What would happen if Harry told Ron and Hermione he was dating Draco
  • Harry:Well, guys, I... Er... Have to tell you something.
  • Hermione:Go on, Harry.
  • Harry:Well, I... Uh... I am seeing someone.
  • Ron:Is she beautiful? Oh... Isn't she my sister, is she?!
  • Harry:No! It's not Ginny. It isn't even Cho, or Romilda, or another girl.
  • Hermione:It's a boy then.
  • Harry:*Nods*
  • Ron:Bloody hell, Harry!
  • Hermione:Who is he? Seamus?
  • Harry:No, he's not a Gryffindor.
  • Ron:Hope it's not a Slytherin.
  • Harry:*Blushing*
  • Ron:It's a Slytherin.
  • Hermione:Zabini? He got really cute.
  • Ron:Hermione!
  • Hermione:What? I'm your girlfriend but I've still got eyes to see! He's not ugly.
  • Harry:No, he isn't... But...
  • Draco:Hey, Scarhead! Already told your losers you like to slyther in my bed?
  • Draco:*winks*
  • Ron&Hermione:MALFOY?!

I literally lost it when Lexa kneeled in front of Clarke. Like aside from the allusion to a marriage proposal, this scene shows Lexa baring her self to someone else.

Here’s this strong commander who must lead 13 clans, who can show no weakness, who should bow to no one. But in that moment, she is entirely vulnerable to Clarke. Clarke can walk away, she can hurt Lexa deeply.

When Clarke reached her hand out, Lexa looks uncertain and amazed. She showed this person “weakness,” and was offered a hand up. She did not expect this kindness or forgiveness.

This scene means so much to me. It was beautifully done, and might honestly be my favorite scene of the 100 so far o.o

  • *gets stuck in a library*
  • Chat nNoir:so ladybug are you going to check me out
  • Ladybug:*dejected sigh*
  • *somehow ends up in the swimming pool*
  • Chat Noir:girl I could swim in the colors of your eyes
  • Ladybug:Chat this is not the best time for a pick up line
  • then slowly each time Chat Noir uses a pick up line, Ladybug starts falling for him even more
  • the last one would be like
  • Chat Noir:I heard some people ship Ladynoir, tbh I do too
  • Ladybug:*blushes* well lets let this ship sail *kisses him*
  • Chat Noir:omgohnlkjbf;ro'hpgfjk;r