Here the first sample of my personal Soviet project!

I did the script, visual development and storyboard

This is a flashback sequence so you don’t need to know what’s happened before :)

It takes place during the bolchevik Revolution in 1917, at the Kronstadt fort.

It is a flashback about what’s happened between Yuri (the Anarchist) and Nikita (the Bolchevik) who used to be friends..

I really hope you ll enjoy it :)

I really try to push deeply the storytelling so please be kind with the bad drawings…

It may be rough drawings, but I really pushed the expressions of each characters, and I ‘ve really tried to choose the right composition’s meaning of each shots..

I m going to continue to develop the storyboard . And I ll show it here each sequence I ll finish of course :)

Thank you very much for your interest and welcome to all the new followers!

here you can take a look (it is very short, only 18 shots) to the whole sequence:



Mélody Cisinski

here you can download it as a PDF https://copy.com/LlvVZoS1oxM7RB7n

A pair of Mexican soldiers, possibly father and son, as it was not uncommon under the Huerta regime to see both press-ganged into the Army at the same time. The boy, barely taller than his rifle, most likely was exempt from military service due to his age, a restriction that the recruiters ignored as they filled the ranks.

(Fototeca Nacional del INAH)

i’m not even kidding when i say the united states of america has been hypocritic since day one. we have jefferson and his stupid constitution with shit like “every man is born equal blah blah blah” but did that apply to all the slaves he owned? all the native americans he destroyed for? i can’t grasp how the words “freedom”, “equality”  etc. are used to describe that country. it’s all lies. usa has a history they should be ashamed of. 


I bought peppermint a new outfit today. ahhpigtailgirls I think you might like! vickymunoz92 I thought you’d like the color because it’ll match the theme of your blog and thanks for the reblogs : ) goddess-revolution we hope you’re having a great weekend xoxo. bondageml I know this doesn’t qualify as bondage but I thought you may enjoy. Cheers everyone. Isn’t she just so adorable! I found her dress in the kids section. She’s that little : ) and that pleases me. Now I’ll instruct her to draw some cute stuff in her coloring book. I love you daddyspeppermint

How Dare You

How dare you look into the eyes of a homeless man and say that the system is working

How dare you look into the eyes of a starving girl and claim that there are no problems

How dare you peer into the soul of a man with everything other than joy and proclaim we have progressed

How dare you look yourself in the mirror and claim there is no solution

How dare you read this and claim there is no hope 

How fucking dare you

zestycactus replied to your post:Will you be tweeting Al back? I kind of want to…

I should write him too but I don’t know what to say lol

you should if you want to :’) i think i’m gonna go old fashioned to make him think it’s serious business by sending him chain-mail a letter at his office (he shared his office address @ building 203 room 32 at fox) 

however you hit him (or any other simps runner) up, i’m sure they’ll dig your input since you are frickin amazing


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