it hasn’t even been a week since trump got in office and he’s already making orders to fuck with people’s reproductive rights, advance the construction of oil pipelines on native american land, and repeal healthcare from millions of people so literally fuck anyone who says “just give him a chance”!!, because chances aren’t given to assholes who won’t hesitate when it comes to putting people’s lives in jeopardy
Trump Acts To Sabotage Obamacare Enrollment, Days Before Deadline
He ordered the government to halt ads and emails, which could mean fewer signups and higher premiums.

He may stop the ads, but nothing beats old fashioned word of mouth. Make sure everyone you know (and those you don’t know) they can still sign up for obamacare/ACA until January 31st! 

the more people sign up, the less eager republicans will repeal it, especially those in swing states and districts, and we only need three GOP senators to vote no on repeal. 


Senate Republicans have approved an Obamacare “repeal resolution”

  • Republicans in the Senate have voted on a budget process that they’re terming the Affordable Care Act “repeal resolution,” according to CNN. 
  • The Senate reached a 51-48 decision, voting along party lines, at around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning.
  • “This resolution will set the stage for true legislative relief from Obamacare that Americans have long demanded while ensuring a stable transition,” Senate Budget Chairman Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) said. “
  • The vote is a definitive sign that Republicans intend to make good on their promise to repeal the ACA.
  • Though it still remains unclear whether they have any ideas for what will replace it. Read more

anonymous asked:

Should i even bother renewing my healthcare from the aca if theres a chance it will get repealed?

Yes, you should still enroll in coverage before the January 31 open enrollment deadline. When you enroll in coverage, you and the health insurance company enter into a contract that is generally binding for a year (no matter how the law changes). This means that if you enroll in coverage now then you will have coverage throughout 2017.

I’m still feeling zero sympathy for the growing number of ManChildTrump voters who are realizing they were fooled.

Those who wanted ObamaCare killed while they had coverage under the Affordable Care Act. No sympathy.

Caitlyn Jenner, who knew the people with whom Trump aligns himself want to dissolve same-sex marriage and eliminate protections for transgender people. No sympathy.

Immigrants who came here, then voted to keep refugees out…even those from the same country they escaped…then cry because their family members can’t enter the US. No sympathy.

People who claim to care about their children’s education…or the air they breathe…or the water they drink, only to see the unqualified people Trump appointed to his cabinet. No sympathy.

And, Middle Class taxpayers? Here’s a prediction. When Trump releases his tax plan, you’ll discover you’re paying higher taxes so the rich/corporations can stack up a few more pennies on their counting tables. No sympathy!


President Franklin D. Roosevelt speaking in Syracuse at the New York Democratic State Convention in 1936.

FDR’s satirical rebuke against Republicans who opposed Social Security and the New Deal during the 1936 election.

80 years later the very same Republican Party used the same rhetoric unironically to justify taking away health insurance from 20 million Americans.

If you have a vagina and are on Obamacare or use Planned Parenthood as your health care provider, etc please look into getting a birth control implant. Just in case. Trump has said he plans to defund planned parenthood, get rid of obamacare, and possibly criminalize abortions. You deserve to be safe. I know you can get an implant that lasts 5 years. See what your doctor says about it. Stay healthy, vagina pals.

This health insurance pro’s explanation of how corrupt individual private insurance is should be the jolt you need to call your congressperson already

The latest to go viral is from Jeremy Beckham, who sold health insurance in Utah from 2004-2006. “I had to console people in tears on a regular basis,” he wrote. “We were instructed by management to just get them off the phone as quickly as possible to free the phone line for a healthy person.”

Image: Jeremy Beckham


It's Only Day 4

This is going to be harder than I had ever anticipated. It is Day 4 and Trump has already taken the following actions:

- Gutted the Affordable Care Act mandate, which is essentially the scaffolding upon which the ACA is built. Without the mandate, the rest of the ACA WILL NOT function.

- Allied with Russia in Syria to support a government who has targeted its own citizens, sometimes burning them alive. Our military is now in effect targeting men, women and children. (This according to the Russian Defense Ministry statements today.)

- Frozen the pay rates of all federal employees (yes, that includes your Auntie who works in the cafeteria at the VA down the street.)

- Instated a #GlobalGag Order which denies funding to any international organization that so much as refers a client to an abortion provider.

I feel it is my duty as an American to continue speaking out against these egregious acts. But I can’t do it alone. I’m going to ask all of you to speak out. I don’t know if there is a solution other than waiting out the next 4 years and hoping we survive, but I’m going to damn well try.

We will have some action items for you later today. Spefically, we will be asking that you call your Senators again to stop the Sessions confirmation, ask your Congresspersons to save the ACA if at all possible and oppose a new bill that would remove the United States from the United Nations.

Love one another today, because it’s only day 4 and we have a long way to go.


Signal boost this– here’s what you absolutely need to know about the impending vote on the Affordable Care Act

Republican leaders are in a pickle, because they have yet to figure out what their reconciliation bill will look like in order to then work out how to repeal Obamacare. They gave themselves until only January 27 to figure out how to work the legislation out.