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Happy Birthday 14th Commander Hanji Zoe! I hope Levi will give you many many hugs for your birthday!

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Permission given by the artist. Please support the artist! Please DO NOT repost anywhere else.

Listening to music together…

What better way to spend a day off with your boyfriend, amirite?

PS: Yes they are sharing headphones, sorry if its not very clear ^^’

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I Know That You Don’t

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Sebastian is in love with his best friend; that much is obvious. For a while now, he’s been watching Y/N give her love to someone who isn’t worth it. After being there for her when said relationship is in shambles countless times, it began to feel like a routine. A routine that Sebastian did not want to be part of anymore.

Warnings: Angsty (like it hurts my heart), some language, mentions of emotional abuse, unedited

Word Count: 2000+

Listen to: Lie To Me by 5SOS

A/N: This is loosely based off the song listed above! I picked a random name for the boyfriend! I may write a part two?

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What are some sexual fantasies/thoughts that the companions would have about Sole? ;)

Cait – She often fantasises about going down on Sole while they’re asleep. Something about them completely not knowing and totally not expecting it and instead being completely at her mercy gets her going quicker than anything. She’s almost tempted to do it each time they camp out and she’s left on first watch.

Curie – All the sweet little synth fantasises is enjoying Sole in a slow, passionate, sexy session where she can feel everything, including that captivating body of theirs on top of her own. In her own. She often gets goosebumps and a shiver of anticipation up her spine when she thinks too hard about it so she tries to lock those thoughts away until she’s alone.

Danse – He secretly fantasises about taking Sole rough and hard on Maxson’s desk while he’s watching the Paladin stake the ultimate claim on them. Something about the thought of watching the Elder’s scowl deepen in jealousy as Danse fucks Sole nice and deep doe’s things to him….

Deacon – Changing his face, his hair and his name and ‘accidentally’ stumbling across Sole and seducing them in a night of body wreaking passion is by far his most intense fantasy about them yet. It’s probably because he can go back to them the next day after restoring his face like nothing happened, but secretly he’ll know and Sole will be none the wiser.

Gage – He fantasises about being ridden and sucked off by Sole in front of every damn raider and trader in Nuka World, like he was a damn King and Sole’s one and only living sex-toy. Admittedly, thinking about it during the wrong time has nearly gotten the smug smirk on his face slapped off by Sole themselves, considering it was during a very serious discussion with the Disciples.

Hancock – The Mayor’s been by Sole’s side for a while now and already knows they have a brilliant personality and would be a-fucking-mazing in bed. But what about getting them on Jet and proceeding to go at it like radrabbits? Now that is something that keeps his thoughts occupied, a grin on his face and his pants rather tight when left alone.

MacCready – Ever since he accidentally stumbled upon that dirty magazine back in DC, his fantasies have always involved leather, lace and little bit of chain that he just knows Sole would look absolutely killer in considering they look smokin’ hot in everything else. His part in it changes from time to time, but he knows whatever the heck they’d want him to do while dressed like that is exactly what he’d do in a heartbeat.

Nick Valentine – The old detective’s a stickler for the tamer imaginings, mostly revolving around those stolen moments in the quiet of the night when they’re free to be as and dirty and as naughty as they want with each other.

Piper Wright – She really really really really likes the thought of Sole and her dressing up and doing a little bit of role playing. Whether it’s Blue as Grognak and her as the Mistress of Mystery, or Blue as a cop and Piper as a really bad reporter in nothing but her scarf and handcuffs. Generally she tries not to think about this too much because she goes as red as a tato, but her only other distraction most times is that lovely blue butt of theirs that she’s preeeeetty sure they know she stares at. A lot.

Preston Garvey – He’s noticed that Sole looks damn good in the General’s uniform, especially with the matching hat too which of course gave way to some very…interesting fantasies of his that keeps his mind occupied while they roam together. His favourite scenario by far is he and Sole sweaty and panting and going at it on the bed in the General’s quarters while wrapped in the Minuteman flag.

X6-88 – His fantasy is admittedly quite vanilla, but basically he just wants to take them on every damn surface that’s near them in every position possible because he wants all of them in every feasible way. With as many witnesses as possible too. He also secretly likes the thought that he’d be Sole’s personal love machine. Literally.

The Empty Chairs

This is a story about two men and their chairs. As long as they are living together and occupy their chairs, everything is fine. Then Sherlock dies, leaving John to sit in his chair and staring at the empty one his friend has left behind. 

Sherlock comes back but things have changed. John has moved out, his chair remains empty, the marriage serving as the ultimate reminder that this part of their lives is over. 

Sherlock puts away John’s chair after the marriage, only putting it back when he learns of Mary’s treason and suspects John to return. But the fact that he has lost John follows him into his Victorian mind palace. The Victorian chair again symbolises the now empty space John Watson used to occupy. 

Now look at these shots of both their empty chairs. We see them during the voice-over from Mary’s DVD. She talks about Sherlock loving John and the lengths he has to go to to save John. Yes, they are spoken by Mary, a character seemingly coming between them, but the pictures are telling another story. They show us the present situation - empty chairs, both men being heartbroken and lonely -, alternating with shots of John finally saving Sherlock’s life, thereby once again putting both of them back into their chairs. 

I could show Sherlock and John sitting in the chairs at the end of TLD but this post is about empty chairs. 

Here is the conclusion: Once again we see two empty chairs but a) we see them both in the same shot, and b) we see them while both men are in the room, leaving the flat together after a highly emotional scene. The empty chairs do not matter anymore as long as Sherlock and John are together somewhere in the world outside 221B.

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July 12, 1887 The city of Mound Bayou, Mississippi was founded as an independent black community by formerly enslaved people led by Isaiah Montgomery. Montgomery led the town through the 1920s. The population according to the 2000 census is 2,100 and 98.4% African American, one of the largest African American majority populations in the country. (Source: Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History)

I share this in hopes of reaching the #OWS stream… 

Change in the face of what seems impossible, is possible. Revolution isn’t always about destruction… sometimes you have to bravely go out there and create something NEW, as you imagine. This is a decade before Plessy Vs. Ferguson (legalizing segregation, making way for Jim Crow laws).

I’m sure it wasn’t perfect, most likely dealt with some unsavory’s… but the place still exists today.

Golden Eyes Pt.4

Reader and Company escape the cells of Mirkwood with the help of Bilbo, who now has noticed that the reader no longer wears a blindfold. After the company make it past the orcs in the river, they confront the reader about their dragon blood and things get rough.

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It didn’t take long for Bilbo to find a way to get you and the company out of the dungeons of Mirkwood. “Y/N, wha-what happened? Where’s your blindfold? I thought you were blind!” Bilbo exclaimed upon reaching yours and Kili’s shared cell, surprised to see your eyes for once

“There’s not enough time for that Bilbo! Just get us out of here,” Kili interjected, before you could say anything. Exiting the cell, you are met with the rest of the company, some not able to look you in the eyes, some giving you small pitying smiles, and others seething in anger; Thorin, most notably, looking like he would explode with rage.

Oblivious to the situation, Bilbo speaks, “Come on everyone, this way!” Thorin and Dwalin push past me to follow Bilbo, with Balin, Oin, Gloin, and Bofur fast on their heels, each giving me a sympathetic look. The rest following behind, with you, Fili, and Kili bringing up the rear. Fili gave you a reassuring pat on the shoulder, before darting up to the rest of the company to give you and his brother some space.

You look to Kili, hoping to see something other than fear and sadness, but regretfully that’s all you see in his eyes. You open your mouth to say something, but Kili beats you to it, saying, “We should get going.” With that he left, following after the rest, and with your head hung low, you trailed behind him.

It wasn’t long before Bilbo brought you all to the cellar, and after some convincing, everyone was in a barrel, ready for whatever was to come. Thorin took a barrel near the front, and you made sure to keep as much distance between you and him, as well as between you and Kili, who had taken a barrel near his uncle. Instead, you got into a barrel at the very back, next to Ori, who didn’t seem to think any differently of you.

Before you knew it, Bilbo had pulled the lever, sending you all splashing into the river below. Once Bilbo himself had made it down into the river, grabbing on to you barrel with you holding to him to keep him steady and above the water, the company made its way down the river.

Once the rivers currents picked up, things began to get dicey. Not only were the elves were after you, having discovered your disappearance, being led by the she-elf Kili had flirted with, but were the orcs also on your scent. Right as you came to the bridge, using all of the strength that you had, you pulled Bilbo in to the barrel you were occupying, squeezing together in hopes of keeping him safe, not wanting the company to loose their precious burglar. 

When you saw Kili leave his barrel, your heart began to beat furiously. He was a brilliant fighter, but he was fighting alone. Pushing yourself up and out of your barrel, much to Bilbo’s dismay, you joined him in the fight, Fili throwing you one of the many discarded swords so that you could protect yourself. Back to back, the two of you worked in tandem, never letting the other be bested, working your way through the fray to the lever to release the gate.

Kili’s scream brought you out of concentration, and when you looked to see an arrow sticking out of his leg, you lost focus on your surroundings. Before you knew it, an orcish blade was being swung at you, striking you square in the gut and knocking out all of the breath from your lungs. You could hear yells of concern for you from some of the dwarves below, thinking that this was the end for you. You closed your eyes, waiting for a blow that never came; when you looked up, there was the orc, laying on the ground with an elvish arrow sticking from its head. 

Before it could all even register, Kili’s pain-filled groan drew your attention. “Kili!” you hurried over to where he was laying on the bridge, right in front of the lever. 

“Y/N, it hurts. It hurts so bad,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I know, and it’s going to hurt worse in just a minute,” you said, brushing the hair from his face. “I need you to take a deep breath for me, ok?” As you said that, your hand went down to the arrow sticking out from his thigh. “1-2-3,” and with one swift motion, you pulled the arrow out of his leg, and he gave a heart wrenching scream.

Helping him to his feet, you lowered him into an empty barrel with the help of Fili and Bofur, then turned to pull the lever and open the gates. Once all of the barrels were through, you jumped in, grabbing hold of the nearest barrel, which happened to be the one that Fili was in. He grabbed your arm, helping you keep your head above the water, “Are you alright? That sword should have cut you in half!” he asked you with concern all over his face. 

“I’m fine, though my clothes are torn. Skin tough as dragon scale, remember?” The rest of the way down the river was silent between you two. Once far enough away, Fili helped you to the shore, your water-logged cloak causing you to struggle. Once far enough up on the shore, you laid on your back, trying to catch your breath as you unclasped your cloak. 

You weren’t given long to rest, however. Once the company made it all to shore, Thorin marched up to you, an anger in his face, making him look like a pissed off badger caught in storm. “You!” he growled. “None of this would have happened if it weren’t for you! We would have never gotten lost, we would have never been sent to the dungeons, and Kili would have never been injured if it weren’t for you.”

While his words stung, especially the part about Kili, you stood your ground and rose to face the dwarven king. 

“Uncle,” Kili spoke softly, hoping to come to your aid. You glance his way, and seeing him so weak, having to be held up by Fili broke your heart.

At the sound of his nephews voice, Thorin spun to yell at him, “Kili, do not empathize with her. She is one of them. Born of dragon blood, and raised by elves, she is the enemy, Kili!”

Your voice was shockingly calm when you spoke. “Thorin Oakenshield, I am not your enemy. Yes, I was born of dragon blood, and yes I was raised by lord Elrond, but that does not in any way make me your enemy. I have no desire for your gold, if that is what you fear, for it does not interest me. I have lived for many, many years, and I have known what greed and desire breeds, so no, I don’t want any of your gold.” Your words seemed to make the tension in Thorin’s body ease slightly, so you went on. “I know you wish for someone to blame for all that has happened, and I know you wish for that person to be me, but I won’t just sit idly by and let that happen. I would, however, like to be given the opportunity to right all of the wrongs brought to you and your people, by both dragons and elven kind.” 

You watched his face for any sign of change, and after a minute his angry glare softened slightly. “How do you plan to do that?”

“By helping you to reclaim the mountain.” With that, you stuck your hand out to him, as a sign of agreement. He hesitantly grabbed your hand and shook, cementing the agreement between you two.

The moment did not last long however, and everyone’s attention was grabbed by Ori’s scared shriek. Turning with ferocity, you see a familiar face pointing an arrow at Ori’s head.

“Not another step or I’ll kill him,” Bard said, not having noticed you among the dwarves. 

“Not even so an old friend can greet you properly?” you spoke out, grabbing his attention.

Having grabbed his attention, he drops his bow. With sudden realization, he opens his arms, “Y/N!”. You gladly run in to his arms, enveloping him in a friendly hug.

“It’s good to see you, Bard.”

“It’s good to see you too, Y/N.”



This is awkward

a “we’re exes who got accidentally set up on a blind date, fuck my life” au 

“I am going to murder you,” Jyn growled the second Shara Bey answered the phone.

“Honey, you’ve been trying to do that for years,” her work colleague said at once. “C’mon, surely the date’s not going THAT badly?”

She laughed without humour. 

“Yeah, of the millions of people in all of London, you have somehow managed to set me up with my ex from two years ago.”

Shara, far from being the sympathetic best friend she was supposed to be, just burst out into raucous laughter.

“Oh my god,” she spluttered.

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Prompt 01: Friends/Family.

by klahnce // 


It is your least favorite word. For so long, it has been blood; bitter on your tongue, salt and copper. It fumbles when it falls from your lips, so you keep the word sucked in, keep it folded in the dusted pages of your mind, keep it hidden.

A/N: Hello! This is my drabble for day one of Keith’s bday week! (Yes, it is not yet midnight here, I am getting this out just before okay it still counts.) The theme is Friends/Family! Yes, this is sad at first but I promise it has a purpose, and it ends very sweetly, don’t worry! 

Please do not interact if you are sha/ladin. All relationships in this fic are platonic/familial aside from Klance. 

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The same standards should apply against the those in the Trump Regime who came up with the idea of separating children’s from the immigrant parents.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the chorus of CIWYW, and how Taylor picks such ephemeral, insubstantial words to talk about a really solid relationship. “My baby’s fit like a daydream” and “fly like a jet stream” — these are both ways of talking about something you can’t quite get your arms around, something you can’t hold down. Daydreams aren’t real; jet streams disappear in the wake of the plane that left them behind.

So why would Taylor talk about her relationship this way? I think this is another way for her to reference secrets and duality, just as she does on the rest of the album. “Fit like a daydream” can reference how her partner fits into the space they’re allowed to occupy together, a dreamy fantasy tucked away from prying eyes. “Fly like a jet stream” definitely references their jetset lifestyle, but I think it’s also about their ability to escape together and into each other.

Taylor’s relationship is solid and real, but it’s also a sanctuary we can’t see. It’s not trotted out in front of paparazzi — it fits like a daydream, flies like a jet stream, takes on whatever form it has to in order to keep going. Call it what you want, it works for her.

I am the 99% - I am a good man who has been taken to the edge of sanity by the world I live in. a world where people are rewarded disproportionately to their contribution to their fellow man. a world where a soccer player can earn enough in a week to buy a house, but where a nurse who saves and nurtures the lives of others is made to survive on a subsistence wage. I am the 99% and the time has come for us to take back our world.

along with albert and race being the ‘nightmare twins’ can i make the argument for blink and mush to be the slightly more subdued nightmare twins? mostly mush is kind of an annoying prankster but blink keeps him occupied whereas ralbert work together to make more mess and occasionally jack sticks blush on them to try and get them to calm down and usually blink’s mom nature works out and calms them down (and it certainly doesn’t hurt that Mush is behind Blink with his arms crossed and a death glare soundlessly backing blink up) but sometimes ralbert’s rowdiness convinces mush to their side and then blink reluctantly joins them and whatever race and albert were planning gets 945583% worse so jack saves agents blush for emergencies

lostlegendaerie  asked:

hello friend can we talk for a second about super-tactile and gentle atem because he was trapped in a puzzle without a body for sO LONG he just loves to feel different textures and temperatures and is just constantly really gently and absently touching yugi just cAN WE CONSIDER THIS??? can we


I also really like the idea that Atem is super physically touchy with Yugi for the above reason and because in a way he just cant believe hes really here and he can really touch Yugi.  He doesn’t take it for granted.  He has a habit of gently touching Yugis face and arms.  And even in situations before theyre romantic, Yugis ok with this because he understands, not to mention they spent so long in one body, they still sort of share a personal space. 

Atem is used to just being close to Yugi.  Leaning over his shoulder, casually lying in bed together, practically occupying half of his chair when they sit near each other, theyre so close that even if they arent romantic at the time, people assume they are. Or in public, absentmindedly grabbing his hand, shirt hem, sleeve, backpack, keychain, something to keep them connected.  Theres a comfort between them that most people could never understand. They are independent individuals, but they are extremely in sync (and if they ever arent it throws them off BIG TIME, if they do have arguments its hard on them, and they dont last long)

Maybe sometimes Atem just lays there with his hand over his heart. His heart.  Not Yugis.  His.  Beating. Alive.  He owns this body. These are his hands touching all of these objects in Yugis room the first time he enters it in his own body, his hands cupping Yugis cheek,  two chests pressed together, and warmth.  Seeing Yugi from the outside and being able to interact with him as a fully realized physical being, its amazing to him. Feeling Yugi hug him for the first time is almost overwhelming. Getting to experience that in full, 100% sensation.  Smell and temperature and the bunched up jacket of Yugis uniform on his face when Yugis arms go around his neck, feeling Yugi and fully realizing how damn small he is when he wraps his arms around Yugis torso and hes hit by a flood of admiration for how powerful and brave this utterly tiny person in his arms is. How this soft spoken, bright eyed, gentle and kind and incredible person cares for him so much, how much Yugis done for him, how many times Yugi could have died because of him, all hits him in an instant and he just buries his face in Yugis uniform and holds on for dear life like if he lets go it might all be taken away. 

These two man.

These two.

Viviane's High Lady "official presentation" headcanon

Feel free to add :) 

- Kallias had been thinking about it ever since the war: Viviane deserved to be a High Lady. Not because he loved her and she was his mate, but because during those awful years under Amarantha’s rule she had been truly the High Lady of the Winter Court 

 - After the war Viviane had mentioned just once to Kallias how she thought it was amazing that Feyre was High Lady of the Night Court on her own right. Just once she had done so. She didn’t want to press the matter and she didn’t want to beg either. Tittle or not she knew Kallias confided in her as an equal, and treated her as such in front of the members of her court. 

 - Kallias had already made his mind, his court, his territory and all of Prythian for that sake must know how important Viviane is to the Winter Court. So one day, they were supposed to have off, during breakfast he told her what had been on his mind. 

 - Viviane couldn’t believe it, and as Kallias said “Viviane High Lady of the Winter Court” she felt how her own power heighten to match that of her mate. Her own power, not a shift of power from Kallias to her. Kallias was not giving up his power or diminishing it so that Viviane could have some of it. No; it came from her all her new found power came from her. 

 - They both felt it would be good to have an official ceremony and invite all the other high lords as well as some festivity that would be celebrated in their territory. However this moment, in which she had become High Lady, would always be for the two of them. 

 - A couple of weeks later, guests arrived for the weekend celebration. Winnowing from most parts of Prythian. The High Lords and Lady of the three solar courts, with their respective entourage, the summer court was in attendance and an emissary arrived from the Spring court who apologised for Tamlin’s absence, who couldn’t come because he was working on building what had been damages during the war. 

 - The ceremony was brief, as it was only an official introduction: everybody had assembled in the great hall and were mingling when the great ice doors opened. Together Kallias and Viviane walked as the people parted and gave them a clear path towards the dais where there was one throne. 

 - When they arrived to the stairs at the bottom of the dais Kallias held put his hand and helped Viviane climb them up. He lead her to the throne and she (without his help or guidance) sat on the throne. 

 - From there she could see how Kallias dropped to one knee, followed by the rest of then guests. She could also see the Feyre and Mor, who, as the kneeled, were smiling with such pride. 

 - Near the dais was also the human girl Feyre and Azriel had saved from Hybern, who in the past months had become a close friend, and would no doubt be useful to creat a better relationship between the humans and the fae. 

 - It was a good party, however formal it was, it also provided a great opportunity to catch up with old and new friends. As soon as the formality was over, she went straight up to Mor who was already opening her arms for her. 

 - Mor was ecstatic to see her friend in the position that she was meant to occupy. They danced together for some time. And then they started planning for Viviane’s first official visit to Velaris as Mor longed to show her friend the city of her heart. 

 - Laughter and music filled the hall, while drinks were clicking (?) all over the place. 

 - In one moment Feyre got closer and asked for a private audience with the new High Lady, which Viviane of course granted while laughing at the formality Feyre had clearly meant as a joke. So both females retired to a balcony to talk. It’s true that they hadn’t known each other for a long time, but they could both feel this was the start of a good friendship. 

 - When they were finally alone, Feyre confessed that she had a gift for her aside from the “official one her court had brought”. And before Viviane could start saying that she didn’t have to, Feyre winnowed a miniature painting of a snowflake, big enough for a nightstand. 

 - Feyre had been working on it ever since the invitation had arrived and even though she felt it could be improved here and there, the sentiment of pride, happiness and friendship was cristal clear. A beautiful snowflake over a deep blue background that meant to represent the night. A token symbolising both their courts. 

 - Viviane though it was beautiful and admitted that she was quite happy that she would have her friendly face during the meetings between High Lords (and now High Ladies as well). 

 - Kallias watched as Viviane entered the room with the High Lady of the Night Court in her arm, and a smile appeared on his face. A smile for his friend since childhood, a smile for that female that had protected his court, a smile for his mate, a smile for his High Lady.