OT3: Transcendence

(I was very hesitant on posting this. But here’s Nihlus/Femshep/Garrus OT3 for poly week! Please excuse the inconsistencies/errors. I wanted to rely heavily on Nihlus’ point of view since we know so little of him. This was lots of fun to write!)

“Spirits damn him”, Nihlus hissed through a low growl. The Spectre’s hand clasped tightly around his dextro beer as he stared menacingly through a crowd of dancers. Why Shepard even invited him to Purgatory in the first place was beyond him. 

Miraculously he had escaped Sarens grasp back on Eden Prime, scars laden across the left side of his face and half of his fringe plates had been severely damaged from the bullet meant to take his life. By the time he’d taken his first steps after lying bedridden for months, Saren had been defeated by the great Commander Shepard and her team.

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I’m gonna list some crack OT3s of mine:

Kyle x Tweek x Clyde

Stan x Kyle x Tweek

Craig x Tweek x Kyle (I have only ever found one fanfic for this pairing, but I saw it so long ago that I forgot the name.)

Wendy x Stan x Clyde

Tweek x Craig x Clyde (This one was actually mentioned and had it’s fair share of fanart and maybe some fanfics.)

Wendy x Red x Bebe

Lola x Jenny x Esther

Lola x Jenny x Red

Clyde x Craig x Stan

Tweek x Craig x Stan

And that’s all I’ll put for now. I’ll probably add more, because, ya know, I love every single pairing there is in South Park.

Boueibu 30 days challenge

And here I thought I was gonna win again, @fillyrika XD. Computer at work is too damn slow…

Day 7: Forbidden OTP ( any couple that is so ilogic but you still like it for any reason)

Huh. I don’t ship anything that is particularly illogical, so I’ll go for guilty pleasure instead.


Idk, their personalities are a fun contrast, and they already have how much they care about Atsushi as common ground. For me, they are the leaders of their groups, and in case of troubles their dynamics must be amusing while also surprisingly efficient. They can learn a lot from one another.

Also, I’m even considering Enkinatsu OT3 as long as the Kinatsu part remains as the ultimate platonic (I can’t really see those two working in a romantic way despite it all, but as BROTP they are absolutely adorable). In here, turns out En can be the voice of reason and a counter to all the awkwardness, being also a calm source of support; Atsushi is the gentle heart that keeps them together (or was the original reason for it), and Kin is the responsible and diligent tsun that won’t say how much others mean to him. He will show it.

But basically, I just think this ship is hot XD.

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Ooh! if fives is a hot firefighter... did he do one of those sexy charity pin-up calendars? i'm kind of cackling over tup's face if jesse or kix gave him a calendar that just HAPPENED to have a picture of that cute guy from their party posing shirtless in his uniform pants with a dalmatian puppy or something


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What do you make of Harry finally interacting with the boys or Niall on Twitter? Do you think it means he's almost free? Do you think he went 'fuck it' and just tweeted Niall or was he given an okay to do so? I'm just curious and I really like your opinion. Thanks.

I think the restrictions we explained the ot3 vs Harry with, have lifted. Remember how no one tweeted for solo Liam.
Then think about timing.
Then think how many walls Niall broke by actually addressing 1D’s future.

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5, 7 and 11 for the ot3 asks?

Thank you so much for the ask! These were fun to answer - though I’m worried I rambled a little bit, sorry!!! (art is by @mandyshepard)

5. An OT3 (that you ship or not) that you think could have been canon (based on their interactions)
Honestly? Garrus/femShep/Tali. Every time I play a femShep romancing Garrus and get that drunken Tali scene in the Citadel DLC with her talking about having a threesome with femShep and Garrus, I’m just like … “Yep. Yep, you’ve been into him since the start. And femShep is into you. And Garrus is into you. We should do this.” I could totally have seen that happening. Damn you Bioware!

7. How your OT3 felt when they all met
Ohhh gosh. Haha. James was blown away by Zi - and it was pretty much instant love for him. But he could tell she had just had her heart broken by someone and he didn’t want to be a rebound, and he wanted to do his job right, so even when she did come onto him drunkenly during her incarceration on Earth, he turned her down and did the right thing … but he loved her from the start, he just hid it well. 

Zi found James physically attractive but was so broken up over Kaidan when she met him, that she didn’t really pay much attention to him at first. However, she soon grew to depend on him and they grew very close. She didn’t realise how much she liked and wanted him until she was back with Kaidan and realised it meant losing James. She knew she wanted both of them early on, but wasn’t sure what to do, so she stayed quiet about her feelings and stayed with Kaidan until he finally made her talk to him about them.

James liked Kaidan from the start, though it was just respect and admiration. He saw Kaidan as an amazing soldier and the second human Spectre. He had no idea that Kaidan was the man who had broken Zi’s heart on Horizon, or that Kaidan and Zi had secretly gotten back together again. When he did find out … he was broken and angry. Later, after a lot of late night discussions, sparring sessions, and drinking sessions, he started developing feelings for Kaidan, and soon realised he was falling for him too.

Kaidan liked James from the moment he met him, and thought he was a great soldier. The two became best friends. When James revealed he was in love with Zi it did cause a rift between the two men as Kaidan feared losing Zi (he suspected she was in love with James and hadn’t faced her feelings), but eventually they grew close again, and they worked through their feelings. Kaidan’s attraction to James had always been there below the surface, but it grew stronger as he let James vent to him about his feelings for Zi, and they bonded over their love for her.

Kaidan and Zi wanted each other from the start - it was mutual attraction and it developed into love very fast. They broke up after Horizon and then got back together again and haven’t been apart since. They feel right together and can’t imagine not being in each others arms.

11. Could your OT3 become an OT4?
No. There is nobody else who Zi, Kaidan or James would want to have in their lives or in their bed - even temporarily. They’re far too wrapped up in each other. They joke sometimes about finding a sexy asari for a wild night (they know James finds asari really sexy) but it’s just a joke and they wouldn’t actually go through with it as all three of them take sex too seriously - especially Zi.