A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.


Part 29

You were anxious as you sat in the back of Jin’s car, with Yoongi sat in the front talking away to his friend as city lights whizzed past the window at the side of you. However, it wasn’t the unknown destination that you were heading for that had you feeling on edge.

It had only occurred to you once you’d all began filing out of the studio 10 minutes before, and you’d grabbed your bag from the floor only to have some paracetamol fall out, that you’d completely forgotten about one very vital thing that had happened the night before…

…sleeping with Yoongi.

It was the sight of the little box of white caplets that prompted you to remember that you had yet to take a morning after pill, and with that in mind- despite being able to sneak one quickly when you’d first got in the car- you’d not been able to think about anything else as the lights had smudged into a blur and the black world had rolled by beneath you.


'Mmm?’ you mumble, snapping your head to look to the rearview mirror to see what Jin wanted, but when you realise he wasn’t there, and he was in fact to the side of you, having opened the door to let you out after parking the car up, you feel your face flush hotly, shuffling out of the car as he holds the door for you.

'You were in a world of your own there.’ he chuckles, watching you as you move out of the way so that he can shut the door, feeling the weight of his gaze on you like a spotlight in the middle of a crowded auditorium.

'Are you okay? …you seem a little bit quiet.’ he asks as he motions for you to follow him, and as you look up at him you finally realise that Yoongi was nowhere to be seen.

'Yeah im…im fine- where’s Yoongi?’

You dont see the way he looks at you questioningly before you come to a stop at the edge of some grass, taking in your surroundings for the very first time since arriving at your destination.

Jin had pulled up in a gravel carpark, a tiny shack serving as a daytime shop- which at that moment was closed- whilst the rest of the space, other than the road, was made up of rolling hills and grassland that stretched on for what looked like miles. There were bushes and a few trees dotted around, but under the expanse of the royal blue/black sky which rolled out for lightyears above you, the land seemed as flat and bare, and utterly beautiful as you’d ever seen anything look.

’…where are we?’ you whisper, going to take a step forward, but being stopped by a hand suddenly slipping into yours, a glimmer of silver appearing in your vision beside you.

'Somewhere beautiful.’ Yoongi murmurs, smiling gently at you as you turn your head to look at him properly, feeling your lips twitch up as he leans closer to you and he slowly and timidly drops a kiss to your cheek. You hear Jin walk away and you figure he’d gone back to the car, but you were too caught up in looking at Yoongi to really pay any attention to him in that moment.

'Why are you being so shy?’ you ask amusedly, becoming distracted from your earlier thoughts as you let him begin to walk you forward, nothing but endless grass and rolling knolls of ground meeting your feet as you go.

'I’m not shy-’

'You’re blushing, though.’ you chuckle, biting your lip as you watch him touch the back of his hand to his cheek and proceed to awkwardly pat his hair into place, his eyes flickering to you every now and again as he stutters shyly.

'Well, im-im just nervous. I wanted to show you something- which is the whole reason that we’re out here-’

'What did you want to show me?’ you ask curiously, squeezing his hand encouragingly and smirking to yourself when he squeezes yours back.

'Be patient, and you’ll find out.’ he chuckles, beginning to swing your conjoined hands slightly as the two of you continue walking, and you cant help but laugh at him as he gets more and more enthusiastic with the movement, pulling your hand higher and higher until he suddenly spins you around and you find yourself in his arms.

'Owf.’ you huff, widening your eyes at the suddenness of the move, before chuckling and feeling your face flush as he pauses for a moment to kiss you, his lips pressing gently and lovingly to yours, making you lightheaded and leaving you confused when he slowly pulls away.

'I love kissing you.’ he murmurs, making a shiver race down your spine as you watch him, before he loosens his grip on you slightly and begins to pull you forward again.

'I love showing you new things too…which is why I brought you here. ..do you remember the photos you saw on my desk yesterday?’

'Y-e-a-h.’ you say, watching him curiously as he smiles to himself, pursing his lips as his eyes flicker from yours to your surroundings, before your eyes suddenly catch sight of the professional looking camera that was slung across his other shoulder.

'Are you going to take some photos now?’ you ask excitedly, watching him pull it from his side and begin to fiddle with it with a concentrated yet amused expression.

'I most certainly am.’

'Good! You should catch the way the moon bounces off of the grass and how beautifully it contrasts with the sky because I just cant get over how-’

You had been too busy concentrating on explaining the vision you had, to notice that Yoongi had taken a few feet back from where you’d been stood and was currently smiling gently to himself, peeking over his camera every few seconds as he began to take photos…

…of you.

'Wait, what are you doing?’ you ask when you finally turn to see him, grinning embarrassedly as you go to walk over to him after realising he probably hadn’t heard a word you’d said, but stopping when he suddenly holds up his hand to tell you to stop.

'Stop there a minute.’ he murmurs, raising his camera to his eye for another half a minute and you smile self-consciously as you shuffle awkwardly from foot to foot, waiting for him to stop.

'Are you cold?’ he asks suddenly, looking at you from over his camera and smiling happily as he stands up straight again, walking over to you and slowly sliding his arms around your waist, no doubt in an attempt to warm you up.

'No, im not cold. Its just slightly awkward that you’re taking pictures of me.’ you murmur, looking timidly up into his eyes and seeing him frown slightly at your answer.

'Oh. Sorry, i’ll stop if you dont want me to-’

'No. You dont have to, I mean…I’d just rather…I’d rather you were in them too.’ you explain, your voice slipping to become quieter at the end, and you almost miss the way he raises an eyebrow at you, before he suddenly steps away from you. You’re about to object, but just as you open your mouth you see him propping his camera on the floor, pressing a few buttons on it before turning to look back at you with a grin and lunging back towards you, grabbing you quickly and pressing his lips suddenly to yours just as you hear the camera beep. You expected him to pull away straight away, but then again as soon as his lips touched yours, there was no way you were going to let him, only pulling him closer when you think he was going to go and grab his camera, and feeling him reciprocate in kind, his hands grabbing at you fiercely.

'I didn’t mean like that.’ you breathe when you pull apart, feeling a grin stretch your face and seeing it reflected on his, and seeing him partner the look with a mischievous flash of his eyes.

'Do you want to take another?’ he asks, biting his lip and leaning slightly closer to you till you could feel his breath brushing against your lips, and you think you might even be able to hear his heartbeat battling to match yours as he smirks.

'Just one?’

'Hmmm, I was thinking maybe we should take a few.’