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Can you make like a comic of how Lilith met the incubus? And a succubus, among other friends

i have been holding onto this ask for some time now, and ive been thinking of how to illustrate it as a comic, but i can’t either piece all the visuals that have been floating around my head together, or find the energy to draw it out. i’m sorry about that! the story i came up with under the cut

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@virgodura said: Lol what is this petty ass anon ask!! 

idek! i was a lil baffled tbh! like…who are you, salty anon? did you have a bad day and now you’re taking it out on tumblr? are you slightly drunk? do you just have really poor impulse control combined with generally poor social skills/the ability to tell when you’re being rude? or are you actually just an entitled asshole? i may never know the answer.

5 keys to finding a good church

Anonymous asked: I need to leave the church I grew up in. I read what you write, and it sounds quite different from what I hear in my church. But all my friends go there, and I’m worried that they’ll freak out, and I’ll never see them again, and I know that’s a silly reason to stay. I don’t know where to start looking, and part of me is worried that all these other churches might be just as bad.

Unka Glen answered: I’m sorry that things aren’t working out where you are, but I think if we take a big picture look at this problem, we will immediately turn things around to the positive. Let’s look at five key steps to finding a new church:

1. It’s not about how bad it is, it’s about how good it could be. Your spiritual health is important, and your only obligation is to your Savior. He’s calling you to find a place where your spiritual needs are being met. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your church is, it only matters that you follow where He leads you.

2. Skip the guilt about leaving. One of the most bizarre and enduring myths about church, is this idea that you’d go to one church forever, and this one church would meet every need you have throughout your entire spiritual journey. While I guess it would be nice if that worked out, it is extremely unlikely, and far from the norm.

3. Churches vary wildly in quality. Part of our ministry is visiting, evaluating, and partnering with churches (we’ve looked at hundreds at this point). This often feels looks like going from McDonald’s, to Taco Bell, to KFC, to suddenly finding a home cooked meal by a relative who loves you and makes your favorite dish. Do a lot of looking, good churches are rare, but worth the effort.

4. Know where to look. There are good churches everywhere, but generally the suburbs are the worst place to start looking. Likewise, large membership churches are rarely good. Always look for a pastor who directly works with poor people. Look for good doctrine, and avoid any kind of manipulation through fear or guilt.

5. Fellowship is key. Good fellowship will create stability while you make the transition to a new church. If you have a small group where you feel comfortable, where you read the Bible and share your struggles on living it out, then you could basically add worship music, and you’re most of the way to having church break out. If you feel like a number where you are, and you feel lost in the crowd, and the pastor doesn’t even know your name, it’s time to be active in finding, or creating, quality Christian community.

Expressing obligations in French

 - From the most “informal” to the most formal, even though all are correct for both writing and speech -

Devoir : Must 

  • Tu dois faire tes devoirs. 
  • You have to do you homework. 
  • You must do your homework

Falloir : To have to, also a sort of more intense “should" 

  • Il faut que tu fasses tes devoirs. 
  • You have to do your homework. 
  • You really should do your homework. 

Etre forcé(e) à, de : To be obliged to

  • Je suis forcée de faire mes devoirs pendant la pause déj. 
  • I’m obliged to do my homework during lunch break. 

Etre contraint(e) de : To be obliged to, but more intense, to be "compelled”

  • J'ai été contrainte de faire mes devoirs en moins d'une heure. 
  • I’ve been forced to do my homework in less than an hour. 

Etre dans l'obligation de : to be obliged to -rather formal

  • Les élèves sont dans l'obligation de rendre leur devoir à l'heure. 
  • The students have to hand their paper on time. 

Se voir dans l'obligation de : to be obliged by a sort of superior force 

  • Je me vois obligé de rendre mon devoir non-terminé, j'ai été hospitalisé  cette semaine et je n'ai pas pu le terminer.
  • I’m obliged to hand my paper unfinished, I’ve been hospitalized this week and I couldn’t finish it. 

Etre obligatoire de : Must - mostly for rules. 

  • Il est obligatoire de rendre son devoir, sous peine de sanctions. 
  • Papers must be returned, under penalty of sanctions. 
It happens to all women.

This is something I have been meaning to write for a while. I’ve seen a lot of comments on stories about being harassed by guys who won’t take no for an answer to the tune of “You’re attractive, it’s just what happens.” Let me tell you my story. I am not going to sugarcoat this, I’m obese. I passed up overweight a long time ago. And while my face isn’t bad, it isn’t what most would consider to be overly-attractive. My cheeks are huge, I have multiple chins, dark circles under my eyes, etc. I’m not trying to be down on myself, I’m just trying to drive home the point that I am not conventionally attractive by any stretch of the imagination.

About a year ago I went to a local bar with this woman I know from work (I wouldn’t call us friends, just acquaintances and I’m really bad at turning people down when they invite me out, so I went, despite not really wanting to go). We each had two drinks and talked for a bit, then I had to use the restroom. When I came back, the woman I came with was on the other side of the bar from our seats, talking to some gentlemen closer to her age than mine (she is in her 50’s, I’m in my 20’s.) Finding myself suddenly alone, I did what any person would do. I ordered myself a favorite drink (Irish car bomb), snapped a picture of it, and uploaded it to Instagram and Facebook, trying to make it look like I was having a better time than I actually was. Within a minute I got a Facebook message from a guy who used to date a mutual friend of mine and my ex. The message just said “Hey.” So I replied “Hey. What’s up?” He said “Bored at the local (to him) bar. Where are you at?” I honestly just thought he was making conversation at this point so I told him the name of the bar. The next message I got read. “GPS says that’s only 40 minutes from where I am.” I replied that it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to drive out here. It was getting close to last call, he had already been drinking, etc. He sent back “I’m already on my way.” Now I had met this guy a handful of times when I was dating my ex and he had seemed okay, so I was like “what’s the harm in catching up?” and told him to drive safe.

About this time the woman I went to the bar with comes back over with the guy she has been talking to. They are pretty much all over each other. She introduces me and the guy shakes my hand and leans in to tell me “I’m gonna be frank, my buddy across the bar is interested in you. What do you say?” I look over at the much older gentleman across the bar and politely decline. “Aww, come on.” The guy says. “He’s a good guy.” Again I decline and say “My friend is on his way.” So I sit and wait. The guy keeps pestering me and saying “Your friend ain’t coming, but my buddy is right over there.” And I keep refusing more and more firmly, because now I am getting pissed off. Eventually the buddy gets mad that I am showing no interest and leaves.

Finally the guy I was messaging texts that he is close and I buy him a beer before last call. He comes in and I stand up to greet him. He gives me a hug and goes in for a kiss and I’m like “Oh, that is what is happening. He is interested in me.” I figure it is only a kiss so I give him one. He won’t stop grinning. My “friend” and her man friend move down a few seats to give us some space. I ask how he is doing and if his band has had any shows recently. We smalltalk for a bit and as it gets closer to closing time, the conversation turns to “What are you doing after this?” I tell him I have work in the morning, but would be up for going to a diner for coffee or something to keep the conversation going. He says “I don’t know any diners around here, but I passed a hotel on the way.” Suddenly, I find myself getting a much clearer picture of what he is interested in. I decline and reiterate that I would be okay with dessert or coffee and he says “Well, how about your place then?” I tell him that I still live with my mother and she wouldn’t appreciate company this late. At this point, the bar is pretty much closed. The woman I came with asks if I will be needing a ride home. I tell her to hold on, I’m not sure. The guy who came to meet me asks if I want to talk in the hallway leading to the bathroom. I go with him and he pins me against the wall and starts trying to make out with me. I stop him and say “I thought we were going to talk?” He then tries to pull me into the men’s bathroom, mumbling something about talking in there. I finally stop trying to be polite and tell him that I am not into hooking up and if he wants to get to know me better, we can meet up again some other time but I am not doing anything with him tonight. Then I walk out and tell the woman I came with to please take me home. He leaves before us as she is exchanging numbers with the guy she met and as we are driving home we pass him filling up his car at a gas station, looking quite unhappy. It occurred to me that he probably wasted a lot of fuel in that 40 minute drive, but I didn’t care. I didn’t ask him to drive out there. I didn’t owe him anything.

Let me reiterate that. I didn’t owe him anything.

Whatever he was thinking that night: whether it was that I was drunk and an easy lay, that I’d put out because I’m fat, that I owed him for driving out there or for showing interest in me, that he had heard some stories or lies about my promiscuity from my ex so he was going to score; was wrong. I was not obligated to do anything with him.

So please, don’t try and say that things like this (and worse) only happen to attractive ladies.

It has nothing to do with appearance and everything to do with the mindset that women are obligated to sleep with men for whatever reason they can come up with.

And before I get a million “not all men” comments, I’m not saying that every guy is like this; but I (and most other women) have met plenty that are, and there is no excuse that will justify their behavior.