OTP: The Queen and Her Little Prince

regina quietly accepting that emma wants henry to keep his old memories because she wants him to be happy

regina going out of her way to avoid henry to respect emma’s wishes and keep henry as happy as possible

regina bumping into henry on accident one day and henry feeling drawn to her

henry asking regina, “who are you?” because he feels this lump in his throat when he looks at her

regina gathering herself to keep from crying and calmly replying, “no one,” before getting home as quickly as possible to sob into henry’s pillow in his room

Your Life Changed My World: a Regina and baby Henry fanmix {8tracks}

includes 10 tracks (not in order):

real love - regina spektor // tiny hands - rick seaton // love me tender - norah jones // to build a home - cinematic orchestra // nemo egg main titles - thomas newman // giving up - ingrid michaelson // life is beautiful - vega4 // the glory of love - bette midler // all my tomorrows - frank sinatra // you are my sunshine (piano cover) - xianning