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                                  I wanna be the very best
                                                              Like no one ever was

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“Big or small, you are gorgeous, love,” he whispered in your ear as he hugged you tightly, “Believe me, you have nothing to be insecure about. You are gorgeous. It doesn’t matter about how big or small or if you have lots of curves or no curves, you’re stunning the way you are and no one should make you feel any less than beautiful.”

anonymous asked:

what would you say is the saddest ep for regina mills?

i thought about this for awhile and couldn’t pick just one.. there are a few that just cut me so deep i’ll forever remember this character’s pain in these few eps…. and well, i’m a glutton for angst and pain… 

2x10 The Cricket Game …. to me this is when she finally realizes she has something to lose but can’t do anything to stop it

2x05 The Doctor …. having to watch your first love die a second time, this time at your hands… #nope

2x16 The Miller’s Daughter … the mom who has treated you like shit all your life finally declares on her death bed that she dunn fucked up and you’d’ve been enough to make her happy but haha too late

3.09 Save Henry …. the ep that highlights all her failures as a mom-figure.. Cora was never really a ‘mom’ so regina didn’t quite learn how to ‘be a mom’ and she’s doubting everything that should be ‘instinct’ but here she is desperate to love and be loved by this tiny child who seemingly (in her mind) hates her already and it brings her whole life back to the “yep, this is my fate” spiral

1.18 The Stable boy …. when it all goes to shit


Those of you who follow my fandom account (@scapeartist ) have already gotten a taste of my latest project, the Once Upon a Time Villain Collection. I wanted to give everyone else a preview, too! (Click on the pictures for larger views.) All my villainous jewelry will be available in my Etsy shop when the show returns September 25. Stay tuned for more between now and then! You can also catch previews and announcements on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook.

Just want to thank those of you who have been consistently liking and reblogging my “wearable fan art.” I appreciate you spreading the word—it helps so much—especially since what I do isn’t traditional fan art.