redwing679  asked:

Can you give us a hint on what your next theme for Inktober will be. Because your inktobers are INCREDIBLEEE

Thank you!! Posting this public ‘cause I wanna hear what you guys think~

I’ve actually had a couple ideas I’ve been tossing around. A lot of people want me to do DCtober, but my DC knowledge is pretty limited so I’m not sure. Hamilton, Star Wars, Marveltober Round 2 were also on the list. I also kinda want to do one that’s just Netflix themed, so I could do multiple shows like Voltron, Stranger Things, Marvel Defenders, maybe Trollhunters. And actually TAZtober has been growing on me…I’ve been bingeing The Adventure Zone and I LOVE IT, and designing everyone would be a nice challenge~

I don’t know, there’s still a lot of time til then. Thoughts? :)


Mighty steps coffee stop





October and April

She was like April sky
Sunrise in her eyes
Child of light
Shining star
Fire in her heart
Brightest day
Melting snow
Breaking through the chill
October and April

He was like frozen sky
In October night
Darkest cloud
Endless storm
Raining from his heart
Coldest moon
Deepest blue
Tearing down the spring
October and April

Like hate and love
Worlds apart
This fatal love
Was like poison
Right from the start
Like light and dark
Worlds apart
This fatal love
Was like poison
Right from the start

- The Rasmus

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What are the 4 things???

-the ship which will not be named. 

-the show that shall not be named. 

-the main ship of the show which shall not be named. 

-and pedophilia/ incest/rape/abuse ship/ “fiction isn’t real!! i can do what i want cuz it exists in a vacuum” discourse

On and off of the computer at the moment, but, I am in the middle of setting up the ‘Projects’ page - the projects page is where all of the information pertaining to my current works in progress will be held.

In its current state, it is unfinished, but I’ll have it complete by the end of the night and there will be a little button linking to it on the sidebar in the morning. For those on mobile that’d like to see, go in your phone browser and type in Creepypastas-react.tumblr.com/projects, it should come up without issue.

Talk to ya later, guys 💗 -October

Sasako…wearing glasses…