My ot3 watching a WWII documentary is like

Jack: *completely focused on the television as the Allied soldiers are hiding from a sniper*

Bitty: *politely pretending to be interested and trying hard not to laugh at Parse’s dumb jokes*

Parse: *lying across both of his boyfriends on the sofa and not even trying to hide his boredom* Sniper no sniping! Sniper no sniping! Sniper no

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May I request a masterlist for all your works?

  • well, you can see my mobile master list here.

or you can all check it out below ~

RFA Main Master list:

RFA + MC in a college setting

RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who has acne/picks her skin

RFA + V and Saeran during a Zombie Apocalypse

RFA + V falling in love with an MC who’s in love with someone else

RFA cheering MC up after a big break-up

RFA (Bonus!! V) when drunk

MC + Drunk Jumin

RFA making up/comforting with MC after an argument/fight

RFA + MC wearing a ‘risque’ dress to the party

RFA + MC at the amusement park

RFA + MC who’s studying medicine

Jumin + MC shopping

RFA + discovering MC is a Virgin

Jumin/MC/V OT3

Jumin & MC in MC’s first day as a pre-school teacher

One Last Night (Zen x MC)

Finders Keepers (Jumin Han x MC Halloween Fic)

RFA (main pairing: Yoosung x MC) reacts when MC runs away because she is being constantly compared to Rika

RFA (main pairing: Jumin Han x MC) reacts when MC accidentally dials Zen’s number while going at “it” with Jumin

Jumin officially introduces MC as his Fiancee

RFA reacting to MC singing Disney Songs

RFA + getting a date with MC

RFA + reacting to MC having a cat

Jumin’s reaction to MC resetting (Reset Theory Inspired Ficlet)

RFA + V on a rainy day

RFA on a road trip

Dolce Amore ( Zen x MC )

Fanfic Series List:

Jumin Han:

Lost [ Jumin Han x MC ] *completed*

Lost 1 | Lost 2 | Lost 3 | Lost Finale | Lost {After Story}

Metallic [ Jumin Han x MC ] *completed*

Metallic 1 | Metallic 2 | Metallic 3 | Metallic 4 | Metallic 5 | Metallic 6 | Metallic 7 | Metallic 8 | Metallic 9 | Metallic 10 | Metallic 11 | Metallic Finale | Metallic { Epilogue }

Frostbite [ Jumin Han x MC ] *on-going*

Frostbite Prologue | Frostbite 1 | Frostbite 2

Zen (Hyun Ryu):

Romeo and Cinderella [ Zen x MC ] *on-going*

R&C 1 | R&C 2

there you go. that’s so far all the requests i did ~


Just a quick little idea I had with super, duper in character Shinsou… yup. He isn’t ooc at all :)

Day 2 - Totally platonic

“What’s wrong with Hitoshi?” Izuku asked the question as his eyes followed the tall, sleepy looking boy as he walked from person to person and pulled them into a hug. “Does he even know any of the people he’s currently bothering? They all look so offended.”

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Could you write the OT3 calming down after a big adventure? I need more allonswolf in my life :P

We almost died, they say as they drop down onto the large pile of cushions.

No, you didn’t, he replies resolutely as he settles with them. I would never let that happen.

Their tones are teasing, but they all know how close it really came, and when the girls asked to just float in space for a bit as they watched movies on the large screen in the garden, he wasn’t particularly inclined to argue.

The girls pick a movie from the TARDIS library, and then snuggle up against his sides, arms crossed over his stomach. He puts his arms around them both, relishing their warmth, and the sound of their breathing, and the rhythm of their hearts, and thinks about how he never, ever wants to lose them.

Oh man oh man I have so many things I need to write and I’m like

“yeah but what about adding some wrightworthquill onto that list of smut that you want to write but don’t because you still have a weird complex about writing smut.”

Like I just want an established wrightworth relationship where they decide to add Simon in for fun to spice things up and also because he’s super hot.

oh I forgot my semiregular davejadekat post for her birthday

Dave and Karkat got up like extra fucking early to bake her a cake and set up a shitton of decorations but all they really did was make a mess and woke her up either from (a) the fire alarm going off from the cake burning or (b) karkat taking a tumble down the ladder because dave refused to just float and hang the streamers that way

when she walked in on them trying to save face dave blew a party blower shaped like a dick to fill the awkward silence before she just bursts into laughter and they all go to dennys for breakfast.

I want to see more cute Jarco art of Marco and Jackie being happy together but so much of it has Star being sad in the background and I hate that. And I don’t want to turn them into an OT3 because I don’t want Star and Marco to hook up at all. I’d rather see Star end up with Janna.

Solution? Double date with Jarco and Janstar. Now they can all hang out together and be happy.

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Did Niall fall off the US charts? Where is he at on UK? Don't get why he did so much promo now. I've heard him one time on my radio stations. I thank my lucky stars that Harry will not do anything like NH did. I hope and pray Harry has taken all the right measures to prevent any mishaps, or bad timing. I expect it to roll out like Another Man did, a surprise mostly. Only way it may get ruined is one of ot3 has to release sth the same day, week. I trust H and am grateful for his smart choices xx

Liam, Louis, Niall AND Zayn could get together and release a nude photoshoot on the exact same day of Harry’s album release and he would STILL be all everyone would care about, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I haven’t paid attention to Niall’s song or how he’s going about his promo so I can’t comment on that. I’ve heard it a couple of times on the radio though. Harry’s got Jeff by his side, and even if he didn’t he’s still Harry Styles, he’s got a way about him, he’s smart and patient and knows exactly how to play this game. Hell, he won the whole damn game before the rest of them even realised they were playing. So yes, keep trusting Harry, as will I, and rest assured he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s proved that much to us time and time again, hasn’t he?

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top 5 TW episodes


1. 3x18 RIDDLED. so much happens in this episode and DOB and T POSE’s acting combined give me chills to the core, “I’ll do something” ???? like??? and lydia relentlessly searching for stiles is a level of angst that i’m still experiencing and i’m ti r ed but it’s so good

2. 3x06 Motel California. do i need to explain myself for this one. stydia detective agency + sciles feels everywhere … plus this episode was written like a short film, honestly what could be better????

3. 3x14 More Bad Than Good. i feel like everyone forgets about this episode but seeing my ot3 gain strength back, allison ~whispering french~ and stopping mr. tate, scott shifting into a wolf (stiles: “that’s what i’m talking about”) to save malia, and stiles being his intelligent little bastard self to rescue lydia … (YOU’RE THE ONE) it’s just an episode i always find myself remembering well and editing a lot and loving overall

4. 3x13 Anchors. another one, like 3x14 that i think is often looked over. but i will never not love the lunch table scene with the whole pack or the cold open with stiles’ dream within a dream wITHIN A DREAM. (and whoever decided to pull our heartstrings and make lydia in stiles’ bed a mere hallucination??? bye). plus the allydia moment in the woods is so iconic and pure and *melts*

5. 6x01 Memory Lost. yes, the words “Remember I love you” coming from Stiles’ mouth directed to Lydia give me no other option than to put this one in the top 5; plus this episode was all around enjoyable to watch (maybe scratch the excessive layden) but the scenes at the school were so good + stydia 10/10

the bonding of Agape and Eros

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2gVPg2L

by KyokoUchiha

Takes place between episode 3 & 4

I needed to write some smut about my OT3

Words: 2184, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2gVPg2L