Prompt 30

Person A and B were high school sweethearts when B was kidnapped and neither B or the kidnapper were ever found. A became an FBI agent to try and make sure nothing like that ever happened again. Now A is happily married to C and working as a succesful FBI agent. A gets a case of suspected serial kidnappings, A manages to solve the case and find the kidnapper and all their victims (most are still alive). Among the victims is a very traumatised B. B’s family are dead/ not able to take care of B so A offers to. A and C slowly help B recover and be able to function in the world again. A’s old feelings resurface but A attempts to deny them because A doesn’t want to be unfaithful. C, however, has also begun to develop feelings for B who cares deeply for them both. 

  • Person B: *Celebrating their birthday* Well, you know the say with age comes maturity..
  • Person A: *Deadpan* You argued with a 10 year old about which Disney princess was the best...
  • Person B: They didn't know what they were talking about! *muttering under their breathe* Obviously it's Rapunzel
  • Person C: I have never been more entertained in my life
7 days prompts (summer fair)
  1. You took the last bag of cotton candy so you’re either going to share it with me or I’m going to fight you for it.
  2. I don’t like heights but my friends pressured me onto the Ferris wheel, don’t laugh my knuckles aren’t that white from hanging onto the bar.
  3. My friends convinced me to get on stage at the karaoke stand and apparently I can’t stop staring at you or sing oh no.
  4. You yelled when a pig in the petting zoo nibbled your pant leg and that only made it charge after you and I can’t stop laughing.
  5. I’m not lurking around the photo booths like a creeper, my friends are in one of these booths and I don’t know which one.
  6. One of the rides spun a lot faster than you expected and your shoe fell off and hit me in the head what the heck
  7. Look you seem like a nice person so I want you to know this booth I’m watching is rigged don’t waste your money

(Art by @gabecebro, used with permission and originally posted here; if you like it, please go show your appreciation!)

GROUNDED! - A Bleach AU Idea Revised

You might’ve seen the original idea for Grounded! before. Long story short, it’s evolved significantly since that post was made. Namely, I (among others) fell for YoruIchiRuki as an AU OT3, so it’s now the start of a much longer series of adventures for the three. So, I’ve decided to publicly expand upon the idea as originally presented.


Ichigo is fascinated with a jet-haired flight attendant he weirdly keeps running into. Okay, well, that was true the first half-a-dozen times. Then he pulled some favors and found out who she was and what her route was. What? They just wind up flying together a lot and staying in the same layover cities pretty often. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a coincidence. He’s never even talked to her really, except to occasionally ask for a Coke. She probably doesn’t even know he exists.

Or perhaps Rukia does, but thinks much the same.

But for every awkward problem in the world, there’s an equally awkward solution! Enter Yoruichi—that’s Captain Shihōin to you, buddy—who’s never met someone she wanted to bed that didn’t wind up there the next morning.

When all three of them wind up stuck during a layover because of the worst blizzard in a century, Yoruichi happily plies her wiles on Rukia, only to soon discover she’s stepped into a thorny situation. Feeling more than a little guilty, because she really likes Rukia, she decides to adopt a new pet project: she’s going to get the two of them together, hell or high water.

There’s just one problem: nothing ever works out that cleanly or easily.

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angelsanarchy  asked:

“You know ‘give me a warning’ means let me know BEFORE they come in here!” Kat x Dean & Cas!!!

It wasn’t often that Dean Winchester woke up disoriented. It was hard to, once you got used to waking up in a different place every day. Half the time he was in the Impala, the other half it was some shitty motel bed. He’d even gotten used to waking up with a stranger’s body wrapped around him. But there was something different about it this morning. He couldn’t remember sleeping in a bed quite this comfortable.

Dean opened his eyes, doing a quick scan of the room. It took a minute to place - the good furniture, the books, framed pictures up on the wall. The body next to him sighed, and his lips twitched up into a smile. 


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  • Person B: Honey Badger~
  • Person A: Honey Badger? Who's honey badger
  • Person B: You
  • Person A: I thought I was Honey bun
  • Person C: Guys can't you do this in your own time?
  • Person B: Nope, Honey badger...
  • Person A: Why Honey badger?
  • Person C: Okay apparently not *sighs* Why do I even bother?
  • Person B: Cuz your sweet and smol
  • Person A: Okay?
  • Person B: But you could also kill me if you wanted to
  • Person A: Damn straight!

anonymous asked:

all caps - sam & steve like dropping gentle kisses on each others' shoulders from behind while the other is making breakfast. the one morning bucky is awake early enough to make waffles for his boyfriends, steve gets pinched by one of the plates while trying to give him a shoulder smooch. sam wheezes harder from laughing than he usually does on their morning runs, but he helps steve get unstuck and kisses it better. bucky goes straight back to bed, bright red, taking all the waffles with him.

This is pure and I choose to believe that they join him in bed and SNUGGLE!!!!!

strangcrthanfiction  asked:

kuwesper + ship meme :p

send me a ship!@ghezenblessed​ + @daringcrow

who is more likely to hurt the other?

  • uhh i don’t think any of them would deliberately?  if anything happened it’d probably be down to a misunderstanding or maybe just an argument that went too far

who is emotionally stronger?

  • all of them have had to deal w/ Some Shit and they all came out of it relatively intact so

who is physically stronger?

  • ?????? i don’t know?  they’re all like.  distance fighters.  guns and explosives n shit.  they would all probably lose a close-quarters physical fight with someone else lbr

who is more likely to break a bone?

  • i feel like jesper is the most likely but somehow it never happens to him even though it really should have done by now.  jesper “never happier than when he’s in danger / someone’s shooting at him / there’s a fight” fahey

who knows best what to say to upset the other?

  • ……..i’m thinking about wylan and jesper on the ferolind and how wylan almost immediately came at him with “everyone knows you can’t keep away from a risky bet, why are you here anyway?  you think kaz really trusts you?  alright pal” and i don’t think he meant to but he really did touch on something jesper was insecure about soooo i.  think he has a way of hitting on that stuff sometimes?  or like, it’s deliberate but not with bad intentions?  like when he keeps bringing up inej to kaz in c/k and Will Not Let It Go, he’s not trying to make things worse but he knows it’s a sensitive topic

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?

  • i have weirdly complex thoughts on this one?  bc people arguing throws kuwei off, he doesn’t like it  ( see: jesper and kaz fighting, when he asks if jesper’s angry with him, which actually makes me think it’s mostly if someone he cares about is involved but that still applies here and this post is long enough ) , but if he feels personally wronged by whatever happened, he’s not ending this until whoever it was apologises.  and jesper doesn’t want to be on bad terms with people he cares about  ( see: the whole thing w/ kaz )  so he’s usually in favour of de-escalating once the worst is over.  why do i feel like wylan is absolutely the “i’m not angry i’m disappointed” type 

who treats who’s wounds more often?

  • kuwei’s supposed to have the most medical knowledge after nina but jesper’s probably used to patching himself up after fights?  and i feel like wylan would learn fast bc.  jesper.

who is in constant need of comfort?

  • not constantly but after c/k they all are at times.  wylan’s moving on from years of living in an abusive home which ended in him being almost killed, kuwei’s been through multiple awful situations, jesper’s only just gotten his father out of danger and is also overcoming a gambling addiction
  • so y’know they all have their nights

who gets more jealous?

  • wylan l m a o 

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?

  • like during an argument, or…?  kuwei maybe with the i don’t have to listen to this
  • somewhere in my google drive is a ridiculously early college au draft where kuwei literally just gets up to leave and i think it’s wylan who pulls him back like your relationship, your problem too

who will propose?

  • i…….. don’t really see this happening?  50% bc i have no idea what ketterdam laws on polygamy would even be like but i’m pretty sure it wasn’t legal in 1800s amsterdam ( which is still what i say ketterdam is ) ( and i googled this but i just got a bunch of current news articles )

who has the most difficult parents?

  • WYLAN  ( m.arya hendriks excluded, she’s wonderful )

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?

  • jesper, mostly, but could also be wylan

who comes up for the other all the time?

  • i don’t, know what this is asking

who hogs the blankets?

  • i just have this mental image of wylan completely tangled up in blankets 
  • but jesper will compete for blankets when he has to 
  • apart from maybe three weeks mid-winter where kuwei’s just like fuck y’all get your own blanket i’m not dying like this

who gets more sad?

  • all of ‘em at different times but they’re good at looking out for each other n dealing with stuff together u know

who is better at cheering the other up?

  • depends what’s needed, they’re all good for different things
  • jesper’s good at the general bringing a smile to your face, making people laugh thing
  • wylan’s good for actually Talking about things 
  • kuwei’s the curls up with his head on ur shoulder just to be There one 

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

  • jesper makes ridiculous flirty jokes in public and wylan shoves him but then ends up hiding his face in his shoulder bc he’s a vibrant shade of red.  kuwei just laughs at this and is no help at all
  • in fact he joins in and wylan is ready to Leave right now immediately

who is more streetwise?

  • jesper bc he’s been with the dregs the longest out of the 3 of them but after c/k wylan’s slowly catching up and kuwei would pick things up pretty quickly?

who is more wise?

  • kuwei: knowledge is knowing tomatoes are a fruit, wisdom is not putting them in a fruit salad
  • jesper: philosophy is wondering if that makes ketchup a smoothie 

who’s the shyest?

  • varies a bit between wylan and kuwei but mostly wylan

who boasts about the other more?

  • have y’all met jesper
  • “it’s brilliant, just like you”
  • it’s totally jesper

who sits on who’s lap? 

  • ….kuwei does this of his own accord, sometimes jesper will pull one of them onto his lap bc they’re small and he can
  • also don’t tell me jesper hasn’t tried this himself
  • tried
  • he didn’t ask to be this tall, he’s doing his best

mwritesink  asked:

Finn/Briggid 36, and Python/Lukas/Forsyth 22 and 42

#36: What’s their greatest strength as a couple? Their weakness?

I think they form a highly complimentary couple in the sense that Brigid’s more take-charge and willing to stand out as a leader and Finn is at his best as somebody’s second, but since neither of them is an XtReMe personality instead of a tug of war between “DO THE THING!!” and “let’s not” it’s more like “Are we really going to do this thing”/“Yes we should do the thing”/“Okay we’re doing the thing.” It’s respectful, constructive, and positive and the partnership makes use of their individual strengths. As they’re fundamentally characters on the same wavelength they amplify both one another’s good decisions and their bad decisions… and then everybody ends up in jail.

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