Okay i have a headcanon for plance

So i have an altean headcanon

for plance or kidgance

its like-okay, lance is an altean prince (probably adopted sibling with allura)

he has this bodygaurd

its pidge but wait

she has white hair, freckles duh, not glasses, green altean markings,and just this cool ass outfit

anyway lance always tries sneaking out and she’s always smirking like 

“where ya going young lord”

(she calls him young lord, prince,young master, shit like that)

(pidge and lance are their Alias)

and he like freaks

and she turns around mischeviously and is like “count me in”

she drags him somewhere (shiro and hunk)

shiro dyes their hair temporarily and puts make-up on and potion for ears n everything

Hunk always packs them bags with supplies n everything

they (plance) always sneak out together

then one day they find a beaten up gangster galra (keith)


I started listening to a lute playlist the other day and then someone brought up The Road to El Dorado and lo, I was contractually obligated to doodle up a modern AU OT3 where Tulio and Miguel meet Chel during spring break and they all fall in love. 90% of this happens while Chel and Miguel team up to give Tulio shit about how he would happily spend his entire vacation in a hotel room unless they were around to drag him out.

I’m actually really pleased with the way this one came out, and I hope y’all enjoy it too!

ETA: I’m sorry if the main image is showing up blurry?? I don’t know how to internet, I guess.

Professor McGonagall: Can anyone tell me where Mr. Lupin is and why he missed class?

Sirius, whispering to James: I thought I told you to keep an eye on him.

Professor McGonagall: Mr. Potter! Mr. Black!

Sirius: Sorry, Professor. I haven’t seen him since the last time I saw him.

Professor McGonagall: Yes, but when was that?

Sirius: Last time I saw him? It was definitely the time I saw him last.

  • James, wearing an apron and towel over his shoulder: Moony!
  • Sirius, also wearing an apron: Moony you're home!
  • Remus: What--
  • James, wiping down the kitchen counter: Honey, I cleaned the house for you!
  • Sirius, opening the oven: I made dinner, doll!
  • James: We missed you!
  • Sirius: Welcome home!
  • Remus: Guys, please...
  • Remus: This is Ikea. We're going to get kicked out.