“Remind me why we’re doing this,” Beverley says, a bit too brightly.

“Various forms of pox are a threat to public health, Scotland’s an independent country, and if we’re going to fall headlong back into the Middle Ages we might as well round it out with arranged marriages,” Thomas tells her.

“On second thoughts, don’t remind me,” she says. “You know, I just remembered I never asked. You’re not seeing anybody right now, are you? ‘Cause I figured you wouldn’t have said yes if you were, but -”

“No,” says Thomas. “I think that would be a step too complicated.”

“Me either,” says Beverley. “Not since I – well, that didn’t even really get started.”

Thomas does wonder what, or rather who, that was, but Beverley’s still talking. “What are we going to do about that, anyway? Like – what are we going to tell people?”

“In all honesty I hadn’t thought about it.” It’s been a while, now Thomas thinks about it. First David died, and by then he was old, and then he wasn’t, but he’s never figured out how he’d explain the whole accidental immortality situation to anybody and so hasn’t really looked for anybody who’d stay around long enough to explain it to.

“Because I don’t mind giving you my good name or whatever,” Beverley says, “but I draw the line at celibacy.”

“I assure you, so do I.” Thomas thinks it over. “I suppose we’ll have to have a strategy.”

Cecelia appears in front of them, as if this conversation could get more awkward. “Oh, for – can you make your plans for adultery after the wedding, at least?”

haikyuu!! ot3+ week: spring edition is coming!

we are here to give you a head start!  join us in celebrating your favourite haikyuu!! poly ships with fan art, fan fiction, edits, headcanons, and more!  

  • ot3+ week will take place from may 1 - may 7!
  • anyone is allowed to participate!  you don’t need to ask, just join in.
  • all media is accepted!  fan art, fan fiction, graphics/gifs, videos, cosplay – anything!  mature content is allowed but please remember to tag all nsfw entries!!
  • •• that being said, we will not tolerate stolen works under any circumstances.

you can find more general information here!!

here are the prompts for the season!

  • may 1st - lust | spring has sprung | red
  • may 2nd - gluttony | flower in bloom | orange
  • may 3rd - greed | at camp | yellow
  • may 4th - sloth | movie marathon | green
  • may 5th - wrath | road trip | blue
  • may 6th - envy | any crossover/au | indigo
  • may 7th - pride | karaoke party | violet

you may take the prompts however you like, it is completely up to you!  there are no rules on how you want to interpret them.

vminkook ramblings #4

imagine vminkook sneaking out together to get some drinks bc it’s been far too long since they’ve gone out, just the three of them.

  • when they arrive at the bar, everyone is excited, especially tae bc he goes straight to the counter to order three tequila shots for him and jikook
  • jimin raises an eyebrow and goes like “woah, woah, you really want to start off like that?”
  • taekook give him a confused look bc “why, what’s wrong with it?”
  • “kookie, tae is a lightweight! did you already forget?” jimin says and tae immediately interrupts, saying “aw come on jiminnie”, and while shrugging his shoulders, he gives jikook that specific don’t-worry-i-can-handle-this-look.
  • jungkook just snorts at that but remains silent while jimin hits tae on his shoulder, giggling, “okay but i won’t be the one who picks your ass up off the bar floor, so don’t get too wasted!”
  • only 3 tequila shots, two beers and 30 minutes later, tae starts to have a mental breakdown (according to his own words), with his head resting on his arms at the bar counter he talks about what a sad life he would have lived if he hadn’t met jikook and the other members and just how much he loves both of them “jimin, jungkook, i love you guys so much, let’s get married
  • when it didn’t seem like tae would stop talking or continuously harrassing the barkeeper, kookie takes tae’s hand, loudly whispering “hyung, no disrespect but I’m totally serious, get your shit together, we just got here!”
  • jimin just laughs at tae’s rambling and it takes every bit of him to not say “told ya guys
  • it doesn’t take long until jungkook is gone as well and when he starts to complain about how tae wouldn’t shut up already, jimin decides it’s time to leave the bar.
  • jimin knew this would happen, so he stuck to that one tequila at the beginning and didn’t drink anything alcoholic after that bc “mother instincts”
  • he didn’t think it would be this bad though, bc taekook are way too heavy for jimin to carry on both his shoulders, so he starts to take a break at a small park near the bar. actually, on the opposite side of the bar. yes. right. he couldn’t even make it for 5 minutes
  • jimin decides to let taekook rest on a bench and tells them to sit there and stay still, “i’ll get sth else to drink real quick. and with drink i mean water bc i can’t pick up both of your dumbasses at the same time”
  • taekook don’t really give him a reply but start to talk gibberish again and jimin lets out a heavy sigh, “i’ll be right back, don’t move or go anywhere.” and he leaves with taekook screaming “jiminnie we love you!” in the background.
  • when jimin comes back, he didn’t expect to see taekook falling asleep together, head-on-head, with their mouths wide open and he can’t help but smile and decides to take tons of pictures first before he calls jin to help him.
  • jin picks up his phone with a loud groan “park fricking jimin do you know what ti-” and jimin would interrupt him with “hyung please pick us up, taekook are totally drunk and I can’t get them home right now”
  • “why?? just hold their hands for guiding if necessary! and wait, what– where– you’re outside?!”
  • “i’ll explain everything later hyung please, just pick us up, they’re sound asleep and too heavy for me!” jimin then says, sighing, bc he knows jin probably won’t stop nagging if he doesn’t end this phone call soon
  • jin groans again, so loud that jimin’s sure if passengers had passed him right now, they would have heard it
  • “i’ll be right there” jin finally answers, defeated, and jimin thanks him in the sweetest tone he can manage
  • after jimin told him the adress, jin arrives 10 mins later just to see jimin taking even more photos of taekook sleeping
  • taekook wake up the next day to see 80+ messages in their group chat and all of them are pics of them sleeping outside with weird poses + comments from the other members and they swear never to overdo it ever again

anonymous asked:

What would be the DramaticTM origin story of the We Hate Batman Club?

(tbh i haven’t really thought about it like the we hate batman club was born out of a crackship ot3 i had a dream about at 4AM but anyways~)

maybe hal finds some magical shit™ in space and is like.. “boi what do i do… better go find someone who knows how to handle this shit.” but zatanna doesn’t answer his calls anymore so he has no choice to bring it to constantine who is like “mate u have no idea what this shit is.. it’s too powerful, could fall into the wrong hands, blah blah blah” then edward enters the story somehow idk maybe this is reformed eddie (or just wants them to think he’s reformed but not really) working as a PI, who is following a lead on some other case but gets info about the magical shit™ and the three have to begrudgingly work together to get to the bottom of it… eddie and john have their own agendas. hal is mostly confused. batman watches in horror from afar, knowing his end must be near, the three biggest pains in his ass have united. might as well just hang up the mantle now..

(idk if @halbarry has anything to add they really helped me flesh this team out lmaoo)

by far my favourite winn moment was when he was showing kara and james the “superfriends” secret office that he set up for them at catco and he just sneaks around the corner and is all “follow me and act natural” and literally skips towards the elevators with kara and james following behind him walking like actual real life human beings because if that’s not the most winn schott thing ever idk what is lol

On The 100, I have 4 OT3s 

Bravenlarke (Bellamy, Clarke, and Raven)

Broanlarke (Bellamy, Clarke, and Roan)

The Slytherin Trio (Emori, Murphy, and Clarke)


Sea Cockroach Mechanic (someone please give me a better name) (Raven, Murphy, and Luna)

This show is blessed y’all

ruinsrebuilt  asked:

ALSO guarnere/toye or luztoye (or guarnere/luz/toye hehehe)

guarnere and toye are a pairing that can go either way for me! i love them as bros and i love the idea of them gruffly showing affection and then making fun of each other for how gruff they were about it and then being soft. and guarnere/luz/toye is like… the ultimate “but they’re better together” OT3 for someone who might be torn between the two, think of HOW WELL THEY’D ALL WORK TOGETHER!! they’re so wonderfully balanced with their particular strengths and weaknesses, i could cry.

uh wait this was which do i prefer, i have reading comprehension. I PREFER THE OT3 is my answer!!

i saw a post last week about how harry was better than ot3 on my dash, so i’m making this post as a warning that if i see a post with even a small hint that harry is better than ot3 on my dash again, i will unfollow, block and report the person :)

anonymous asked:

Hi Nell! It's anxious anon again. I browsed through your AO3 bookmarks and found the delight that is Victor Effing Nikiforov. It is lovely. Also Minimum Waste and Maximum Joy is so pure and good and wonderful. So thank you again! :D I realized that reading The Course of Honor has left me with a DEEP craving for reading people loving on each other and nurturing each other, because OMG those boys. They try so hard but nothing is easy for them is it? Anyway thanks again for picking me up today.

Victor Effing Nikiforov is a straight-up delight! That author’s fics in general are lovely, I haven’t read a lot of YOI fic but I’ve loved everything of theirs that I read. And Minimum Waste and Maximum Joy is absolutely precious! I miss OT3 fic for this fandom, I hope The Last Jedi revitalizes it a little.

Yes! I love CoH so much (today’s update!!!!) but I cannot wait for the part where they get to love on each other, they need it so bad. Particularly Jainan but really both of them. I definitely know what you mean about needing to read it happening for other ships!