Rage Against The Reasonably Priced Decor
100% fluff. Swearing galore.

“We leave in the morning.” Emma said with steely resolve as she left the roof top, descending the stairs back to her apartment. A fucking FLYING MONKEY??? Were there no actual, non-fairytale, men out there? Or, worse yet, what that just “her type”?? Emma slammed her front door open, Hook hot on her heels and more than a little confused.

“SWAN! What. The. Hell. Just. Happened?” he watched for a few seconds as she silently started pacing in front of her couch before intercepting her with a light hand on her shoulder and a questioning look in his eyes. “Swan. Talk to me, love. What happened?”

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robot-feels  asked:

heey I'd really like to hear your thoughts on smth cause I think you're fenomenal w insight into characters psyche and all that. So when Killian says "perhaps there's a man that you love in the life that you've lost"in 3x11, I've always interpreted it as a reference to Neal, not himself as i often see ppl say; beacuse I hardly think he'd be hopeful or confident enough at that point(esp after what he thought was a failed TLK attempt)to assume that about Emma's feelings for him.

Thank you! I totally interpret that as Killian talking about himself, precisely because he did attempt TLK. That tells us where he is emotionally and what is on his mind.

The man just gave up his home of 300 years, method of livelihood and identity, and the last reminder of those he loved for her; that is an unimaginable sacrifice. He then worked arduously, traversed realms and found her in the land without magic which could not have been easy, no way in my mind he was thinking about Neal. 

At the town line in 3x11 when she replies “good” to his promise to think of her every day, to me that was them coming to a bit of an understanding. It was him breaking free of the deal he made with Neal to step aside and it was her acknowledging that it went both ways. That the thing between them was real and reciprocated. 

Check out the look on his face when he says “perhaps there’s a man.” He has way too much emotion and hope for him to be talking about another man. Ask yourself, knowing what his feelings are, why at that point would he be pleading Neal’s case for him or even thinking about him?  Even if he wasn’t confident to say that about himself, there are a thousand other things he could have said, rather than putting his “rival” forward. 

Nope. My interpretation is Killian was talking about himself. I just don’t see how it could possible be anything else.