“What you said before,” she asked. “That Jace Herondale loves Clarissa Fairchild more than anyone you’ve ever known except someone — you never finished the sentence. Who was it?”

“I was going to say you and me and Will,” he said. “But — that’s rather a strange thing to say, isn’t it?”

“Not strange at all. Exactly right. Ever and always, exactly right.”

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I think it's especially frustrating because it doesn't seem to serve a purpose. I've thought about the argument that separating Harry from the other boys gives the others a chance to shine since Zayn left. But this has been going on for way longer than just this year. This band was built on its friendship and to not give the fans that is frankly stupid.

Yeah like this is the problem.

You guys know me, I like to make theories, I like to speculate, I like to give myself 5 min of “oh my god I’m freaking out” time and then come back calm and collected and with a well thought out and rational opinion on what’s going on with this clusterfuck of a band.

And with this I just, can’t, and it throws me off.

I mean let’s cover our basics here:

1. Actual tension between OT3 and Harry.
This makes zero sense, we see them interact on stage, we see Harry having a good time with the rest of them in concert even if he is sorta doing his own thing. We saw him on the James Corden show doing just fine and we saw him give Niall a ball tap at the Billboard Awards. These behaviors aren’t consistent with tension. Not to mention all of OT4 have seemed to be having a blast recently, which I don’t think they would if they didn’t want to be around each other. And on top of all that there is zero indication of a Larry breakup, so what the heck man, this theory doesn’t fly. (Plus if there was tension we DEFINITELY would not know about it, because 1DHQ would cover that shit up.)

2. Harry is being kept separate so that OT3 can be known
You know, I could buy into this during the break with Trekstock. Like yeah, it made sense to keep Harry away from a highly publicized event because then OT3 got their names in the media without being overshadowed. But the social media stuff? That’s fan service, it’s not designed for the public, so they don’t need to worry about OT3 not getting as much attention. Same with these tour videos, it’s fans watching them, so why would they care. This theory is a bust.

3. Preparing fans for Harry going solo
Okay, say we ignore the fact that Harry has given ZERO indication of wanting to pursue solo music or enjoying fame. Once again it boils down to why? Separating him from OT3 is not going to make existing fans more ready or okay with him going off on his own. If anything, a lot of fans will be pissed because it looks like Harry is actively snubbing the boys for the sake of his own career. Some would argue that this is to seed the idea of him leaving, but once again, that’s not necessary. There’s solo rumours every year with Harry, nothing they do is going to make fans more receptive to them - this theory’s out.

Those are the three main options I can see, so I just really don’t get it. I mean, there’s just no business sense in this, and there’s no way it’s organic either. It’s annoying af, and I’m personally starting to feel at my wit’s end. Sigh. I don’t even know guys, I’m tired of this.

Yes, I am very happy that we get to see a sneak peek into 1D behind the scenes rituals. I love that we are going to get new content and interviews and funny moments. I really truly am pleased.

All that said I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being pissed about the constant and frankly obnoxious OT3 vs. Harry separation. It’s frustrating as hell and I hate that we are forced to either adopt the mentality of “this is amazing” or be called ungrateful and negative by fellow fans.

People are allowed to have mixed emotions, I just want us all to remember that.

i mean if they are going to edit it so roughly in order to take out all the larry moments and basically leave it as ot3 plus the curly hair dude, might as well have them perform from four different venues and skype it in. 

so is it me or is sakura very likely not gonna be in the boruto movie? lol. i watched the latest trailer and i don’t see her. how sad man. how. sad. people who say team 7 survived the ending are lying to themselves cause team 7 is fucking ruined. it makes me so fucking sad. it’s like the relationship between naruto and sakura are also destroyed. i’m so fucking sad. 

Okay, I’d like to clarify my response to the last ask about Harry being separated from OT3 because I think my response was kneejerk, knowing as I was watching the video what the response would be.

I’m not going to sit here and lie and say that I’m not frustrated. I absolutely, 100% am definitely frustrated. I think people have the right to feel upset and put out by Harry’s very clear public separation from the other guys. I’m sorry if I came across as chastising anyone for being “negative”. I just… I -personally, me, myself- can’t always spend my time being angry or upset. Sure, I feel those emotions. Sure, I understand those emotions. And absolutely, everyone has a right to those emotions. 

That said, I have ideas as to the purposes of the public “Harry separation”. It doesn’t mean I like it or that anyone else has to. It doesn’t mean it’s not wholly frustrating and off-putting, and people are bound to have separate, differing opinions that I respect and won’t put down or trash. But these are my thoughts, as typed in a message to Jen. zenlikejen

Okay, so Cris ( srslycris) alluded to this in her tags on the reblog of the ask I got, too, but after watching the video, I’m trying to get inside new team’s (*coughIRVING'scough*) head and figure out what the plan is here.

So here’s what I think.

We all know and have exhaustively discussed how and why Harry was pushed as the frontman of 1D for a very, very long time. He has the most amount of fame from One Direction, is the most recognizable, etc.

I think the separation is deliberate in a couple of different ways. First of all, in order to achieve longevity as a band, they need to ALL be recognizable. It’s one of the reasons I think Harry has sort of been in “his own little world” during shows lately. They’re trying to hold him back right now and have him lie low so that the other three can emerge into the same sort of spotlight he’s had. Sara Sampaio was a cover, I know that now. She was a cover for Harry being in New York to talk to their realtor about the flat he and Lou are buying/have bought in NYC. Okay, fine, it made a bit of a splash and then died out. Other than that, he’s really only had pith headlines for a very long time. Style icon stuff, philanthropy and social work stuff, sex symbol stuff, fashion stuff… no scandals, no women, nothing that garners major headlines or pushes him back into the spotlight. On stage, he does his bits and sings his songs and of course he’s happy, but he’s not at the forefront of attention. Liam’s been captaining the OTRA ship and Louis’ been right there with him, Niall’s had some good moments, too.

I also think this serves a CO well. We all know Louis needs to be more recognizable. Babygate is serving its purposes in gen pop headlines and presenting his name to the public. A lot of articles I’ve seen (including the one comment from a rep), mention him being on tour with One Direction. People need to see Louis independently from Harry. They need to know his personality, his business, his background, and his stage presence separate from Harry. That alone says it right there. “Separate from Harry”. All of the boys, but ESPECIALLY Louis, need to be seen separately. It frustrates fans to no end, but I think it’s causing people to pay more attention to OT3 than they used to or would have if Harry were still being pushed as the frontman.

things i noticed about the tour diary
  • they’re doing tour diaries ????????????????????????????
  • NO solo harry interview 
  • lots of niall and liam talking 😍 
  • seriously harry doesn’t talk at all
  • niall being a fanboy
  • louis and lottie !!!!! 
  • sarah’s kitchen 
  • they ARE recording and there are NO mattresses in sight
  • lots of ot3 especially at the beginning
  • could they make it more obvious that they are trying to get rid of the ‘harry the frontman’ image

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OT3 vs Harry? Can you elaborate on this? (I just watched the video and have seen several text posts talking about the same thing and I'm confused)

Since the long break between March and June we have seen this continued separation between Harry and the rest of the boys. OT3 attended Trekstock, Harry remained in LA, OT3 chatted with each other on social media, Harry did not, Lilo pranked Niall, Harry was nowhere to be seen. Now in the tour video we literally have shots of OT3 and the next shot of Harry. We have Nouis and Lilo and Niam interactions, and Harry off doing his own thing. It’s really frustrating all around.