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I KID YOU NOT THE ACTUAL BMC BOOTLEG (i promise it’s not a rick roll)


Okay but Ben Platt’s choices to show the severity of social anxiety and his ability to present it so accurately and truthfully without being fake or over dramatic is unbelievable. He’s doing an amazing emotional performance every night and he deserves all the praise he gets.

one of my favourite things about Heathers is the lyrics

like, it can range from deep shit like this:

‘we can start and finish wars, we’re what killed the dinosaurs. we’re the asteroid that’s overdue. the dinosaurs choked on the dust, they died because God said they must. the new world needed room for me and you.’

to shit like:

'woah, you can punch real good.’


I myself have fallen down the “heathers videos on YouTube” rabbit hole sooo many times. But if for some reason you haven’t (or you’re new to the musical) these are my top 13 favorite videos on the tube that feature heathers. Some of these are OBC and some are other productions. I’ve literally probably watched all these videos like 5 times in their entirety. Enjoy.

1. OBC previewing the show:

2. Original Heather Duke (Queen Alice Lee) covers Candy store:

3. “JD Never saw that point shoe coming”:

4. Live footage (not illegal!!) of OBC!:

5. More non-illegal live footage of OBC!:

6. Dead girl walking in the recording studio:

7. This performance of candy store: (features OBC minus Alice Lee..Kristolyn played Duke in the original LA production tho!!)

8. Aaaand this performance of candy store:

9. This cover of seventeen:

10. This medley:

11. This performance of dead girl walking:

12. Jessica’s mashup of Beautiful (Carol King) and Beautiful (Heathers):

And finally

13. Blue:

Congrats! You have been heathers educated. But for real, just listen to the cast album and you’re good to go. This is useful for late night video binging, though.


“Hamlet” by William Shakespeare

Public Theater, 2017

Starring Oscar Isaac, Keegan-Michael Key, Roberta Colindrez, Ritchie Coster, Peter Friedman, Michael Saldivar, Anatol Yusef, Gayle Rankin, & Charlayne Woodard

Ok are we all just going to ignore the fact that Spotify only has 4 songs from the entire Heathers soundtrack? This is mutiny! I demand all 20 songs!!! please and thank you

Trying to Make Friends at College Like
  • Person: Hi!
  • Me: Hi!
  • Person: Tell me a little about yourself.
  • Me: I am haunted by the fact that some of my favorite musicals will never see Broadway stage but for some reason we felt the need to give Cats and Spongebob a stage this year. What right do they have over Hunchback of Notre Dame? Or Dogfight? What about Daddy Long Legs? FREAKING HEATHERS? How about the fact that Deaf West Spring Awakening got two months while Chicago is still running after twenty plus years? *eye twitches*
  • Person: *smiles politely and slowly backs away*

has anyone ever noticed how whenever alcohol is mentioned in a musical it’s met with rousting cheers or some kid of shout or excitement at the very least?? here are some examples. (starring too many exclamation marks)

rent: “WINE AND BEER!!”

godspell: “let’s have some wine!!” “wHOOOOO”

come from away: “i’m givin each and everyone some COMPLEMENTARY BOOZE!”

be more chill: “everybody’s got a red solo cup, fill it up, fill it up! hear the beer spill on the ground”

heathers: “when mom and dad forget to LOCK THE LIQUOR CABINET”, “crack open one more case”, “there’s no alcohol in here, are you trying to poison me?” and basically all of big fun

hamilton: “let’s have another round tonight”, “time to take a shot!”, “let’s have another roUuuUuUund”

newsies: “so let’s get drunk!” “YEaHhhhHhHh!!!!!!!”

feel free to add more, i will too :,)