Obviously he gets them from his dad

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So we all know it's canon that Andrew puts his hand on the back of Neil's neck to comfort/ground him, but what if Lola did something to fuk that up? Like she burned the back of his neck cause he kept leaning forwards or something? So now what was a comforting gesture for neil (and andrew tho he won't admit it) is now a trigger?

tw: burns, violence, all that comes with aftg

  • when he was in the car with lola, at one point a cop car was driving in the lane beside them
  • lola realizing this, hisses at neil to get down and puts a bruising hand on the back of his neck and folds him in half– out of view from the window
  • he struggles against her hand, obviously, knowing that a cop seeing him would be way better than this reunion with lola and his dad,
  • so he fought and struggled so much lola had to grab the cigarette burner and pressed it against the back of his neck
  • neil recoiled, but still continued to struggle, not knowing the whereabouts of the cop car since his head was so low it was almost underneath the driver’s seat
  • by the end of the ordeal, he had four bubbling circle burns on the back of his neck

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K but like mtmte swerve or tailgate slow dancing with their s/o but bc humans r so tiny they do that kind of dance where the human rests their feet on the minibots feet and they shuffle around to the music??? Idk if I'm describing it well but its that cute kind of dance dads do with their tiny children????


Swerve (Transformers: Mtmte)

Swerve knew you wanted to dance with him, but he always found excuses to get out of it. He’s a clumsy bot, and didn’t want to step on your feet. That would’ve been dangerous for you, obviously. It’d be different if he was human, or using his holoform, but one wrong step from this idiot and your foot is broken beyond repair.

So, you suggested something different. It led you to your current situation.

Swerve stood stock still as you climbed onto his feet. His cooling fans whirred loudly, making you snicker. He huffed slightly as you grabbed his hand. The music droned around you two, a little quiet in Swerve’s hab suite.

“This is embarrassing,” he muttered. You rolled your eyes, reminding him that no one else was here besides you two. He grumbled again, visor glowing brightly. His free arm slid around your waist, and he began to move slowly. He had to make sure you didn’t accidentally slip off of his stabilizing servos.

“See, you big baby? It’s fun.” He snorted slightly, before grinning. “I don’t know about fun,” he joked. “But I have to admit, you look /really/ cute like this.” Now it was /your/ turn ti get flustered.

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How would Deku react to finding out his mom is pregnant?

His first reaction would be HOW?! and utterly confused. I bet Inko is really embarrased and shy about it, and as soon as Deku realises this, he starts telling her he’s happy and everything (he’s surprised like a LOT but he would never make his mother believe he’s angry) The only question is who? before like, it hits him. 

I’m sure he’s like super worried, and starts fussing over her. Inko doesn’t mind, but really All Mighty becomes full Dad Mode when he finds out and does so much it barely leaves Deku anything to fuss about. 

Over all he’s happy because he will get a little brother/sister and it’s in a mix of excitement and worry (because Deku being Deku he obviously worries his sibling will come to hate him)

(He cried even more than anyone the day he held his little brother/sister in his arms, and he’s made his duty to protect them from anything. He’s the best big brother ever, and they grow up looking up to him a lot)

[I´m so sorry i took ages in answering but i’m like 90% of my time on Mobile and i can only answer at ease when I’m in my computer which is almost dying ]