Occupy Newark New Jersey is holding its first General assembly meeting Sunday the 23rd at Peter Fransico Park (behind Penn Station) from 3pm thru 6pm.

Can we OcuppytheHood Pleaseeeee?

There isnt much information about what’s happening or who’s coming but it looks like this is going to have the same issue with exclusion and race that we are seeing all over the county.I would love to crash this meeting with a bunch of brown angry revolutionaries FROM the Brickz (Newark). 



@OccupyTheHood - because the 99% can’t just be white people

Caroling at will coz its time to #occupyxmas with #occupywallstreet #ows



(sung to the tune of Deck The Halls)

1. Debt us all with bailout follies!
Tralalala lalalala!
What’s the rea - son to be jolly?
Tralalala lalalala!
Hundred bucks per barrel of oil!
Tralala lalala lalala!
Drink the Kool-Aid, Join the Chorus !
tralalala lala lala

2. Bomb we now our latest peril
Tralala lalala lalala!
Billion bucks a week? no quarrel!
Tralalala lala lala!
Strike them hard if they’re not for us
Tralala lalala lalala!
Freedom’s yours if you’re conformist.
Tralalala lala lala!

3. See the blazing world before us
Tralalala lala lala !
Europe’s crashing, print more dollars
Tralala lalala lalala!
Constitution’s now in tatters
Tralala lalala lalala!
End the wars and fund what matters!
Tralala lalala lalala!

(Sung to the tune of “GOD BLESS YE MERRY GENTLEMEN”)

1. There is a house in Washington they call the Cap-i-tol
It’s ruining the modern world, let protest flags unfurl.
To curb the endless wars they cause, Let citizens unite !
O tidings of civil war tonight
Civil War NOW !
O tidings of civil war tonight.

2. My Father was a Senator, he sent in the Marines
I asked him when the wars would end . "We’ll squeeze ‘em ‘til they scream”
My Uncle was a General, and now he builds their planes.
O tidings of civil war tonight
Civil War NOW !
O tidings of civil war tonight!

3. My Mother worked in Washington, inside the Pentagon
She’d add up all the men who died, then add them up again.
The General said he saw the truth , but would he tell? O NAY!
O tidings of civil war tonight
Civil War NOW !
O tidings of civil war tonight.

4. “There’s too much money in this game. Let companies stake their claim.”
“My neighbor’s in Afghanistan, A thousand bucks a day”
The troops they send to guard his truck die for a lot less pay.
O tidings of civil war tonight
Civil War NOW !
O tidings of civil war tonight.

5. My brother ran for Congressman, they said: “It costs a lot.
You’ll take our money for this race, or else we’ll have you shot.”
My sister is a radical, she thinks things can be changed
O tidings of civil war tonight
Civil War NOW !
O tidings of civil war tonight.

6.  They say it’s called Democracy, they let us vote and wail
But rich men write the laws you see, the poor just go to jail
Now DOD can take you in and THROW AWAY THE KEY.
O tidings of civil war tonight.
Civil War NOW !
O tidings of civil war tonight.

7.  There is a House in Washington, a Senate down there too
The People can withhold their tax ~ that’s me and you and you!
As long as profits rule all else,  this country’s goin’ to hell.
O tidings of civil war tonight
Civil War NOW !
O tidings of civil war tonight.

(Sung to the tune of Silent Night)
by John Judge, Carl Chatski,  Kim Louth

1. Wa-all Street
Where the rich meet
All’s not calm
All’s not right
In the parks, the people abound
Human voices protest all around
Greed’s disturbing the peace
Greed is disturbing the peace

2. Joblessness grows
true rate ? Who knows…
Where did all – our money go?
One percenters say “BAIL OUTS WERE SWELL”
While the people have all gone to hell!
People, come out and prot-est,

Protest the DOLLAR as King.

Now, I know you think you tough,
But you better keep you distance
If you dealin` with a brother
Knows Non-Violent Resistance
You be braggin` bout you juice,
Dissin` everybody, laughing Ha Ha,
But you won’t be smiling` long
When you run into Satygraha
Dr. King he had more power
In his one little finger
Than whatever you’ll let loose
By pullin` on that trigger
Now, I really don’t think
That you’re getting` the whole pitcha
But you’ll know it soon enough, if
I get non-violent witcha
Violence gets back violence,
Always has, every minute, every hour
But that cycle’s gonna end
When it come up against Truth Power

(sung to the tune of Silent Night)

1.  Violent nights, no respite
All is bombs, all is fright
Sounds of danger to mother and child
Birthplace of Jesus is so defiled
Wish for heavenly peace
Wi-i-ll there ever be peace?

2.  Violent nights, no end in sight
C'vilians quake at their plight
Fires fall down from heaven afar
Weapons- makers sing Alleluia !
Peace asunder is torn
Will peace come Christmas morn?

(Sung to “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells”)

1.  Oh! Occupy! Occupy!
That’s the only way
Oh what fun it is to tent
When you cannot pay the re-e-nt!

2.  Occupy! Occupy!
from Wall Street to the Fed
Screw us,  and we’ll multiply
We’re in the streets tonight! HEY !


Talib Kweli for #Occupy The Justice Department #FreeMumia #OccupyTheHood