#su60minutes Corrupt Gem!

I went a little over the 60 minutes to add some touch-ups b/c i’ve been meaning to post my Corrupt Gem!Steven design for months but I never got around to it. He’s an armadillo.  :>

(Total Time: ~63 minutes)

Honestly, theories that Rose is secretly evil or is the true Big Bad of the show, that her relationships with both Pearl and Greg were based on lies and pretense and that she was using and manipulating them both (Pearl is just a tool that she was deliberately giving delusions of grandeur, making use of both her ingrained need to follow/obey and her defectiveness! she never saw Greg/humans as anything more than pets and disposable means to an end!), that she never loved anyone and doesn’t love Steven, that Steven is nothing but a weapon and a part of her elaborate plan and power grab I’m just

The signs as things in Steven Universe

Ares: Lars+Sadie’s ship

Taurus: The Heaven Beetle

Gemini: Steven JR

Cancer: Cloud Connie

Leo: Rose’s Fountain

Virgo: Magic Moss

Libra: The Cluster

Scorpio: Cookie Cat

Sagittarius: Centipeedle

Capricorn: Lion

Aquarius: The Kindergarten

Pisces: The stolen ocean