good things about what you’re doing now, and how things will be worth it. You’ve made it to med school, which is an achievement of a lifetime for many people. You are in a privileged position to learn how to extend life, prevent/delay death, and give people health. Or at least have the skills to do it (people will do what they want to do, hehe). The responsibility and pride your future self will have in exchange for your past self is a major sacrifice. It’s okay to mourn it. Just remind yourself that there is still a lot of good that is happening right now, and more to come!

So looks like yesterday / day before I went off my meds by mistake.. couple that with not having made a decent meal since Saturday for whatever reason.. might explain why I felt so delicate?

Uncle and Aunt (Sam Drake x Reader)

Note: Just a quick little snippet that I thought of as I was just beginning to fall asleep. You, Sam and Sully were staying with Nate and Elena for a few weeks. It’s been a couple of years since Avery’s treasure was sunk into the sea along with his ship, and the couple are still living in New Orleans - although they’ve mentioned moving once or twice. You lay in bed with Sam, tangled up in each other. Sam gently plays with your hair, as he always does, whilst you lay your head on his chest. You’re just drifting off to sleep when a muffled cry comes from the room next to you. “I’ll go check on her.” You say, lifting your head from Sam’s chest and getting out of bed. “Hey, hey, hey.” You whisper. “What’s wrong?” “I had a bad dream.” Cassie sniffles, sitting upright in her pink, fluffy pyjamas. “Oh, sweet pea. I have those, too.” You sit next to her on the bed. “You know what you gotta do?” She shakes her head. “You gotta hug teddy really tight and he’ll protect you from everything.” “But what about when I’m asleep?” She asks. “Well, teddies don’t sleep - they watch over you all night and keep you safe.” She looks down at the soft brown bear that she holds in her arms. You wipe the tears away from the cheeks and give her a smile. “You wanna come sleep with me and Uncle Sam?” You ask. She nods her head and lifts her arms up, ready for you to lift her out of the bed. You place Cassie into the bed next to Sam and tuck her in. “Hey, cutie.” Sam smiles, smoothing down her hair as she snuggles up to him. “She had a nightmare.” You inform him, laying down next to her. It only takes a few minutes for Cassie to fall asleep again. “She’s out like a light.” Sam says. “She sleeps like her Uncle.” You smile. “Thankfully she doesn’t snore like you, though.” “I do not snore.” “Oh, please. You know that’s a lie.” “I have a cold.” “Permanently?” “Yeah!” You chuckle, looking down at Cassie and stroking her hand as it clutches her teddy. “If you’d have told me, back in Madagascar, that Nate’d have a little girl, I’d’ve laughed in your face.” “Ha. Yeah, me too.” “It’s incredible how anyone could go from that life to this one; to go from fighting your way through various jungles and ancient ruins to taking your little girl to school and ballet classes; I don’t know how he did it.” “You don’t think you could?” “I don’t think so, no.” “Me neither.” He says. You can feel him gazing at you. You look up from Cassie to find him staring at you, lovingly. “Besides, I prefer us just the way we are.” You smile. “Me too.” He replies, tucking your hair behind your ear. You lean your head on his should and he plants a kiss of the top of you head. “Night, Y/N.” “G'night, Tiger.”

Don’t think about Andrew being scared of heights but still accompanying Wymack and Kevin on the flight to Millport when they recruit Neil. Don’t think about Andrew putting Kevin’s safety above his own fears and feelings. Or about how scared Andrew must have been even if he was on his medication. for the couple hours Andrew was off his meds he was probably a nervous wreck. Just don’t think about Andrew ignoring his own feelings because he doesn’t feel like he’s worth worrying about 

i thought i’d post this here too: save your money. don’t watch lights out.

in short, the movie is extremely ableist. it shot for a metaphor about depression and instead turned it into a violent statement against the mentally ill.

“lights out,” for those who don’t know, started as a terrifying short horror film with a truly scary, childhood-nightmare-material concept about a monster that can only travel in the dark. the short film was only three minutes and had me sleeping with the lights on just in case. the movie, at its best, is a two-hour film of cheap jump scares and two-dimensional characters; at its worst, it’s pro-suicide.

the main character, rebecca, is estranged from her mother, sophie, because sophie’s struggle with depression has made her impossible to live with. sophie follows the typical pattern of going on and off her meds, and occasionally talks to herself, and anyone who tries to help her remain stable ends up getting hurt.

sophie’s horrifying ghost friend, diana, is a metaphor for sophie’s mental illness. they met when sophie was young and hospitalized for her depression. diana has followed sophie around for her whole life, making her feel isolated and afraid, driving away all of her family to keep sophie for herself; much in the way depression does. diana only makes sophie’s life hell when she’s unmedicated. if sophie keeps up on her medication, diana calms down, still present but quieter and more easily tamed.

throughout the film, sophie tells diana, “there is no you without me.” diana has murdered both of sophie’s previous husbands, has terrified her children, and has made it impossible for anyone to help. sophie struggles with basic relationships and is repeatedly depicted as being a ‘bad mother’ due to her mental illness. rebecca calls her crazy and makes it her mission to take her little brother away from sophie for fear of him being in danger.

as if that wasn’t enough, toward the end of the film, rebecca discovers that the light hurts diana, and so keeps herself weaponized with flashlights in order to try to burn diana to a crisp. this means that they had a way to hurt diana without hurting sophie in the process. but instead, the path they chose was to have sophie shoot herself in the head – “there is no you without me.” when rebecca asks in horror what sophie is doing, sophie just responds, “saving you.”

many people with depression and suicidal ideation believe themselves to be burdens on their family. they believe that killing themselves will relieve their families of pain. this movie promotes the idea that the only way to truly escape your demons and spare your family hurt is to kill yourself.

i came out of the movie numb and upset. there was no excuse for that kind of blatant and violent ableism.

using diana as a metaphor for depression could have been handled so much better. in truth, my friend and i both were hoping for an ending similar to the babadook, which also depicted the monster as a metaphor for grief and depression, but handled it in a much better way. in the babadook, even when the monster has traumatized both mother and son, they realize they can’t force it to go away, and so lock it up in the cellar, where the mother still faces it every single day, despite her fear of it. they shut it away and tamed it so it’s manageable and easier to deal with, but know that no matter what, there’d be no way to eradicate it completely.

lights out, on the other hand, proved that diana was capable of being hurt, and still chose suicide as the solution.

don’t give your money to this movie. please. don’t tell hollywood that this is an okay message to send to suicidal people. those with depression are capable of getting the help they need, and though the depression likely will never go completely away, there are always ways to manage it so you can live a normal life.

don’t see lights out. see ghostbusters again instead.

so I’ve been gone a few days visiting a friend in London, and this was taken almost 18 hours ago in that time I’ve travelled halfway up the UK and worked a night shift and now I’m forcing myself to stay awake because guess which cunts skipped his meds (accidentally…ish) again. luckily they had an appointment free so I should be back on the happy pill train once again

it’s been tough, but I’m still truckin

to those who think Hillary is just as bad as Trump:

Trump has recently announced that one of his goals as president would be to get rid of ObamaCare. So many families need this in order to get health insurance, and health care is one of the most important things for a family to have. It’s somewhere up there with food.

My dad has cancer and diabetes. My sister and I have asthma, and I have various mental problems. Without Medi-Cal, we couldn’t pay for our inhalers, my medicines, or my dad’s insulin, and we definitely couldn’t pay for his chemotherapy. That stuff (the chemo alone) costs like $2000 a week, and that’s already most of what we make in a month, so it’s either that our rent and food and all of our other necessities. There’s absolutely no question that he would die without our health care. I might also, because my medicine has been making my suicidal tendencies far less frequent, and without it, who knows where I’d be. My sister would just have to limit her activities and suck it up, but my family cannot survive without my dad. My mom’s already on the brink of suicide.

And we’re not the only ones. No family can survive very long without health care, and there are many families that have a whole bunch of health problems and don’t have the money to pay for regular insurance, meaning they definitely can’t pay for their health care without insurance,

So basically, if you (for some reason) don’t care about immigrants, Muslims, etc, but you care about any family or friends of yours who need ObamaCare, vote for Hillary.

Request: Married life

Request: “A request for marriage with Danny boy” - anon 

OK so the title is inspired by this song from Up and honestly guys the song is such a beautiful piece so it would be a nice listen to whether you’re reading the fic or not. 


(also quick little psa, i’ve been pretty slack lately because literally my life in a few months is about to take a full 180 (i’m graduating school and then sorting out uni plans while also travelling and if i’m moving to London or not??) so as you can imagine life is very hectic and i’m trying to spend times with as many friends as i can before it’s like ‘lol okay bye you’re off to med school and i’m off to the UK’. But thank you for your patience and if you have any questions about anything though please feel free to ask!) 

“So I’m committing to spend the rest of my life with you huh?”  I smugly smiled at Dan as I toyed with the idea in my head that no longer would be introducing me as his girlfriend or fiancé but wife.

Neither of us had the time to plan a big elaborate wedding, not like we wanted one anyhow, and we were constantly busy with work and whatnot that even trying to lock in a date for a small intimate wedding was not realistic. So here we were, slumped in a couch waiting to go into the registry office and sign papers to cement everything.

“You had the choice to say no” He cheekily said as I lent my head on his shoulder. “Your loss though looks like you’re stuck with me for a while” He looked down and gave me that stupid grin that I had come to know so well over the past few years.

8 months earlier

Okay y/n you’ve got the bread on the list. Check. Peanut butter. Check. Oranges. Check. Bananas-

Y/N, can you come to the living room please?” Dan’s voice echoed out into the kitchen as I was going over the shopping list for Sunday. Mundane to say the least but it was a nice little routine that I had become used to.

As I walked into the living room, I wasn’t expecting much. Maybe there would be Dan remembering to ask me to put some beverage on the shopping list to pick up. But no, there was Dan setting up the fireplace, crouching with his back facing my way.  

“What do you want me to add to the list?” I was matter of fact but that’s just what I had thought that he had asked me into the living room for. Nothing more and nothing less.

“What no- no I don’t want anything added. Can you just sit down on the couch, I just need to talk to you about something” He had acted so casual with it all. I wasn’t suspicious or freaking out that it could be a break up. That would be ridiculous, we had just been to Iceland the month before and everything had been fine.

Sitting down on the couch, I looked over at him as he sat down and looked at me with such nervousness almost as if he was going to throw up.

“I didn’t know how to do this because you’re not big on being the centre of attention as I’ve learnt over the past few years. But I thought hey why not do this in a place where we lounge around and where some of my- I guess- fondest memories of us together are.” I was pretty sure at the time where this was all going and boy was I nervous as well. What if I say something stupid when I say yes? I was definitely going to say yes but I had this habit of just never being straight to the point and throwing fluff into my responses that didn’t necessarily make sense.


“Wait what- how did you know I was going to say- what y/n?” he looked taken back and agasped but I mean he wasn’t being sly about it.

“Fiancés just know these things okay? But yes I’d love to marry you and spend my days with you doing silly things and just having the best time ever. I love you a lot Dan.” I was beaming with happiness as I spoke those words out. Dan told me I had the biggest grin painted across my face. Maybe that was just his way of complimenting himself more on top of mine.

He leant over and kissed me. The kisses got more and more rough with my back eventually being pressed against the cushions of the couch as he leant over at me and began to kiss further down onto my chest.

“Do you have to go to Tesco now?” He lightly spoke out as he began to pull up my t-shirt to show my bare breasts and stomach.

“It can wait.”

Present day

Those eight months since then had been hectic. We had been trying to sort out the wedding but it had either led to petty arguments or just 5 minute discussions where we could only agree on nearly irrelevant factors. Just registering that we were actually married had been a challenge to find a time to do. Our friends were constantly making little jokes that we would never see each other as we got more and more busy, and yes that would be the case for the next 6 months or so but after that everything was going to fall back into place again. We loved each other so much that although it would be challenging, it was something that we were determined to have to work.

“I’m so happy we are doing this you know? It’s weird because when I was younger I thought that I used to have this image in my head that I would be married in this beautiful courtyard and then go back and eat a massive red velvet cake with the lucky guy I would end up tying the knot with. But this feels so much better. It’s so us. It’s just so chill and I know we have dinner tonight but after this knowing me and you we will just go and relax more in trackies or eat a shit tonne of food”.

I reached over to grab one of his hands that he had folded on his lap and pulled it into my palm with him holding it back.

“We could always still have a wedding like that y/n. Like all of this we can leave now and just wait a year or so and plan that wedding. Every last detail and we can eat as much cake you want. I don’t want you to feel I’m pressuring you to go to a registry instead of having the whole glam of a wedding.” He furrowed his eyebrows down at me, mixed in with a mix of ‘oh gods please don’t tell me I’ve fucked up my fiancé’s feelings’ and ‘don’t overthink this Dan’.

“God no no. I’m 26 now not 14.It was just something silly I used to think about, nothing actually legitimate. I want to get married here. We both agreed on this okay? You aren’t pressuring me to do anything I don’t want to do. I’m happy and that’s all that matters.” I gave his hand a little squeeze to just reassure him that everything was okay and gave him a little smile as I looked back up at him.

We sat like that for a few more minutes as I think we both were processing the thought that we were going to be officially married soon.

Eventually the receptionist at the front said that we were welcome to go in now and to just come back to her at the end to confirm our address for the certificate to be sent to.

As I got up from the couch, I leant my hand down to help pull Dan out of his slouch that my body weight had pretty much forced upon him.

“You ready to have to deal with me every day?” I jokingly said as I pulled him up.

“Of course, You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, why wouldn’t I be excited?” As he said that he pulled me in for a quick kiss (which I could tell gained a quick little chirp from the receptionist)

“I love you.”

Marrying him would probably be one of the best decisions of my life.