Occupy Florida

Occupy Florida

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much. Just got back from Occupy Florida GA at Occupy Tallahassee the last couple of days.

It was a beautiful experience. Yes, there was a rather extensive GA the first day that went from the morning that day to the wee morning hours of the night/next day. But we did come up with our document for the People’s Convention of Florida and mic checked it at the capitol the next day.

We march that day from the occupation in Tallahassee to the Capitol building and protested the fuuccckkk out of the capitol including pestering our wonderful beloved Governor Rick Scott [/sarcasm] with chants and mic checks.

The Awake the State Rally was fabulous we read out our demands from the People’s Convention and Occupy Florida [as determined by the GA the day before] and we actually got a thanking from a few Senators for protesting loud enough for them to hear inside the capitol building. 

All in all it was an awesome time. Pictures from the beginning of the GA and the first day of Occupying Tally [aka before my camera died] will up as soon as possible. :)


Occupy Orlando: Photos from after yesterdays 52nd unlawful arrest [for using sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk…]

Occupiers protesting on the streets in front of City Hall. 

Orlando Police guarding the contraband chalk markings on the sidewalk.

The unfinished chalk art from the arrested occupier.

Orlando Police Officer cleaning his fingernails with a knife. Scare tactics, anyone?


Wall Street Mocks Protesters by Drinking Champagne 

Keep stirring the pot; It will soon begin to boil.