Odo becomes convinced that only he can control DS9 properly, and starts splitting himself into multiple changelings to do so.  Conservation of mass applies for the first time ever, giving us dozens of tribble-sized Odos all trying to do everything.  Meanwhile, everyone else is distracted by a new holosuite program that is a blatant Super Mario ripoff.


Odo is such an important Star Trek character because more than any other character I’ve seen, he illustrates what it’s like to grow up different from everyone else and how that difference shapes you. This scene fucking guts me when I watch it. I order to fit in, he was forced to participate in the othering of himself. His uniqueness is fine as long as it only comes out in ways that are palatable for society. The rest of the time, he was to look and act like everyone else, regardless of how unnatural it feels for him. And it just leaves him feeling bitter and alone.