In another needless piece of news, remember that thing I started working on a very long time ago about analyzing Disney characters from their original fairy tale versions and all throughout their subsequent Disney adaptations? To see how they’ve evolved through modern media? And that the first one was about the Evil Queen? And that I wasn’t sure if people were going to even read it on tumblr if I posted it as text instead of it being a video or something like that because I don’t think people would care to read that long of a text? I’ve decided that I will do my best to finish it for the 80th anniversary of Snow White on December. 


ninoir week day 5: cosplay

i was considering doing something for @siderealsandman‘s au fic [read it if u haven’t!!], but then frickin’ abbey broke me with her day 5 prompt last night [read it read it read it!!!]  and i am a huge a sucker for angst, so i needed to draw for it… mostly the last pic, but the others, i imagine that’s how things went lmao.

I am trying to write a modern Javert, but I’ve been writing so much Jehan that their name is the first my fingers want to type when I hit a capital J. So I keep typing Jehan instead of Javert and now I cannot get the image of Jehan dressed up in the full 1830′s Inspector Javert getup out of my head. The hat is too big for them. The jacket is too big for them. They’d be flapping their arms in the sleeves and pulling Serious Faces. I can’t work like this