Think about it though, Phil has literally watched Dan turn into an adult, and he’s watched him go from a nervous teenager with not much ambition or motivation to a twenty-four year-old (I still refuse to believe it) with a book coming out this October and UK tour (possibly worldwide Dan mentioned it in his live show last week). He’s been in a Disney movie and got to meet a fuck load of celebrities at the Brits and at Big Weekend.

But Dan has watched Phil go from an awkward just-out-of-uni adult unsure of his future and not sure if his YouTube career would be successful (yet at the time they moved into the flat in Manchester, Phil had more subscribers), to a nearly thirty (holy shit) man with awards and a Disney movie under his belt, with the means to go to his dream holiday destination with his best friend. He’s presented in front of huge crowds and he still gets nervous. He was bullied a lot and still manages to be a literal ray of sunshine.
So idk about you, but Dan’s seen Phil change just as much as Phil has seen Dan change.


I have had this outfit planned since last October, before tour was even announced, if that can tell you how excited I have been for this day. I am ecstatic to be going to your show on July 11th at MetLife Stadium, and though it is hardly relevant at all to 1989 or any other album you’ve ever put out, I felt like being reminiscent of a mermaid for your show. Maybe it’s because your piano on tour reminds me of a seashell or maybe it’s because you yourself remind me of some magical, enchanting, sparkling, ethereal, glittering, otherworldly being. Whatever it is, I love you, I love my outfit, and I love the fact that I will be seeing you in ten days.

COME AND FIND MY FAMILY AND I! I know my mother would be enchanted and starstruck to meet you, as would I, of course ;) 

Section 118, Row 6, Seats 11-15

I’ll be there with my heart-hands and undying enthusiasm <3

Sincerely yours,


Today I woke up and felt like I want to do a tour special for Mando’s current acoustic tour.
So in the next days you’ll find the official photos of the concerts here. (If I accidentaly post a photo that’s yours and you don’t want me to, please contact me!)
Hope you enjoy.

We start, of course, with the first concert:
Oct 4th, Zenith Munich.