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So apparently someone on OW forums is using fuzzle-queen as a username and claiming to be a part of OT. So for some quick clarification, I am NOT that user. I use variants of fuzzlequeen on a few other sites, but I’m not on OW forums at all. 

I don’t appreciate that name being taken, it’s a persona turned character I developed, and I did a decent amount of searching before using it to make sure nobody else had a similar idea/name they were claiming to themselves. Yeah, it’s not copyrighted or anything, but it’s my intellectual property and reputation, and I don’t appreciate others using it, especially as I often use FQ as an online persona and not just a character, so in many ways that name is strongly attached to my online reputation. 

This account at least will always be mine, the OG Queenie. I’m not on tumblr much anymore (and therefore might not see it) but feel free to ask me if you see my name being used elsewhere so I can confirm whether or not it’s me. Also, those of you I’m skype fronds with, hmu. Thanks konekomochi and Kirah’s mod for reaching out ^^

Also I can’t draw so a person complaining about art critiques wouldn’t be me. I know my art is poop, if you wanna let me know go for it, I can take it


Over The Love x Live OWF
Florence + the Machine
Over The Love x Live OWF

Two versions of Over The Love by Florence + the Machine - first is original from The Great Gatsby, the second one is live from Orange Warsaw Festival 2014, Poland
Made by me x
Studio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSPOCVjla_4
Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izGaC1UjnOo