“Guardian of Thunder”
Final Fantasy XIII - Odin Cosplay
Photo: Lark Visuals

Morning Wirrudos.
Sydney is stormy today so I wanted to match the mood with a shot of Odin.
I really adore this photo because it’s one of the rare shots of this costume I have that shows off the entire costume and the work I’ve put in to achieving his surreal statue-like proportions.

I spent 8 months constructing Odin with everything I knew from foam craft, leather work, to fibreglass casting and sewing.
During the production stage, his nickname was #CaptainThunderThighs. Because his thigh game was too strong.
He is my proudest cosplay achievement so far.

Odin will be exactly one year old when Madman Cosplay National Finals comes around again this year. I’m considering bringing him to Brisbane Supanova as j hand the title over to the next champion. #MNCC15

P.S. I feel like Sailor Jupiter, whose thigh game is also quite strong.

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