Charity Print

Hey guys, this is a peek at the next print for the Puerto Rico charity fundraiser I’ve been doing (it’s not quite finished even in this cropping). The full version won’t be available until Thursday morning on my Etsy shop (CrispArtPrints) or I’ll be at the Burbank and I can sell it to you there (please contact me if you prefer this). This print will only be sold for charity. :)

Also, since I’m going to the convention I was going to get either this signed by Rebecca or the Roni one signed by Lana and then whoever has purhased from me (here or in Burbank) will be in a drawing to win that signed one. You guys choose but I need to know by Wednesday so I can purchase that. You can tell me here or on my twitter (MeganCrisp24). Also, sorry for the huge signature watermark but it’s just what I have to do now.