i’ve seen this gif so many times but the video is just so much better look

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Kaisoo bts moments, please? ^_^

some of these i’m not sure if they 100% are classified as bts moments but i have plenty of stuff ha

soo grabbed jongin so he doesn’t leave while hugging eunhyuk

do you really have to touch soos thigh to sit down ha

helping jongin with his mic

that man tho

cute waving

dancing dweebs

taking selcas

are you sure you’re close enough

being silly

holding him

staring as usual

clingy soo

hi love hi

soo likes jongins dancing

reaching for each other at the same time

i’m not sure if these are the actual words they said but

he won’t let go

i think the mc said exo was a girl group ha

soo kept stumbling about

kaisoo in russia

couple shoes! yes i know suho wore a pair too

squishy face

not sure what he’s trying to achieve here

picking his nose

leaving to be alone?

some very cute pics

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fave clingy soo moments please? thank you for all you do for this fandom

araaaaaah i’m blushing thank you i’m very glad they bring joy to people :) this is gonna be more of a soo likes touching jongin cause some aren’t considered clingy just touchy-feely but i’ll stop talking now ha

their “argument” it looks silly to me tho cause jongins laughing

i wanna know what this was about

soo keeps trying to touch him still tho


stand beside me cool

soos habit of putting his head on jongins shoulder

jongin “rejecting” soos hug

basically begging to be touched

who drugged kyungsoo

really cute

when they chose the most erotic member like he kept poking his face

did i tell you to stop touching me!

don’t touch him!

i don’t think he’s going anywhere

jongin looks a bit scared ha

nono sit on my dick