Hello there everyone! Is that time of the year again, and this time we’re kicking off the Digimon OTP week with flower language generated prompts!

Just like last year, this is an event designated for everyone and anyone who’d like to share some love about their favorite ships from all of the Digimon seasons!   Whether it’s OTPs, brotps, crackships or friendships. Any relationship from the Digimon franchise will be celebrated.

The first prompt of this event will begin August 15th! And will continue on up until August 29th. Each prompt is spread out over the course of two days. This is to help people space out and create content at a more comfortable pace.

The same rules apply as the previous years

#1: Please be respectful of others. This event is not the place to bash other ships and characters.
#2: Please use the the #digiOTPweek within the first five tags! That way we can all see your posts and that it may be reblogged on this tumblr page.
#3: Don’t take credit for work that isn’t yours.
#4: Have fun! And create whatever your heart desires!

This is an obligation free event! So it is up to you how would like to take part in it! Feel free to interpret these prompts however you see fit. Create fanarts, fanfictions, graphics or even just start ranting about headcanons. This event is your chance to spread some love about the relationships you enjoy.

Thank you all for your support last year. Let’s make this year’s DigiOTP Week just as special!

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OMG that original script for Let's kill Hitler

R: ‘I’m all yours, sweetie"

D: “Yes, you are. Dinner?”

The link with The Wedding of River Song………. <3 

R: “Till I’m bored of you”

D: “even I won’t live that longer" 

Saint Christ in Heaven… that line of his… OMG. Yes, eleven, she’ll never be bored of you and and…. Moffat! Why why why we didn’t actually see this? 
My shipper heart will explode.  

anonymous asked:

What's your OTP and your normal ships? Do you have any Shallura artwork you haven't posted yet? Also I'd love to see more art from you since I literally followed two seconds ago I l o v e y o u r a r t s o m u c h

Wow i’m in so many fandoms i may not mention all of them but the ones i’m currently obsessed with:

nalu (the ultimate OTP), also jerza, gruvia and gajevy (fairy tail)

shallura, klance (volton legendary defender)

yatori (noragami)

kacchako, bakushima, tododeku, izoucha (boku no hero academia)

…and YES I HAVE SO MANY SHALLURA ART TRASH, MY COMPUTER IS GOING TO RUN OUT OF SPACE, but all in due time my friend, thanks so much for liking my art  (◡‿◡✿)

thebisexualmandalorian  asked:

R2M for the ship meme? :D

  1. How do much do I ship it?: Never heard of it/ Notp / Dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET? Doesn’t really count since they are my oc bebs.
  2. What non sexual activities do they like to do together? Anything and everything.They are my Space Ace bebs (all three strongly demi) They spend all of their time together. They love to cuddle though. Literally all the cuddling.
  3. Who does chores around the house? three way split. They will make sure to do the chores that either of the other dislikes, so no one has to do things they hate.
  4. Who’s the better cook? hmmm.. Mischief is likely the best cook. Incorporates healthy things into his food, but like, sneekily? So it all tastes good, but r2 has no idea they are getting all their nutrients. Ruckus can probably bake though. He is so good at math and science. Makes the best breads.
  5. Who’s the funniest drunk? I honestly don’t see any of them as big drinkers
  6. Do they have kids? No, but they love to entertain them. Mischief smiles so much around them. And r2 compete to see who can make the kids laugh the most.
  7. Do they have any traditions? if they ever have to separate during a mission, Mischief will bring their heads together and say the first part of the Mandalorian marriage vow: Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar’tome, mhi me’dinui an ( We are one whether we are together or apart, we will share everything)
  8. What do they fight about? Safety. oh my god. Any one of them being just the slightest bit reckless and the other two will have a heart attack. 
  9. What would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If they have one) Omg. I’m sure there would be one, because they are literally never apart. there would be fan theories everywhere. Rabble and Ruckus would find it hilarious and look at fanart and read fic. Mischief would roll his eyes, but glad his brothers are finding so much joy in something that they know to be true.
  10. Who cried at the end of Marley and me? I have not seen this movie, so I can’t easily answer. but probably rabble and mischief
  11. Who always wins at Mario kart? Ruckus
  12. One thing I like about this ship? Everything. I love my precious sons.
  13. One thing I don’t like about the ship? see above
  14. The song I would say fits them? Welp, I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental music lately, especially when writing for them. So I’m just gonna say the Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass Passages cd. 
  15. Another headcanon about the paring? (Free space) During the war, Mischief would sing r2 to sleep, but only when on missions where it was just the three of them. No one besides r2 has ever heard Mischief sing.