Object Empathy.

One nice evening, crushing and eating hazelnuts, I felt sorry for them. I glued one back together, the pieces don’t fit together. They are probably from three to four different nuts, yet together they create one shell. I only had shue glue, but it worked fine anyways.

This video I made afterwards.

Hello The Art Assignment! It’s Aubrey submitting for Object Empathy.

I chose to “fix” a cut rose. I have always felt a little bad when I have received a bouquet. The sentiment is nice, but I always find it a little sad to watch these perfect flowers wither away. 

This assignment really reminded me of the Japanese art Kintsugi (金継ぎ) where broken pottery is fixed with gold (or silver) lacquer. Instead of the break being the end of the objects life it marks it as an event in the life of the object. 

I wanted to fuse Kintsugi and Diana Shpungin’s art of covering an object in graphite. 

Since I had to color the rose I held it much closer than I ever had before. I realized it still had a wonderful scent, and saw the beautiful and subtle variegated colors close up.  Although I can’t bring the flower back to life I can highlight the beauty that is still there. 

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First off, sorry the video is upside down- 

A figurative way of self harm. Not my own skin, but it hurt just the same.

My sketchbook is where I unleash all of my creativity, so it hurt when I used a page and teared a gash right down the middle, using a blunt pencil. (I used a knife in the video for a more dramatic effect) It made me sad, seeing the paper all mutilated and “bloody”, so I put a big bandaid on it.
all better. (kinda)

Sorry the video is upside down- 

All patched up !

Art Assignment: Object Empathy

Based on the Art Assignment in this video.

Instructions for Object Empathy assignment:

1. Find and object you feel bad for.
2. Fix it in your own style.
3. Show us what you’ve done. Upload using #theartassignment.
4. Fame and glory (Your work might be in a future episode).

I spent a few days keeping an eye out for a pathetic object for this project and wasn’t coming up with anything. I live in the woods, there are so many broken sticks around that none of them are special.

Then I went for a hike with my mom.

And while we were hiking my sunglasses broke!

I was a bit sad - these sunglasses had been with me to Comicon and Burningman, twice! I guess it was their time. And now I had an object for my art assignment!

I used some old crochet thread to fix the sunglasses because I’ve been a textile person all my life. I think it came out perfectly not-quite-functional!

(Hard to tell in the photo but if I moved my head too much the sunglasses fell right off my face.)

anonymous asked:

I'm crying I had no idea Inanimate Object Empathy happened to other autistic people, I thought it was just me. It's part of why I hoard so much because I can't handle the thought of hurting the objects I would get rid of. I can barely throw garbage away most of the time because I don't want it to feel like it's less than any other objects.

one of my favorite things about too short to ride is how it gives even more reasons to backup the autistic peridot headcanon

like they gave a literal answer to amethyst’s “you look like a square” comment, started hand flapping to self sooth when smiley touched them, expressed inanimate object empathy towards the alien toy, had difficulty lying and got stressed when their routine of putting logs in technology was put in jeopardy

which are all autistic behaviors

like i’ve been on board with this headcanon ever since i watched too far and with every peridot heavy episode since then it just keeps growing stronger

Ending vicious cycles

Understand your enemies as well as you understand yourself. Understand your enemies in the same way they understand them self. Criticize yourself as much as you criticize to your enemies.

Why? Because it’s fair, impartial, rational, and that is what you would want of your enemies. Reason is what you want. That is how conflict ends. That is your goal.


Just saw the Object Empathy#theartassignment and realized I already did it a few weeks ago when I covered up a small rip in the canvas of my Converse with a crochet flower. I was just learning crochet and had a bunch of the flowers made but not attached to hats and other big projects yet. I didn’t want to replace the shoes, even though the canvas will continue to pull apart from the sole (my feet are too wide for these) because I’ve worn them on vacation and out to concerts a lot in the time that I’ve had them and it’s like I’ve attached the memories of those experiences in part to them.


July 15, 2016

If our inner and outer selves can never completely match, are we condemn to live two separate albeit dependent existences?

I don’t think mindfulness practices can ever completely resolve the experience of duality. Subjectivity and objectivity can never really be transcended except maybe by imagination and empathy. What we think and feel we are is and will mostly remain different from what others perceive of us.

Is it then actually a condemnation? Or is it more a blessing that affords us some rest from the incessant change of life and the world.

While our interior self does also experience change, it does not do so at the same pace as the body, even when we try to regulate mind, breath, body and environment through meditation practice. There is a lag, a gap, without which the conscious mind might be overwhelmed.

We can also hide, delay and filter the presentation of our emotional or psychological states of being to the exterior world. This comes naturally, with self-awareness, and it affords us the distance to diagnose, learn and act intentionally, to which we owe our survival as human kind and as psychological individuals.

We want to be perceived as who we think and feel we are. Our condition is otherwise. Sartre was haunted with the idea that part of us did not belong to us and could never be accessed, making us never complete.

With mindfulness practice, we aim at reducing this separation. And while we work on that, we should remember that if part of us is outside of our sovereign self, we should care to collaborate with others that are the only window into our outer self, this partial stranger, that we share responsibility for.

Have you tried sitting in front of a mirror with someone else and asking them what they see of you? How does it correspond to your perception?

The Taiji Student


This is my second round of #theartassignment . This time it's #objectempathy from artist #dianeshpungin.This Aveeno anti-itching cream had been sitting on the bottom of my backpack for months. It was getting crushed by my books, and more and more dirty and grimy each day. So placed it in my yard, surrounded it with flowers, and gave it a proper burial. Or memorial. Or recognition ceremony. Anyway, I honored its bravery. #aparthistory