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1. Captain Swan (Once Upon a Time) AUUUGHHH. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m obsessed with these two. I began shipping them the first time I watched ‘Tallahassee’ and haven’t stopped since. The chemistry between Colin and Jen is incredible and they really bring the characters to life. Enemies become reluctant allies become friends become lovers. It’s been incredible to watch their relationship change through the seasons and I’m just so proud of them. Plus, Emma and Killian kisses make me melt.

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2. Korrasami (Avatar: Legend of Korra) Okay, so while I love the original Avatar series, I had more feels for the LoK story between these two. In S1, I was rooting for Bolin, but as soon as I saw the dynamic between Korra/Asami/Mako, I craved Korrasami. And I FLIPPED MY SHIT when they made it canon at the end, even though there were no kisses. I was really proud of their decision here, having two women develop a meaningful, romantic relationship after all they’ve been through together. And in a children’s show!!! Is my Avatard showing?

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3. Ten/Rose (Doctor Who) I cried so, so unbelievably hard when these two were split up. And I knew it was coming because of the way Doctor Who works, but it still totally broke me. I’m happy that at least Rose got the human-hybrid Ten. I like to imagine that they are living a nice, happy life together in the alternate universe. I’d love to see them come back in the future for another episode.

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4. Jim/Pam (The Office) Ohmygoooooddd. Do you know how much these two mean to me? I love them so much. I love that a show could depict two characters in a loving relationship that seems so real, where they didn’t try to ruin them or break them up at every turn. If it weren’t for these two, I don’t think I’d have been so invested in the show.

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5. Beslie (Parks and Recreation) God these two are so stinkin cute. They were so awkward and adorably weird in the beginning and then watching them fall in love was such a pleasure. Ben is the sweetest nerd that ever did nerd and Leslie is so hilariously sincere that I just feel nothing but sweet lil bubbles in my heart when I watch.

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Other important OTPs: Chandler/Monica (Friends), OQ (OUAT), Andy/April (Parks and Rec), FitzSimmons (Agents of SHIELD), Jake/Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Nick/Jess (New Girl), Captain Jack Harkness/Literally everyone (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Nomi/Amanita (Sense8)

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