I blame the Parents

It seems many of Toms characters have had a dodgy up bringing. 

Starting with

This poor misunderstood male, who’s only crime was to have a father that lied to him. Who can say what a nice boy he may have become, if only daddy had done his job properly.

Poor Oakley divorced parents, arrogant and bulling father he never stood a chance did he. Again with a little more love this guy could have gone far.

And Thomas with his slightly unhappy sister. who’s dad spent all the money and mum locked them in the attic. A recipe for a totally mess up adult life, that leads to the dark side.

we’re not given The great Escapo’s back story but one has to think if mummy and daddy had done their job, the little soul would have stayed away from crime. (which would have been a shame in some ways as we would have never seen him in this outfit)

Then there’s this guy

Who frankly has all of us girls in a mess, looks good, legend says he smells good, nice, funny, intelligent and a total gent.

Some parents get it right.

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