Aquele beijo fez com que algo renascesse dentro dela. Seus lábios esticaram em um belo sorriso, suas pernas estremeceram, e borboletas dançavam graciosamente dentro de si, tornando aquele momento inesquecível.
—  Overdose de você.

Overdose deaths in US hit record high

More people died of drug overdoses last year in the United States than ever before, largely due to disturbing increases in prescription painkillers and heroin use, health authorities said Friday.                                

Health chiefs warned of a surging opioid “epidemic” that is ripping families and communities apart.

More than 47,000 people died last year from drugs, higher than during any previous year on record, said the report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Deaths due to opioid overdoses jumped 14 percent in just one year, said the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Six in 10 of all drug overdose deaths were due to opioids, which may include either pill-based medications to dull pain or the street drug heroin.

Drug overdose deaths were about 1.5 times more common than car crash fatalities last year, said the report.

“The increasing number of deaths from opioid overdose is alarming,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden.

“The opioid epidemic is devastating American families and communities. To curb these trends and save lives, we must help prevent addiction and provide support and treatment to those who suffer from opioid use disorders.”

Drug overdoses have killed almost half a million people in the United States from 2000 to 2014, and the rate of opioid overdoses has tripled since 2000.

I want to belong to you.
—  And then you left. The cigarettes don’t burn the same. I might as well light my fingers with this match and smoke poems until the stars explode. I might as well pack my heart with enough drugs until this high goes away. Can you get higher than high? Let’s od off of love.

overdose is a song about the hold love has on you. it keeps you around, even when you’re desperate to leave. This is because, much like a drug, we become addicted to the feeling we get when in love. the head rush, the stomach tied in knots, etc. sometimes, no matter how bad the circumstances are, the bad can’t seem to outweigh the addicting feeling of love. and so you stay. 

I remember sebastian showing me a voice note of his little sister singing the first verse of this song. he told me it was an unfinished idea he had asked her to lay down. i loved it so much so we finished it that same day. 

I love the vulnerability it adds to the album. it demonstrates that know-it-alls can feel sad sometimes and thats perfectly fine. its ok to feel scared and its ok to feel like you don’t have control over some things. its a part of growing up. 


-This was the first song that came from an already shaped idea. 

-this was the first vulnerable and sad song we made for this album