October 10th


Fashion Guild Awards, October 10th, 1950 by kristine - no longer uploading

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I just fought So Sorry...


I checked, he has like five different hats omg <3

I feel so sorry for this cute little baby

Just look at how cute he is <3


Are we in Super Mario Sunshine? Is this a furry version of Elsa with the gift of creating life?? Anyway, I want that pen he has xD

So cute <3 It’s funny because you can’t actually harm them, you just MISS xD

This is the most hilarious way to get rid of an enemy in this game xD Draw a boat, and away it goes xDD

Adiós, compañero. Sayonara, baby. Nos veremos en el infierno.


100 gold!! That’s for the minimun turn count, though, you’ll get more if you waste your time doing more stuff!

I love this enemy and I must draw him. Sorry for the rant… I just had to share this ahaha xD

100ft Robot Golf hits the tee on October 10th!

(this is an extended edition repost of our big PlayStation Blog announce! Go check them out!)

Panzer and I have some exciting news: On October 10th, you’ll be able to enjoy 100ft Robot Golf in your own home!

If you’re new to our wonderful large robot sports game, 100ft Robot Golf is literally what the title says: it’s a golf game where your golfer is a huge 100ft robot that can destroy cities. You can play for par with four people on your couch, or destroy cities online with pals around the world. If you have PlayStation VR, you can even activate the PS VR mode to ride on top of these robot golfing behemoths while you play!

Over the past few months, we’ve been revealing the Robot Golf Tour Association pilot roster over on the 100ft Robot Golf Developer Blog. From Vahni, the “Beyonce of Robot Golf”, Suzume’s brilliant bio-mechanical research, Aveline and Uncle’s dual-pilot pompadour skating robot prowess, or even Ernie’s modest used vehicle salesman ways, we’ve been working hard to make sure that each robot and pilot combination plays and feels unique.

We do however have one very special robot boy we’d like to reveal: 

Please welcome PROJECT C 

Project C is a special project put together by Team NGBL, a secret underground organization specializing in unconventional golfing robots. Whereas most robots have one (or occasionally two pilots), Project C is actually made up of five separate robots, each piloted by an adorable puppy. These five dogs piloting five small dog robots form together to create a golfing megadog that may actually be taller than one hundred feet tall. Surely five dogs can beat one human at the robot king’s game that is 100ft Robot Golf?

To help with this dog-based robot golf domination, Project C has a secret weapon. At any time, you can press L1 to summon the FREESWORD, a mysteriously cheap light-powered broadsword that can cleave any building in half instantly. Is there a building far away that’ll block your shot to the green? Just tap L1 again to throw the sword at it!

You can find out more about Project C in 100ft Robot Golf’s campaign mode! It’s a fun and campy anime story that you can play through, filled with intrigue, love, suspense, and golfing action. You will also find out if these five robot golfing dogs are good dogs.

Don’t forget: 100ft Robot Golf arrives October 10th on the PlayStation Store. Also, be sure to follow us at @100ftrobotgolf for all the latest robot golfing news in the leadup to launch. See you on the fairway! 

-Dan and Panzer

Today marks the 4th year since My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic first premiered on The Hub (soon to be rebranded Discovery Family) on 10th October, 2010.

Although I didn’t discover the show until sometime in May the following year, the show’s influence had already begun to make its move across ages and genders, with its bright, colourful characters and messages and lessons on what it means to make friends.

The idea of me liking such a show would not be too far-fetched, but to say that I would be a fan of “My Little Pony” as it was before I first saw it, would’ve been pretty laughable.

I enjoyed the show for the primary reason of the involvement of Lauren Faust, based on her previous work with Craig McCracken; Tara Strong, and its use of Flash animation. The messages and characters were actually secondary, but that eventually got to me as well. 

Three years in, the show has had its fair share of scuffles and heat, mainly from the temperature of the fanbase, but you cannot deny that the show has made its impact and has changed lives through friendship and charity. I still enjoy every bit of it, and I’m glad there are those that still too.

If you haven’t seen the show for yourself, give it a go.

Happy October 10th, MLP:FiM.
Until You All Shared Its Magic With Me on deviantArt