“Hercules is probably my favorite Disney movie. He comes into his own after years of struggling and finds where he belongs, with who he belongs. I’ve always felt out of a place where ever I am, struggle with body image, and am so cripplingly clumsy that I’ve actually ruined relationships Hercules gives me hope that I will find my place somewhere and I will find who I truly am.”

Whatever you do, don't scroll past this. I'm sorry if you cry, but it's totally worth it.

I’ve been scrolling through GivesMeHope.com for literally the past three hours, and I’ve seen the most amazing things and I cried so much. I don’t even have words for these things that people post.

Like this… Dogs deserve to live forever.

Then there’s this Grandma

Then these shoutouts to the military

This guy

Good guys, Fall Out Boy, I have a bigger reason to love you guys.

And finally this giant with his kitten.

I hope this gives you guys a reason to stop doing some of the harmful things that you do because there’s always somebody who cares about you.

I love you guys. Please never give up.

Hey everyone!

Here are two really lovely sites to read through when you’re feeling sad!

GivesMeHope - Full of really inspirational stories that show there are some AMAZING people out there!

LoveGivesMeHope - A sister site to GMH, this is all centred around that wonderful emotion LOVE.

These sites make me cry with happiness, and they always put a smile on my face :D I hope they help! xxx

I’m at the gym and I really needed to go poops.

I went into a stall and didn’t know there was a guy next to me lol. So I was singing along to my iPod.

We both got out at the same time and he looked at me and said “hey. Good shit.” And then fist bumped me.

He saw a chance and went for it.

  • So I bought black lipstick the other day, and I was wearing it while walking home. To get to my house, however, I have to walk past a daycare centre.
  • As I was walking past, it was the kids playtime. A couple of the little girls spotted me and this is basically how it went.
  • Me:Im Sophie. Whats your name?,
  • Girl 1:Tatiana
  • Girl 2:Ariana
  • Girl 3:Jess
  • Girl 1:Why do you have lipstick on?
  • Me:Because I felt like wearing it.
  • Girl 1:You look like a monster
  • Me:You think so? Am I a scary monster?
  • Girl 2:No you're like the Monster High monsters!
  • Me:Wow thanks! I like those monsters!
  • Girl 3:Me too!
  • Girl 1:Did you know, we're all monsters too? We're bat people. See! We can hang off trees and fly and stuff, but we can't show you coz its super secret.
  • Me:Wow, you guys are definitely too cool for me...
  • Girl 1:Yeah! Is that a batman shirt?
  • Me:Yep - do you guys like Batman?
  • Girl 3:No, Batman is a boy thing.
  • Girl 1:No Jess. Batman is a superhero. Everyone likes superheroes! Duh!
  • Girl 3:Nu uh! Its for boys!
  • Girl 2:Yeah so is Captain America but you luuuuuuuuuurve him!
  • Me:Well, I think everyone luuurves Captain America.
  • Girl 1:He's so cool he has blue eyes like me!
  • Me:So he does! Thats awesome, Tatiana!
  • Girl 3:ME TOO ME TOO
  • Me:Well would you just fancy it... I've got blue eyes too!
  • Girls:Woah
  • Me:I have to go home now. But you girls be good and have fun!
  • Girls:OKAY
  • *if you dont know what a mudpie is, its someyhing that little kids make a lot during break time - its a patty of mud, on a leaf platter, topped with worms*
  • But how cute?!
Today's launch was beautiful.

The Antares launch will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the last launch I saw in person, the last one I saw before moving away from DC, and the closest I’ve ever been to an active, launching vehicle.

To make today’s launch even better, while listening to the launch broadcast, the announcer’s voice almost got lost in the sound of cheering spectators. Screaming, shouting, pure exhilaration. Nothing makes me emotional faster than people displaying pure excitement over a rocket launch. It was a beautiful sound to hear, and remind me that all is not lost in Spaceflight awareness. People do care. People love seeing things launch into space. People find it important. I’m not the only one who is this crazy for it.

A police officer in my town pulled this woman over for not having her toddler in a car seat. The woman said she understood, but her financial situation put her in a position where she couldn’t afford one. So, instead of ticketing the woman and making her financial situation even worse, he took her to the nearest Walmart and bought her daughter a car seat.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is what real safety enforcing looks like.

So, idk where to start, but yesterday I was hating the world and myself, thinking of the desire of ending my life.
And it’s absolutely incredible how fast things can change.
Today I woke up and felt completely normal, inclusive I fought with my mom. I was in my kitchen opening the fridge, when I fainted. I fainted two times in less than five minutes.
I got to the hospital after I almost passed away in the car, and now I’m at my home, with a diagnostic of a cardiac disease. But I’m not really thinking about this. The only thing I’ve got in my mind is the memory of my mom in the hospital room saying “I’ve lost her”. Her face, you know. I’ve never saw my mom like that. And I just feel so selfish. So selfish of thinking about leaving her, for thinking about giving up, for thinking about this was the best.
So please don’t kill yourself, don’t even wonder how it could be. Don’t talk about it like if it’s simple stuff. Don’t joke with it. Please. You have a family that loves you, maybe a pet, your friends (even if they’re one or ten), your teachers, your classmates, your neighbor, the guy that smiles you at the bus stop every morning, even you can be the crush of someone.
Think about your parents, about your siblings, your closest aunt/uncle. Imagine the reaction in their faces knowing that you’re not there any more. They will be so sad. And it’s normal to fight, and it’s normal to say things that you don’t mean under that circumstances.
It’s okay trying to end with your pain, but you’re going to make it worst. More depressed people, more tears, more sadness in the world. And it would be for you. Because you’ll be gone. Please don’t be selfish. And remember, there is always a way out, maybe you’re not seeing it.
Today I learnt it, and not by the best way.
Life is too short for ending it by yourself.
Just live it. Try everyday to be more and more happy.

  • Me:Do you believe that love can last forever? What if people lived to be 1000 years old? Would you not get bored eventually?
  • Peter:Well, Nicholas Flamel and his wife loved each other for 600 years before the philosopher's stone was destroyed.
  • Me:True.