October 23 - Welcome to Gay Hockey Hell

“’Don’t speak Latin in front of the books Derek’,” Derek grumbles to himself, carrying the stack of old books back towards the distribution venue. “What is this? Buffy?”

He places the books gently on the conveyor belt and goes to leave the library. He’s not sure how he’s supposed to get through his medieval lit class without speaking Latin in front of the books. His Latin is terrible and it helps to read it out loud in a French accent because then he can sort of almost figure out what it means without too much effort. But no. Larissa had just about smacked the book out of his hand when he started reading it.

“It’s not like it even says anything,” Derek mutters, picking the book back up from the conveyor belt before it can disappear into the bowels of the library. “It’s not like I’m decoding the frickin’ Voynich.”

He rolls  his eyes and opens back to the page he’d been looking at.

“Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me,” he reads. Predictably, nothing happens. Because Latin is not some magical language that has any extra power over the physical universe. That would just be stupid.

He puts the book back on the conveyor belt and turns to leave the library. But there’s a man in the way.

He’s tall like Derek, with flame red hair that seems to crackle with actual fire. His eyes burn as well, flickering between red and orange and gold. And so, like, Derek’s seen some shit when he dropped acid with Shitty that one time, but this is something new.

“Um,” is the only thing that comes out of Derek’s mouth before fire guy raises his eyebrow.

“You called?” fire guy asks.

“I – I did?” Derek asks.

Then he realises. He spoke Latin in front of the books.

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The 2014 Fictional History Award for Busiest Day goes to …

October 23rd!

Though the earlier part of the year was, admittedly, handicapped by virtue of my having done less research than I did by the later part of the year, the fact remains that October 23rd is still way above average in terms of number of events in a single day.

One birth, one death, one holiday, and three separate events all make October 23rd stand out on the 2014 calendar.

It’s worth noting, however, that, for 2015, this six events in one day record has already been matched.  On January 1st.

So, who knows?  Next year’s winner might reach the double digits!

Oh my god oh my god one day until ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ is released!! 😬😱


October 23rd 1910: King Chulalongkorn dies

On this day in 1910 the King of Siam, Chulalongkorn (also known as Rama V), died in the royal palace in Bangkok, aged 57. In 1868 Chulalongkorn’s father, King Mongkut, died, leaving his 15 year old son to ascend to the throne under a regent. Chulalongkorn was crowned King in 1873 and immediately embarked on an ambitious series of reforms. These reforms included the abolition of slavery, and widespread institutional reform which aimed to Westernise Siam. After facing conservative opposition to these measures, the young King held off on further efforts until the late 1890s. At this time, the King’s reforms overhauled the Siamese system and reorganised government into Western-style ministries. Chulalongkorn also instituted compulsory primary education, universal military conscription, and modern technology like electric lights and railways. Chulalongkorn’s decisions to reform were particularly canny political maneuvers, intended to avoid colonial rule by showing Siam was ‘bettering’ itself of its own volition. Even though Siam was still subjected to the colonial machinations of the French and British, the nation retained remarkable autonomy and Chulalongkorn was treated as an equal among world monarchs. Chulalongkorn’s death in 1910 ended the longest reign in the nation’s history, as power passed to his son Vajiravudh. His legacy lives on in what is now Thailand, as he is commemorated as ‘the Great Chulalongkorn’ and 'the Father of Modern Thailand’, and in the celebration of Chulalongkorn Memorial Day every year on the anniversary of his death.