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I am God, and all other gods are my imagery. I gave birth to myself.

I am millions of forms excreating; eternal; and nothing exists except through me; yet I am not them–they serve me.

I am inconceivable because I make the conceivable as I so will.

I am beyond Law, for my casualness rationalizes all things to my pleasure.

I am the stranger, ever.

— A. O. Spare,  The Zoëtic Grimoire of Zos: The Formulae of Zos vel Thanatos  

Synthetic Flesh Driver by Jeff Klena

JAK 05-28-2016 

12x18 Latex on Wood Panel

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I tried to get all my traditional witchcraft books in one shot without affecting the clarity of what’s there but was unable, so I’ve done the next best thing and done it in three shots so here’s number 1😀
P.S. The only book in this photo with no title on the spine is the gray copy, which is the deluxe edition of The Baron Citadel, by Peter Hamilton-Giles and published by Three Hands Press. ___________________________________

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