Vampires: The antithesis of the Lycans, Vampires rule the night. Wearing wet suits filled with blood to keep them fed and dark magic they stalk the shadows. Assuming the Stalker form Vampires tap in to their primal energies manifesting in the form of a massive humanoid bat like creature giving them immense physical attributes and a terrifying visage. While weak during the day few would dare oppose the Vampires in the dead of night.

Top to bottom, left to right:

Hemophage - Powerful blood magicians that can cast devastating magic attacks and crippling curses.

Bloodthirster - Scout berserkers hungry for fresh blood used to flush out living targets and cause chaos.

Bloodletter - Quick nimble flankers used to engage targets in close quarters combat and pursue fleeing targets.

Pariah: Melee fighters who’s sole purpose is to absorb enemy fire and draw attention away from their teammates.

Reaper: Stealth assassin shock troops that engage from the shadows.

Count: Elder Vampires that lead their teams and provide support shadow magic to buff their team and weaken their opponents.

Neophyte: New Vampires eager to prove their worth in operations and begin their path towards a specialization.


  • Put a small ward on the door and windows 
  • Visualize the energy you are getting when eating food or ingesting caffeine
  • Put a glamour on your make-up and brush
  • Put a glamour on your closet for the clothes inside
  • Put a small bowl/plate with rose quartz, amethyst, and quartz crystal on your sink counter
  • Make every shower a “cleansing” for yourself and every bath a gentle recharging
  • Hang a sigil somewhere in your kitchen to ensure delicious food
  • Spend a few minutes talking to your plants
  • Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day
  • If you do sage cleansings, mix the leftover ashes and sea salt together in a container to keep for if you need a quick protection
  • Charm your necklace for protection and recharge it once a week
  • Charm your shoes to ensure that you will make it to where you are going
  • Add some of y'all’s small things y’all do around the house
get the fuck away from me spell

this is a basic and powerful banishment spell to keep a toxic, malicious person from influencing you, affecting your world, and attempting to hurt you. best done during a waning moon. you will need:

> black pepper (banishment, protection from evil)

> cloves (banishing hostile and negative forces)

> vinegar (banishing, binding, and averting evil)

> black and white candle

> paper and pen with black ink

> a jar with a lid

1. as you light your candles, recognize that the flame creates an aura of fire, will and strength. the black candle burns and summons protection from evil; the white candle burns and brings you cleansing and purifying. meditate on the flames and allow their warm auras to surround you.

2. write the person’s full name (if it’s known) on a small piece of paper. hold the paper in your hands and let yourself feel angry, hurt, sad, or whatever this person makes you feel. charge the paper with the pain this person has caused you, until you feel done. then, take your pen and scribble out the person’s name until it’s completely blacked out and opaque.

3. fold the paper up as many times as you can, and throw it in the jar. sprinkle the pepper and cloves over the paper, then fill the jar with vinegar. this mixture banishes their evil from you and drowns out their will and power to harm you. close the jar tightly. if you wish, use some black wax from your candle to drip onto the lid and seal the jar shut.

4. place your banishment jar in a dark, hidden place, like the bottom drawer of a dresser or the corner of a closet. keep it forever, or until you feel its purpose is fulfilled.

The Witch Bitch Playlist

(these are songs that personally put me in a witchy vibe,feel free to add on)

Game of survival by Ruelle

Black out days by Phantogram 

Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

River by Bishop Briggs

Intro by The xx

Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine

Hanging on by Ellie Goulding

I Follow Rivers by Marika Hackman

The Devil Within by Digital Daggers

Up in flames by Ruelle

Evergreen by Broods

CopyCat by Billie Eilish

Bones by MS MR

In The Dark by Cathedrals

If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray

Interlude by Lights

Moonshine by Lights

Feral Hearts by Kerli

Bottom Of The River by Delta Rae

Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

Blossom by Kerli 

Black Magic by Magic Wands

Returning Fire With Fire by Mindy Smith

Give us a little love by Fallulah

House of the Rising Sun by Lauren O’Connell 

Burn the Witch by Queen of the Stone Age

Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore

Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars

witch’s affirmations

♥  my craft is valid and holds immense power

♥  i, the witch, have true and good magick within me

♥  my moments of weakness do not define me

♥  i am proof that magick is real

♥  every word i whisper radiates with energy

♥  i commune with the universe by spells and chants

♥  the mother moon hears me call her and smiles

♥  my blood is red with witch’s warmth

♥  my aura is pervasive and vibrant

♥  my way of casting spells is beautiful and different

♥  my heart is connected to witches all over earth

♥  my solitary power is more than enough

♥  my magick is forever

Sound Correspondences

Bells - purity, health, happiness, good fortune, accomplishing one’s goals

Wind in the Leaves - premonition, divinity, psychic ability, willpower

Laughter - healing, friendship, success, understanding

Footsteps - danger, strength, power, courage

Running Water - change, uncertainty, the unknown

witch tip

in my eyes, any type of self care is witchcraft. taking a shower? a literal and metaphorical cleansing ritual. making food? kitchen witchcraft, obviously. drawing? it’s like a really complex sigil thats purpose is to calm you down and clear your mind. making tea? potions. lying in bed all day binging your favourite show on netflix? a day of recharging your soul. don’t ever feel guilty for not doing complex spells all the time. you’re a witch - everything you do is inherently witchy.

Local Forest Deities

One subject that I incorporate into my craft are local deities. What are local deities? Local deities are guardians and protectors of specific places such as a specific forest, mountain range, river, or even a specific city. They can come or manifest them in many different forms or none at all. Everything within the entirety of it’s domain is its eyes and ears.

But this post is specifically about local forest deities. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch them manifested as a huge gorgeous deer, an hawk who’s gaze seems to pierce right through you or maybe even as a huge, seemingly ancient tree that you swear that you can see it breathing.

The forest deity, as the name suggests, watches over the forest and all its inhabitants. The way you treat the forest can be the difference between suffering the fate of a forever lost traveler, who can only seem to walk in circles, and having a safe voyage through to your destination.

If you go out of your way to help protect and conserve the forest, you might just gain the respect of the deity. If you’re particularly devoted and deemed trustworthy, it is possible to have a relationship with them, working together for the forest.

Here are some ways to help gain respect:

  • Pick up litter
  • Report poachers (it’s super dangerous to approach them so please don’t)
  • Organize an event to plant some NATIVE trees*. Do your research. It would be wise to contact your local conservation group
  • Meditate in the forest. Try to feel the breath and whispers of the forest
  • If you find a unnaturally injured animal (caught in trap, hit by car, shot and left to die, etc) DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM but rather call you’re local animal rehabilitation unit**.

*I can not emphasize how it important it is to not plant non-native flora. It can seriously harm the entirety of that ecosystem and can wipe out complete species of fauna/flora there

**Touching or interacting with wild animals is really bad and sometimes illegal. It can seriously stress them out which can be deadly to them and/or you. If an animal is injured, the consequences will be much worse.