Angela, the tiny giant octopus girl.

She used to live in the canals with Meg until one fateful day when everything changed. She’s bitter after having lost all she had. She refuses to speak and she harbors a burning hatred for the Master of the castle. 

Meg misses her, even-though their past relationship was somewhat strained by predator’s rivalry. She’s too small to return to the canals (as Meg would eat her instantly) so she’s kept in a cramped aquarium in the Master’s throne room.

Marble is the only one she seems to tolerate.

Marina huggin’ her lil’ Pearlie~ (took some liberties in colors and designs)

@sparkster2600 gifted Splatoon 2 to me and oh gosh have I been having a TON of fun, way more than I thought I ever would. I love it so much, I’m addicted to turf wars. SALMON RUN IS REALLY FRICKIN’ HARD THOUGH, HOLY HELL.

I’m trying to get back into the art thing, so I figured something other than drawin’ my OCs woulda done me some good. I think it helped a little!

ill post more info on her later! but for now, her finalized hero costume and her profile!!
but her mom is basically a villian who hates humans and Izumi wants to be a hero to counteract her mother =w=
just a v small chunk of an idea im gonna develop for her!


Izumi Mizushima


Octopus Form: Able to conjure up to two octopus tentacles each arm, is an adept swimmer and can shoot a jet of water from her mouth so long as she stays hydrated.

Energetic | Courageous | Optimistic | Impulsive | Impatient | Absent-Minded

The daughter of a large time villain; a pirate of the sea who destroyed ships and stole the cargo inside with a small team of thieves. Mizushima was born to her after an affair, and was usually looked after by a few of the crew members as she grew up. Her mother never really had time for her, so she never developed a real relationship with her. However, her mother was caught while she was attending elementary school and the word spread she was the child of a villain. She ended up having to move and was put in her biological father’s custody. While she was happy to be with her father, word spread about her mother and she was shunned and regarded as dangerous in school. Mizushima decided to be a hero because she feels she has to make up for her family and out of spite as she has been regarded as a villain just like her mother a good majority of her life.