Whatever you do, don't scroll past this. I'm sorry if you cry, but it's totally worth it.

I’ve been scrolling through GivesMeHope.com for literally the past three hours, and I’ve seen the most amazing things and I cried so much. I don’t even have words for these things that people post.

Like this… Dogs deserve to live forever.

Then there’s this Grandma

Then these shoutouts to the military

This guy

Good guys, Fall Out Boy, I have a bigger reason to love you guys.

And finally this giant with his kitten.

I hope this gives you guys a reason to stop doing some of the harmful things that you do because there’s always somebody who cares about you.

I love you guys. Please never give up.

How To Get a Date With a Vulcan

Let me appreciate Uhura’s strength and braveness. I’m not referring to all the dangerous adventures she’s experienced, even though it would be worth talking about as well.
But please just think about asking a Vulcan to go on a date with you. No cheating, what do you feel? Think about that pokerface while he’s thinking through all logical answers to your question. You maybe get through it without getting an awkward excuse but a refusal that has a logical and rational explanation is not in every case the better option… Geez, Uhura, if you got Spock, anyone else can’t be such a big challenge…

Three years ago, I was lonely, struggling financially at a job I felt trapped in, coming to terms w/gender issues, and constantly fighting a losing battle with anxiety. 

 Today, I’m sitting in my home office, finishing up an article for Starcitygames.com, watching my boyfriend play Hearthstone, in our 3 bedroom house.

It gets SO much better