Things Chloe has accomplished (so far)
  • Chloe has won 6 dance titles (????still not 100 percent sure)
  • Won a full scholarship for ballet to Joffrey Ballet School (our bby ballerina)
  • Has modeled for glitzy girls, just for Kix, and Dream magazine. 
  • Was featured in the NOH8 campaign. 
  • Has been photographed by talented photographers such has David Hoffman, Dawn Biery, Chris Nies, Jon Applegate and Dani Geddes (and they all adore her)
  • Was in two music videos and was picked to be the lead role in one of the music videos
  • Has gotten away from abby and now dances (or is taking classes) at studio 19 (wooooooooooooooooooooo)
  • and in my opinion her biggest accomplishment is being a sweet, kind and talented dancer who still loves to dance even with Abby bringing her down every chance she gets.