“I wholeheartedly support Young New Yorkers; not only as an art program and constructive alternative to teens being incarcerated, but it is also highly therapeutic. It builds problem solving skills that can boost self confidence and allow participants to feel more empowered to pursue their dreams as well as deal with their realities."—Shepard Fairey 

We are so thrilled to be celebrating the art and activism of Shepard Fairey @obeygiant at this year’s Silent Art Auction, in featuring a selection of his work. The transformational nature of his work and life is an inspiration to so many of our extraordinary young New Yorkers. 

Natural Springs (2015) is one artwork that will be available at the event on April 7. 

Information, tickets, and more about Young New Yorkers here: www.youngnewyorkers.org/silentartauction2016