Hook has very much put his feelings on the table there for Emma, to sort of take and do with however she wants. So who knows? But I’m sure he probably would really like to have another kiss!

Colin O'Donoghue on Hook having made the first move.

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Rage Against The Reasonably Priced Decor

Based on this prompt, that I just couldn’t get out of my head…

100% fluff. Swearing galore.

“We leave in the morning.” Emma said with steely resolve as she left the roof top, descending the stairs back to her apartment. A fucking FLYING MONKEY??? Were there no actual, non-fairytale, men out there? Or, worse yet, what that just “her type”?? Emma slammed her front door open, Hook hot on her heels and more than a little confused.

“SWAN! What. The. Hell. Just. Happened?” he watched for a few seconds as she silently started pacing in front of her couch before intercepting her with a light hand on her shoulder and a questioning look in his eyes. “Swan. Talk to me, love. What happened?”

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Emma will be shaken out of her memory loss sooner than Henry — she gets pulled out of that and needs to go find her family. We’ll spend a lot of the second half of the season trying to track down who caused the new curse and why.

Jennifer Morrison on Emma regaining her memories. 

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She will see that tattoo [that she knows belongs to the man who could bring her the best shot at happiness]. And it will definitely have an effect on her.

Eddy Kitsis on Regina meeting Robin Hood and finding true love.

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