friendly reminder that Jacob Peralta knew he was going to propose to Amy Santiago when they babysat Terry’s kids in Moo Moo (and he was probably imaging their own kids), when he held her hair back in Cop-Con, when he found her on the roof and encouraged her to take the Sargeant’s exam even though he knew it would change their relationship, when she talked about them going away together and that she’d wait for him, when he was sent to jail, when she visited him in jail and when he literally risked his life in prison just for a chance to talk to her i’m fine

Imagine your OTP

Person 1 : I bet 20$ that I can kiss you without touching your lips

Person 2 : That’s not possible

Person 1 : Maybe for YOU

Person 2 : Well then, go ahead

Person 1 : *kisses Person 2 on the lips*

Person 2 : Wha…

Person 1 :*smirks, gives Person 2 20$*

hc where while pidge goes to look out for matt, lance won’t stop whining about how bored he is so hunk tells him jokingly “you could always intergalactically skype your boyfriend” and lance runs so fast to the control room he doesn’t even deny it