A Calendar of Tales project, my contribution. 

I was inspired by October tale, and took a break from work to draw on large canvas for a change. I don’t draw on large canvas as much as I should.

I really liked the October tale. Obviously I love stories about humans meeting mythical beings, in this case, a Djinn, but it is a nice short story about complexity of encounters and time. That is how I interpreted it. 

Pencil, graphite, gold ink and photoshop, 70 cm x 40 cm.

My Entry in Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales for BlackBerry. Before the stories were published, I was sure October would be my favorite. It’s my favorite month, after all. I was correct that it would be the best of the bunch for me, but reasons I did not see. I got a wonderful little love story, so making some art for this chapter was a no-brainer.

Hope you enjoy.

The paperback edition of THE GIRL WITH GHOST EYES, coming in October.

“A brilliant tale of monsters, magic, and kung fu in the San Francisco Chinatown of 1898″–Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW