God certainly calls his human creatures toward the same goodness that he displays; in fact, he commands it. However,  God certainly does not coerce it… God commands it, knowing that it is for his creatures’ own good that they should obey the command, but he allows his creatures, nevertheless, to exercise moral freedom in choosing whether to obey… Human failure or refusal to obey the command does not bring the world to an end, nor does it lead to divine disengagement… What happens instead is that God, who is perfectly good, finds ways of continuing to work for the good in a world now compromised by evil… God pursues the good; he does not, by fiat, impose it. He turns the world as much toward the good as he can, while respecting the moral freedom of the human creatures who inhabit it.
—  Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters  by Iain W. Provan