I fucking love Sherlock because he’s so important and so real. He’s lonely and depressed. He doesn’t have his life sorted out by the time he’s 30. He hasn’t had any long term relationships that ‘define’ who he is. He doesn’t have a group of friends who are always with him, who help him through everything. He doesn’t have that until he reaches his mid thirties, when one day out of the blue he meets someone who changes his life, and suddenly makes everything worthwhile. Suddenly he’s surrounded by people who love him so much, who he means the world to. Everything clicks for him, everything aligns, he has something to live for, and if it took him that many years to get there, so what? He is flawed and brilliant and human and I just love him so much.

Whatever you do, don't scroll past this. I'm sorry if you cry, but it's totally worth it.

I’ve been scrolling through GivesMeHope.com for literally the past three hours, and I’ve seen the most amazing things and I cried so much. I don’t even have words for these things that people post.

Like this… Dogs deserve to live forever.

Then there’s this Grandma

Then these shoutouts to the military

This guy

Good guys, Fall Out Boy, I have a bigger reason to love you guys.

And finally this giant with his kitten.

I hope this gives you guys a reason to stop doing some of the harmful things that you do because there’s always somebody who cares about you.

I love you guys. Please never give up.

“Hercules is probably my favorite Disney movie. He comes into his own after years of struggling and finds where he belongs, with who he belongs. I’ve always felt out of a place where ever I am, struggle with body image, and am so cripplingly clumsy that I’ve actually ruined relationships Hercules gives me hope that I will find my place somewhere and I will find who I truly am.”

I know this is long, but it hink you should know…..Some of you have asked “what does have a gay day do”  - its a post that michael made a while ago stating where our money goes.

There’s a comment tho.

“I’ll tell you what have a gay day does for us.  It brightens up my son’s day.  It gives us hope.  He sees someof the things you share and your smiling rainbow and he knows there is a community out there that accepts and loves people like him.  He’s almos tsix.  He had to leave kindergarten due to bullying because he says he likes boyas and he is gender non-conforming.  Any little bit of brightness, encouragement and hope we can get that outside of Utah there are people who love ad support other people, that there are allys [sic] and like hearted people is priceless.”

This is why we do what we do.

There are always going to be some people in life who are disappointed in you and don’t believe in you like you hoped they would, and you have to find the strength to rise above it and realize that they’re wrong. You’re still a worthy person whether they think so or not. If there’s no one else to tell it to you, then tell it to yourself.
—  Gabby Rodriguez