more act 6-6-5 thinks

okay, so caliborn & co. had their souls sucked out and into lil cal by dirk

but according to the imaginary dirk vs. megalomania aranea battle, when he rips a soul out the body… stays…?

so basically

does this mean there’ll be a fresh empty calibody for calliope to occupy in the future?


Hungarian students’ demonstartion, “The University is ours!”

The hungarian government is trying to take away the free places at universities and colleges. The number of the free places will be tierce of the current number, so the students will need loan, which is very expensive, or they will need to work during their semesters (more than the half of the university students have job, but I think this is the situation in the other countries), because their family can’t pay for their study. 

There are thousands on the streets even it’s lower than -6°C. The demonstrators are not even university students, but parents, teachers and students from the secondary school.

The govern is going to vote about this law tonight, and still don’t give a shit. 

like all true accelerationists i live close to the international date line so that i can truly occupy futurity, and also, so that it is christmas for me before it is for all u sorry fucks. merry christmas nerds.