He’s been through a rough time recently. God bless him, he was really happy to see me. The funniest thing was we didn’t really talk business. Dunkirk was out and all this was happening, and we just gave each other a big hug. We didn’t say much but you could tell we were really happy to see each other. It was like touching home base.
—  Liam on meeting up with Harry after the death of Robin (via @thedailypayne)
Weird Holidays the Signs should celebrate

Aries: Common Courtesy Day (Mar 21)

Taurus: Pizza Party Day (May 19)

Gemini: Repeat Day (June 3)

Cancer: Take your Dog to Work Day (June 23)

Leo: Lazy Day (Aug 10)

Virgo: Be Late for Something Day (Sep 5)

Libra: Wear Something Gaudy Day (Oct 17)

Scorpio: National Absurdity Day (Nov 20)

Sagittarius: Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day (Dec 8)

Capricorn: Make up your Mind Day (Dec 31)

Aquarius Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (11 Feb, United States)

Pisces: Public Sleeping Day (Mar 16)


Make way for Team Free Will

Still saving people, still hunting things. Supernatural is BACK and we have exclusive new details on season 13. From the horrific Apocalypse World to Castiel’s impending return, things aren’t slowing down for the Winchester brothers any time soon! The group cover will be available on newsstands Oct. 13 and the single covers will be available exclusively at Barnes & Noble on Oct. 17.


ALL BTS’ Blimps for ‘LOVE MYSELF' 

Starting from Oct 17 BigHit announced a new project named 'LOVE MYSELF’. Since then blimps of the members were gradually seen in the skies of their hometowns. 

  • 171017 | Seen at Busan | JIMIN: “I love the sea of Busan" 
  • 171017 | Seen at Gwacheon |  JIN: "I will always love ARMY”
  • 171020 | Seen at Daegu | V: “I Love My Hometown”
  • 171023 | Seen at Busan | JUNGKOOK: “I love my bros. BTS forever”
  • 171024 | Seen at Daegu | SUGA: “I love music. I love my life”
  • 171026 | Seen at Gwangju | JHOPE: “I love you, Mom”
  • 171028 | Seen at Ilsan | RM: “I wish I could love myself”


Person A: C can’t say a pick up line even if their life depended on it-

Person C: Correction! I totally can.

//2 hours later//

Person C beside Person B on bed watching a movie as bffs: *picks up B’s phone*

Person B: What are you doing?

Person C: *secretly presses ringtone and phone rings* Hello?

Person B: I said, what-

Person C: Oh? Hm, okay. I’ll tell ‘em. *covers phone speaker*

Person B: C, who was that?

Person C: *grins* Heaven just called. They want their Angel back.

Person B:

Person C:


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1 oct 17 

happy october! a wet sunday: going through morning sermon notes, packing this week’s shop orders… hope you are having a lovely day x