“I think that Obi-Wan feels– and this is the way I play it- that the attraction to the dark side is always going to be a part of Anakin and any other Jedi. But Obi-Wan knows the strength of Anakin and thinks he’ll overcome it.

I don’t think Obi-Wan expected anything that happened in Episodes III to V. I think he was so trusting in Anakin and the Force; he had hope and faith. I really don’t think he expected the dark side to be so heavy and actually take Anakin away from him.” ~ James Arnold Taylor

Betrayed (Obi Wan x Reader)

Summary: Anakin has turned to the darkside, and Obi Wan, (Y/N), and Padme find Anakin to see if it’s true.

Anakin had joined the dark side. He had already caused so much damage. You were speechless when you heard the news that Anakin was the one who had killed the younglings.
Furious, you went on a mission with your close friend, Obi Wan Kenobi, in order to see if the things Anakin had done were true. Obi Wan had taken Padme as well.
“I-it can’t be true, (Y/N)!” Padme cried. You embraced her, rubbing her back soothingly, trying to calm her down. She was pregnant with Anakin’s children. Anakin wouldn’t harm her, right..?

Anakin stood there, staring at the starship that had landed on a platform. He watched as Padme stepped out, beginning to try and snap him out of this.
“Obi Wan….” You whisper, looking at him. He turns his head to look at you, and you can sense the tension that your fellow Jedi master had.
“I’m anxious” You tell him. “Anakin isn’t himself…”
Obi Wan places his hand on yours, and sighs understandably.
“I’m aware, (Y/N). I fear that he will stay on the dark side…” He replies, his voice solemn.
You were about to say something, but you sense some danger, so you look outside the window of the star ship to see that Anakin was shouting at Padme. Obi-Wan steps out to observe before things got out of hand, and Anakin glares deathly at him.
“YOU TURNED HER AGAINST ME!!” He yells. Padme shakes her head, pleading him to come back to him. Anakin turns toward her and force-chokes her. You stare in shock and fear, before your instincts take over. You sprint over to Anakin and take out your lightsaber, about to chop off his other arm if he doesn’t let go of Padme.
Just before the lightsaber was about to slice through Anakin’s flesh, he lets go of Padme and slams you against the ground.
Quickly, you stand once again, ignoring the pain in your right arm, for you had slammed it against a rock.
“Anakin. You traitor!” You exclaim, readying yourself for a duel.
“Y/N, DON’T” You hear Obi Wan command. Slowly, you set your weapon down.
“Anakin… Please… I still sense the light in you. Come back from the dark side…” You beg. He narrows his eyes at you.
“You’re all against me, aren’t you?!”
You shake your head.
“No, Anakin. We want you to come back…”
His expression doesn’t waver, and you step back, rushing Padme into the starship.

“You’ve Betrayed us all, Anakin.”

Something in his eyes seemed to flash, and his eyes turned a nasty shade of yellow. He holds up his hand, and suddenly you can’t breathe. Eyes widening, you kick your legs as he lifts you into the air.
“A-Ana… kin…” You gasp for breath, soon blacking out from the lack of oxygen, Anakin’s devilish eyes being the last sight before you slip into the darkness of sleep.


The brightness seems to burn your eyes and you slowly open them. Your body is insanely weak, and you groan.
“… Where am I….” You groggily mutter before sitting up to see Obi Wan beside your bedside.

“You’re awake” He observes while also sitting up straight. You nod, rubbing your face.

“What happened…” You question, looking him straight in the eye.
Obi Wan sighs and you can see that he’s obviously distressed.
“I’ll inform you of the situation later. Please, just lay back down and rest, my love.”
Sighing, you lay back down as he holds out his hand. You take it, and his hand instantly warms yours up.
Obi Wan gives you a meek smile before you eventually drift into a deeper sleep.

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Heyyy you should do an Obi-Wan imagine where Obi-Wan has come to negotiate with the planet you rule (you're a queen) to become part of the republic or something and he's flustered bc of your beauty and you find him really cute and in the end you get together and fluffy fluff fluff !!! 😊😊😊

Request: Heyyy you should do an Obi-Wan imagine where Obi-Wan has come to negotiate with the planet you rule (you’re a queen) to become part of the republic or something and he’s flustered bc of your beauty and you find him really cute and in the end you get together and fluffy fluff fluff !!! 😊😊😊

Negotiations (Obi Wan x Reader)

“You have a visitor” your most faithful servant stated. “He calls himself a jedi, Obi Wan Kenobi.”
You sit on your throne, and nod with a small smile playing on your lips. “Of course. Bring him in.”
Your servant walks out and you adjust your posture, whilst fixing your hair.
Footsteps are heard from the other side of the throne room and you look up at them. A man that had a beard and normal length hair of a man. You had to admit that he was fairly attractive, and when he kneeled before your throne, you smiled. He smiled in return before standing up.
“My Lady, I- I am Obi Wan Kenobi, a Jedi Knight of the republic… Might I say that you are incredibly b-beautiful…”
“Hello Obi Wan” you say in a soft voice that seemed to get his attention. A slight blush was forming across your cheeks, and you smile.
“What brings you here?” You inquire.
“My Lady, the Republic would like you to join us. Your planet could help us entirely, and we beg of you to do so. We will treat you well, and your armies will aid us to fight our enemies.”
You ponder for a second before standing up and walking over to him. While placing a hand on his chin, you kisses both of his cheeks.
“I will join the republic. You have my word.”
“M-My lady…” He whispers , taken aback by your tactics.
“Will you walk with me, Sir Kenobi?” You ask while beginning to step out of the door.
“Of course..” He walks by your side, and you see that he is blushing quite a bit. You chuckle and turn a corner before stopping.
“Sir Kenobi, may I ask you something?” You question. He nods, staring at you in the eyes the whole time. Your hair fell down your shoulder, and you wonder if he noticed.
“Are Jedi Knights allowed to love?”
At this, Obi Wan goes bright red and looks down.
“N-no.. But-”
“Look me in the eye, Obi Wan”

He looks at you and his face is bright red, like a red lightsaber.
“I believe we can make some exceptions…” He smiles shyly.
You nod. “Good” he suddenly leans forward and kisses you. You feel the heat in your cheeks, but ignore it and return his gentle kiss.
“My lady..” He whispers before pulling away from you.
“You are beautiful…”

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Obi-Wan and Anakin, fight over the reader, literally

Request: Obi-Wan and Anakin, fight over the reader, literally.

(Oh my. This is probably gonna be short btw)

You sat in the chair twiddling your thumbs. Boredom.
Just when you sigh, both Obi Wan and Anakin burst through the doors. You look up quite surprised.
“May I help you two..?”
Anakin scrunches his face in a weird way and looks at Obi Wan who is frowning like a grumpy old man.
You purse your lips and stand up, crossing your arms.
“What are you two arguing about now?”
Obi Wan sighs and Anakin glares at the ground.
“Well, my master and I were talking, when suddenly, he started talking about how beautiful you were…”
“Okay?” You urge them on. It did flatter you, but this was quite ridiculous.
“Well, I liked you as well as my master… So … We got into a heated argument…”
“At least you didn’t use your lightsabers.” You sigh in relief.
Obi Wan gives you a look of curiosity.
“Which one would you choose?”
“Huh?” You raise your eyebrows in disbelief.
“Yeah, who would you choose?” Anakin butts in.
You blush slightly, and look at the ground.
“Listen, boys. I-I…. Can’t possibly choose-”
“I’d be the better suitor, obviously. I’d treat (Y/N) like a princess”
Obi Wan scoffs at Anakin.
“Really now? I would treat her like a QUEEN”
You can feel the tension in the room and sit back down.
“Hey… Why don’t we just forget about this?” You chuckle slightly.
“No. One of us will be yours” Anakin growls like an animal before taking out his lightsaber. Obi Wan does the same, and before you know it, they’re battling right before your eyes.
Swing after swing, they block each other’s attacks. They’re even in strength and speed. How odd.
“Boys stop!” You exclaim while running in between them. They immediately stop and stare at you.
“I’m not choosing either of you… I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt any of your feelings though…”
You walk out whilst sighing. How immature.