October 11th

Continuing the countdown for the new Natalie book that is due to be published in SIX weeks! “Natalie Wood: Reflections on a Legendary Life” is available from 11th October 2016. Here is a sneak peak of a photo that didn’t make it into the book, but I thought I would share it: “A snapshot from Natalie’s private collection of her in front of her parents Laurel Canyon home in 1957”. My Natalie obsession continues to build immensely with anticipation for the ultimate tribute to her life and legacy. Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/Natalie-Wood-Reflections-on-a-Legendary-Life-1793579440888951/


Yeah… that’s super weird. 

Happy October 11th! Oreos and peanut butter, anyone?


GAWD. Really? Are you guys really teasing us like that Dontnod? Release a teaser every two days that has scenes of the past episodes in it? First you do episode 1, two days later a part from episode 3… WAIT A MINUTE.

A pattern is emerging..

You see, this week it is Life is Strange week. This means that the in-game dates are occurring in real life. The day the first teaser released was October 7. This was a short scene from episode 1 - an episode which occurred on the same date this teaser was released. Two days later the second teaser is uploaded. This is a short scene from episode 3 - an episode which (mainly) occurred on October 9 - AGAIN the same date.

This could mean that in two days we’ll get some actual footage from episode 5, because then it would be October 11. And we all know what happens on that date…

(Oh well, just a theory. I could end up giving you false hype hope.)

michelangels  asked:

personality of an October 11 female? thanks!

  Librans born on October 11 have a sweet and sensitive personality that makes others feel at ease around them. They are super friendly and kind. These are the kind of people you turn to for help in times of need. They are generous and compassionate.

  Love means a lot to these people, but they can be very vulnerable and afraid of certain aspects of relationships, such as rejection or abandonment. They do not handle breakups well, and tend to dwell on the past.

  These Librans have a special talent with words. They may not always say how they feel but when they do, they are capable of conveying their opinions and thoughts in a very factual manner.

  Unfortunately, women born on this date tend to be addicted to glamour and luxury, and have a nasty habit of running up credit cards and putting themselves in debt due to their careless spending. They must learn to practice moderation.

  October 11 people need to express themselves through artistic means, usually in words. They like the goodies that money can bring, but they also realize that they need to find spiritual satisfaction, which is most likely to come to them via relationships.


Happy October 11th everyone!