Yew: If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.

Edea: What if I bite it and it dies?

Yew: That means you’re poisonous.

Agnes: What if it bites itself and I die?

Yew: …That’s voodoo.

Tiz: What if it bites me and someone else dies?

Yew: That’s correlation, not causation.

Magnolia: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?

Ringabel: That’s kinky.

Bit of an overdue notice maybe.
Mothtrap’s my primary and personal blog, and even though it’s been almost entirely Fallout focused in the last year, that’s because I originally created it for that purpose. I’ve been on Tumblr before (back in 2008), but this marked my proper return to the blog’o’sphere.

I still love the game and the characters to bits and will continue reblogging and posting art, but I’ll also start including other stuff as well, hopefully things that are related. I’ve already been doing that to a degree, but I’m just making it a bit more official.

Stay tuned for more sci-fi, robots and detectives. 👍👍👍

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I've been really curious about your fic but hesitant to read it because I'm not sure what the endgame relationship is with deku and bakugou? Is it a ship fic? Is shipping going to play a big part in it later? I avoid bakudeku for my own good is all

spoilers for anyone who has not read chapter 5, content warning for discussion of abuse

there is no ultimate endgame, only that everyone grows and learns to be a better person. however, the fic does very seriously explore bakugou and izuku’s relationship. more details under the cut 

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"y'all can live without those" it's not like you are gonna use them again or is it? give it to people who does want to use it so yes you are bieng selfish

yes, i am being selfish, glad we agree on this


when i write political rpf its ‘gross’ and ‘disgusting’ and ‘unethical’ but when the economist does it its ‘tragicomedy’ and ‘clever’ and ‘satire’.