• GODRIC GRYFFINDOR: We will create a school to teach all the brave young wizards and witches.
  • SALAZAR SLYTHERIN: And we must also teach those students who are cunning and sly.
  • ROWENA RAVENCLAW: And we shall open our doors to those with a curious mind and appetite for creativity.
  • HELGA HUFFLEPUFF: My tongue is blue because I was eating lollipops for dinner! Wanna see? I can almost do a cartwheel! Are you watching?!
  • GODRIC: That's great, Helga. You don't need to shout. But would you like to help us form a wizarding school?
  • HELGA: I like to hug. I'm really good at it. Hugs are like presents that always fit. Can I be the school's hug captain? I can teach hugging! I can also teach Laundry and How To Draw Bubble Letters.
  • GODRIC: No. Hugging is not something we are concerned with.
  • HELGA: Oh really? How long should a typical hug last, Mr. Know-It-All?
  • GODRIC: Um…ten sec—
  • HELGA: Wrong! A good hug lasts a lifetime because it lives in your heart for infinity years!!!
  • SALAZAR: Maybe we only need three people to start a school.
  • HELGA: Badgers are my favorite! I'm going to make lemon squares! Can we call the school Smile Town? If I close my eyes, am I invisible? Can I have turtle? I'm good at making bubble letters. Really good. The trick is to pretend the letters are clouds and to use purple.
  • SALAZAR: By the way, if 68% of the students in my house turn out evil, it's totally not my fault. Cool? Cool.

Here in his arms, it was so easy to fantasize that he wanted me. I didn’t want to think about his motivations now — about whether he acted this way to keep me calm while we were still in danger, or if he just felt guilty for where we were and relieved that he wasn’t responsible for my death. Maybe the time apart had been enough that I didn’t bore him for the moment. But it didn’t matter. I was so much happier pretending.  
Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 22, p.490

Excuse me, but what am I supposed to do with my life when Breaking Dawn part 2 comes out? Whats next?


I dont want to think of whats going to happen to me. I already had to go the hospital once over this, and Im not going again! 

I cant imagine how fucked up Im going to be when all of this is….over.

I cant. I just cant! ..