1. do NOT i repeat NOT crop fans out of their pictures with youtubers 
2. if you have the audacity to do that, CREDIT THE ORIGINAL OWNER
4. similarly - if they say no, DO NOT USE THE PICTURE.

you’d be annoyed as fuck if someone did this to you
it’s 2015, stop being pubes

The Oath of the Stage Manager’s Watch

The house is open, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until the last cast member has left the theatre. I shall take no breaks, answer no texts, check no Tumblr. I shall wear no color and receive no applause. I will live and caffeinate at my post. I am the glow-tape in the darkness. I am the watcher in the booth. I am the shield that guards the realm of actors. I pledge my life and honor to the theatre, for this show and for all shows of the run.

President Theodore Roosevelt had Abraham Lincoln’s hair with him when he was sworn into office. During his 2nd  inauguration in 1905, Roosevelt wore a ring containing strands of Lincoln’s hair, which a doctor had cut from his head on the night of his assassination. Source Source 2

John Hay, who became Roosevelt’s Secretary of State, sent him the ring along with a note that said, “Please wear it tomorrow; you are one of the men who most thoroughly understand and appreciate Lincoln.”

He wrote back, “Dear John, Surely no other President, on the eve of his inauguration, has ever received such a gift from such a friend. I am wearing the ring now; I shall think of it and you as I take the oath tomorrow.”

Roosevelt had always felt a connection to Lincoln. Maybe because he was also at his funeral procession when he was a little boy…


Jaime & Brienne Appreciation Week: Day #3 “Symbolism”

O   A   T   H “Swear that you will never again take up arms against Stark nor Tully. Swear that you will compel your brother to honor his pledge to return my daughters safe and unharmed. Swear on your honor as a knight, on your honor as a Lannister, on your honor as a Sworn Brother of the Kingsguard. Swear it by your sister’s life, and your father’s, and your son’s, by the old gods and the new, and I’ll send you back to your sister. Refuse, and I will have your blood.”

“I was just an ordinary highschool and college student. I was just like all of you. And YES, I failed”

“There is no such thing as FAILURE, only DELAYED SUCCESS”

“Being number one in the April 2011 ECE Board Exam is just a TITLE”

-Billy Joe Serrano Rivera [April 2011 ECE Board Exam Top 1 | Mapua Institute of Technology | 92.5 | Absolute Endorser]-

July 2014 CPAs Oath Taking and Testimonial Dinner

Dahil sa hectic sched ko sa work, hindi na ako nakapagshare dito sa blog ko, so eto yung latest. Last September 2, 2014, We took our oath to formally welcome us to the profession. It was held at Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). Dati, dream ko talaga na maging venue ang PICC para sa graduation ko, pero hindi siya nangyari. Pero okay lang, kasi kahit di siya naging venue para sa graduation ko, naging venue naman siya para sa oath taking ko as CPA. Napakabait talaga ni Lord. :)

After the Oath taking ceremony, nagorganize yung school namin ng Testimonial Dinner for us successful PSBA CPA Passers sa Gloria Maris. It was a private program na kami kami lang ang andoon kasama ang family. Aside sa kainan, we, the board passers shared our experiences as a student, a reviewee and our testimony on how we prepared for the CPA Board Examination. You all know that my life is really an open book, so shinare ko lahat ng pinagdaanan ko simula nung nasa Adamson pa ako until nagtransfer sa PSBA hanggang sa pagrereview ko sa CPAR and of course nung nalaman ko na CPA na ako.

Sobrang bilis ng phasing this 2014, 3 months after graduation, CPA Board Exam naman, then after one month, oath taking, tapos 2 days after oath taking start na ng work ko. Gusto ko talaga magpasalamat kay Lord kasi never niya ako iniwanan sa journey ko, sabi nga ng mga friends ko, sobrang lakas ko daw sa Kanya kasi lahat ng hinihiling ko tinutupad niya. Sabi ko sa kanila, lahat naman tayo pantay pantay tingin niya sa atin, may iba iba lang tayong paraan kung paano humingi ng tulong sa kanya, ask Him for something as if nasa tabi mo talaga siya, kausapin mo na parang kapamilya mo, Nasa imagination lang siya, yet, nagpprovide siya ng needs natin, siyempre always remember din na Faith without action is nothing so if we ask for something, we should work on it. Hindi yan basta basta dadating, pinaghihirapan yan. Pero ang maganda doon, kahit naghihirap tayo abutin ang mga bagay na gusto natin makamit, andyan si Lord, kasama natin. :)

To my family, sobrang saya talaga kasi yung success ko, hindi lang para sa akin, para sa kanila talaga. Hati kami sa success na to, kung hindi naman dahil sa kanila, wala lahat ng ito. Kaya dapat lahat ng ginagawa natin, isipin natin yung feeling na mararamdaman ng family natin the moment na maging successful tayo sa pagabot ng dreams natin. 

Yun lang, excited pa ako magshare ng mga upcoming experiences ko, now that I am working as an Audit Associate of the number 1 professional services firm here in the Philippines. :)

Fact: Pansexuals are often Sailor Scouts or Puella Magi protecting this world from harm. Many of us die in battle against the horrors that come with being a magical girl, but with all of these pan-powers we mustn’t let them go to waste. So we take an oath promising that we will only ever use these powers for good, and to help our allied forces in case they’re any need of help. 

TOG 6 Theory

Okay, so, I was reading @aelinscourt theory about Empire of Storms and how it came true and everything right? So one of the points made was about how Maeve is all about control. Maeve wants CONTROL to the nth degree. Guys. Maeve has Aelin. Who, in this world, would Rowan do anything for? Would Rowan sacrifice himself for? Would Rowan TAKE AN OATH FOR?! What if (and I hope to the gods this doesn’t happen?!?!??) Rowan finds Aelin and Maeve and binds himself back to Maeve to set Aelin free? OR somehow, Maeve like agrees to stop torturing Aelin and just keep her prisoner as long as Rowan agrees to work for Maeve again?

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