Even if joneva were a good couple, i think it was so important to make them break up and not get back in the end , because skam was supposed to show life and i think it was a significant thing to show that just because you love someone it doesn’t mean you will end up with them , it requires a lot more to make it work. Sometimes you love..but it ends… and its ok. Life moves on, you find new people in the future ( especially if you’re just a fking 16 yo). Also not everyone will end up with their first love and in skam we already have these “big lovestories” with the other two couples, so there was no need for joneva.

Season 1 was so brave to make a story about a couple ending, because usually people want to watch the otps meeting and falling in love (and this is probably one of the reasons why this season is less popular). But making Eva and Jonas end up together in the last minute like magic, took completely the message of season 1 for me ; it was such a powerful season that i’m sure a lot of people identified with , including me , and now its just weak.


Cool goblin, cute goblin, crazy goblin, shy goblin, sad goblin,cheeky goblin, dumb goblin, ahjumma goblin, smile goblin. All make a great Goblin.

Otp thingy

1.draw your otp kissing
2.draw your otp drawing each other
3.draw your otp hugging
4.draw your otp crying
5.draw your otp snuggling
6.draw your otp making flower crowns
7.draw your otp watching the stars
8.draw your otp confessing their love for one other
9.draw your otp kissing the others cheek
10.draw your otp switching clothes
11.draw your otp wearing there partners jacket/hoodie
12.draw your otp sleeping together
13.draw your otp holding each other
14.draw your otp watching tv/movie
15.draw your otp dancing
16.draw your otp fusion
17.draw your otp listening to music
18.draw your otp as kids
19.draw your otp at the Sadie Hawkins dance
20.draw your otp in high school
21.draw your otp as high school jock and nerd
22.draw your otp at a fair
23.draw your otp reading a fanfiction
24.draw your otp at the park
25.draw your otp taking a selfie
26.draw your otp ice skating
27.draw your otp traveling somewhere
28.draw your otp coloring
29.draw your otp making dinner
30.draw your otp on a date
31.draw your otp reposing to their partner
32.draw your otp getting married
33.draw your otp adopting kid/kids
34.draw your otp as a happy family

So my mother was giving me the lecture of ‘Don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, don’t drink. Find good friends’

I’m just like

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Mother, you honestly think I’m getting out of my bedroom, or the house? Cuz I have books to read, fanfiction to cry too, shows to be watched, and OTPs to be shipped 

Me: I’m feeling good today!

Brain: do you realise that you are probably gonna be alive when your favourite author/actor will die

Me: what

Brain: yeah, and also chances are you are also going to watch your OTP die.

Me: what NO

Brain: or maybe half of your OTP


Brain: or they could be forced to kill each other


Brain: Just imagine the possibilities!

Me: *uncontrollable sobbing*

OTP another
  • *person A watching another couple.*
  • Person C: it's cold, you should take my jacket.
  • Person D: aww, thanks!
  • ...
  • Person A: *looks up at person B* you know.. it's getting kinda cold..
  • Person B: *looks down questionably* so..?
  • Person A: so, I'm getting cold?
  • Person B: ok..
  • person A: so, give me your jacket!
  • Person B: But I'm not wearing a jacket?!