Hey everyone aaand welcome to a long post! I’m sorry, I worked a looot…! This is a nameless Octopus girl I’m working on. Can’t reveal much about her character/name, but I like how she looks now (why do all my girls have this expression, why do I love those kuuderes so much)!

Another character sketch! This one is Aldebaran, brightest star on Taurus’ constellation (also Taurus’ ex-girlfriend)!

And this is a place to chill and F I G H T! I’m working on the interior tilesets for Taurus now, and lemme tell ya, this is hard work… Jeez! But I’m kinda liking how this looks! I still need to fix some perspectives and accept any feedback on that! :3

A little house! I adapted some tilesets from an older project of mine to Virgo, since I won’t use those specific elements anymore on that project. I think the piano was well adapted, and look cute on Virgo’s environment!


Angela, the tiny giant octopus girl.

She used to live in the canals with Meg until one fateful day when everything changed. She’s bitter after having lost all she had. She refuses to speak and she harbors a burning hatred for the Master of the castle. 

Meg misses her, even-though their past relationship was somewhat strained by predator’s rivalry. She’s too small to return to the canals (as Meg would eat her instantly) so she’s kept in a cramped aquarium in the Master’s throne room.

Marble is the only one she seems to tolerate.