If they had a kid meme, Outlaw Queen

  • Name: Laurelyn, because it’s an excellent tree-like name
  • Gender: female, because they already have two boys. They thought about adopting another baby boy, but Laurelyn needed a home. She had another name, but it was gently suggested by the social worker that she might do better with another name
  • General Appearance: black hair, dark brown eyes, shorter, darker complexioned than Henry, looks closer to Roland, small hands, incredibly big eyes when she’s startled or happy, round face, warm smile, dimples
  • Personality:  they’re not really sure of her background, it was a very bad situation and she’s very pulled into herself when she first comes home with them. It takes her awhile to warm up, and for the first few months, she’s like a ghost who lives with them, she eats, she does what she’s told, and other than that, she hides, she doesn’t trust them, or anyone. There’s lots of patience, and therapy, and she warms up, she laughs, and Regina cries the first time it happens. She reads, constantly, because there’s a lot to know, and she doesn’t have magic, like Roland, and they’re only a few years apart, and they’re so close. They camp together and build forts and once she remembers how to laugh, they giggle. 
  • Special Talents: Laurelyn is great with animals, really really great. She’s quiet, patient, and they trust her. She’s especially good with anything frightened, because she knows fear. 
  • Who they like better: Robin’s easier for her to get to know, at first. Regina’s so warm and so patient and so ready to be her mom that it’s scary, and Robin is more standoffish. He lets her be, and sometimes he just does things in the room next to her, makes arrows, whittles, reads. They spend a lot of time just existing next to each other, and they’re comfortable with it. They go on long walks together and don’t talk. Sometimes they talk and talk and talk. 
  • Who they take after more: She’s more like Regina, intensely loving, but afraid of being hurt, someone who has been hurt and now trusts with great care, but loves absolutely when she has the chance. Her mind is more methodical than Robin’s, and she loves watching Regina cook and do magic and assemble things. She and Regina connect really well over horses, which leads to-
  • Personal Head canon: Laurelyn is a veterinarian, she trains for years, studies out of storybrooke and comes home when she can (Regina and Robin make sure she has a car). She’s in and out of storybrooke and learning all the medical things she can know before she oes back and works with Regina to learn potions and what she can do without having magic. She’s especially good with sheep and goats, which makes David laugh, and horses, which is something she shares with Regina. She helps with Archie’s dogs and the town cats, and birds, even snakes. 
  • Face Claim: Gina Rodriguez 

ouat meme ➜   scenes:   the jolly roger fight

#that one time in neverland #when snow white punched the evil queen #and the evil queen punched back #and captain hook won’t let prince charming stop them #so prince charming punched captain hook on the face #everyone punched everyone that jmo couldn’t take it #so she jumped off the ship #lol can we take a moment #to appreciate the fact #that these idiots are the stuff of legends